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It’s time for a trip down memory lane. Whether that’s last week or last year, we wanted to make sure fans can always come back and relive their fave moments from our different shows across Canada and the USA.


APRIL 25-28, 2024 

Now THAT was a show. From the POW! Parade of Wonders to the epic celebrity panels, cosplay, art, and everything else in between, CALGARY EXPO 2024 was one for the memory books. We loved every minute of it. Check out the highlights.  

FAN EXPO Cleveland

APRIL 12-14, 2024 

FAN EXPO Cleveland deserves a round of applause for being an incredible weekend of cosplay, panels, celebs, and special experiences. We couldn’t have dreamed up a better weekend. See the highlights below.  

Toronto Comicon

MARCH 15-17, 2024

Toronto Comicon was amazing. It was a weekend filled with incredible celebrity panels, a special Nanalan superfan surprise, and so much more. Relive some of the weekend’s unforgettable moments with our highlights.  

FAN EXPO Vancouver

Eman Esfandi sitting at a table and throwing up a peace sign

FEBRUARY 17-19, 2024

That was a blast. FAN EXPO Vancouver absolutely brought the house down. The cosplay, panels, celebs, and everything else was just 10/10. Relive this epic weekend through our recap.  



Hayden Christensen and Ewan McGregor on stage with stormtroopers

FEBRUARY 1-4, 2024

You really put the “mega” in MEGACON. We’ve never seen so many incredible cosplayers, celebs, voice actors, artists panels, and performances in one place. Let’s throwback to that awe-inspiring weekend with a highlight.  

FAN EXPO Portland

Woman and child meeting a llama and smiling

JANUARY 12-14, 2024 

That was a blast. FAN EXPO Portland absolutely brought the house down. The cosplay, panels, celebs, and everything else was just 10/10. Relive this epic weekend through our recap.  

FAN EXPO New Orleans

A man in a suit playing a French horn with the FAN EXPO New Orleans logo on it

JANUARY 5-7, 2024 

FAN EXPO New Orleans was the best start to 2024 imaginable. We saw all our fave fandom stars, got some stunning pieces from Artist Alley, and lived our best lives at special experiences. Rekindle the excitement by checking out our recap.  

2023 SHOWS

FAN EXPO San Francisco

NOVEMBER 24-26, 2023

We just had an incredible weekend at FAN EXPO San Francisco. The stars were shining brightly at their panels, we posed with our fave cosplayers, and made new friends that’ll last a lifetime. See all the highlights in our recap.


OCTOBER 20-22, 2023

Ah, what a great time. We saw the stars, got some epic art, and saw some gorgeous cosplays. Take a trip down memory lane with our Dallas FAN FESTIVAL highlights.


Vivien Lyra Blair smiles on stage

SEPTEMBER 15-17, 2023

What an epic weekend. We saw the stars, snapped pics of epic cosplay, and soaked up all the fandom fun. Throwback to the best weekend ever with our EDMONTON EXPO highlights.


Christina Ricci smiles on stage

AUGUST 24-27, 2023

We had a blast at FAN EXPO Canada. Meeting celebs like Hayden Christensen, playing Pokémon Trivia with Sarah Natochenny, and so much more. Relive the weekend by checking out our highlights.

FAN EXPO Chicago

Kiefer Sutherland smiles on stage

AUGUST 10-13, 2023

We can’t believe it’s over. Seeing the stars, checking out epic cosplay, living in the fandom vibes, we miss it already. Throwback to the best weekend ever with our FAN EXPO Chicago highlights.


Kathleen Herles sitting on stage with a large Dora doll

AUGUST 4-6, 2023

Wow, what a weekend. We had a blast at FAN EXPO Boston. Meeting celebs like Sam Raimi, having tea at Maid Café Mikkusu, and so much more. Make sure you check out all the highlights.


Tom Felton raises his hand on stage while smiling

JUNE 30 - JULY 2, 2023

FAN EXPO Denver was a blur of a weekend. We had tea with maids, entered a cosplay contest, and so much more.


James Arnold Taylor smiles on stage holding a microphone

JUNE 9-11, 2023

Wow, we loved Dallas. We spent An Evening with Hayden Christensen, saw amazing cosplays, and more.

FAN EXPO Philadelphia

Shameik Moore on stage speaking into a microphone

JUNE 2-4, 2023

Phew, well FAN EXPO Philadelphia was a wild time. We spent An Afternoon with the Cast of Back to the Future, saw amazing Cosplays, and more.


David Harbour smiles while sitting on stage holding a microphone

APRIL 27-30, 2023

CALGARY EXPO had David Harbour take the stage, amazing Cosplay, engaging events, & so much more.


Gwendoline Christie smiles while holding a microphone

MARCH 30 - APRIL 2, 2023

Orlando really showed up to MEGACON! It was an action-packed weekend we won’t forget. Check out the full recap now.

FAN EXPO Cleveland

Zachary Levi smiles on stage

MARCH 24-26, 2023

Freddy & Shazam were in Cleveland. Doc Brown was, too! Relive the best moments of FAN EXPO Cleveland now. 

Toronto Comicon

Andy Serkis smiles while looking at a fan at his table

MARCH 17-19, 2023

Andy Serkis, The Boys, & The Suicide Squad stars were out in full force at Toronto Comicon this year. Relive the best moments now.

FAN EXPO Vancouver

Michael Rooker in an orange jacket battles a fan in a blue draped fabric outfit with lightsabers

FEBRUARY 18-20, 2023

Princess Leia stopped by. Michael Rooker had a lightsaber battle. Relive the best moments of our Vancouver show with the official recap article.

FAN EXPO Portland

Michael j Fox smiles while sitting on a grey couch on the FAN EXPO stage

FEBUARY 17-19, 2023

We went Back to the Future to bring Michael J. Fox & his co-stars to Portland. Relive the past by checking out our official recap article.

FAN EXPO New Orleans

Jim Cummings holds a microphone and smiles as he speaks

JANUARY 6-8, 2023

From The MandalorianClone Wars casts to the legendary Henry Winkler, New Orleans had it all. Check out our recap of all the celebs, cosplay, events, and more.

2022 SHOWS

FAN EXPO San Francisco

Mason Alexander Park smiles sitting on stage wearing a black leather jacket & holding a microphone

NOVEMBER 25-27, 2022

With stars from Guardians of the Galaxy, The Sandman, Star Wars & more, San Francisco was the place to be for every Fandom. 


Matt Smith smiles on stage while holding a microphone in a blue jean jacket

OCTOBER 14-16, 2022

Daemon Targaryen & Argyle were in Dallas to hang out with fans at Dallas FAN FESTIVAL. What else happened? Find out now.


Patty Guggenheim smiles while sitting on a red couch and holding a microphone

SEPTEMBER 16-18, 2022

The best friend of Wongers, the cast of The Boys and Once Upon A Time and many more great celebs graced Edmonton with their presence.


The cast of Stranger Things sits on stage at FAN EXPO Canada

AUGUST 25-27, 2022

Vecna. Eddie. Chrissy. Mike. The Stranger Things cast took over FAN EXPO Canada & we couldn't be more excited. Plus, don't forget that The Boys were there too! Relive the whole weekend now.


Ewan McGregor smiles holding a microphone on stage

AUGUST 12-14, 2022

Billy Boyd threw out the first pitch at Fenway Park & then Ewan McGregor used the Force to charm the FAN EXPO audience. Boston sure knows how to celebrate Fandom in style.

FAN EXPO Chicago

Anthony Daniels on stage holding his new book, I AM C-3PO in front of his face

JULY 7-10, 2022

What. A. Show. FAN EXPO Chicago celebrated 50 years of Fandom in the best way we know how: tons of celebs, amazing events, limitless cosplay & a four day extravaganza. 


Actor Dominic Monaghan wearing two baseball hats and looking confused

JULY 1-3, 2022

Denver was one to remember this year. Between the Colorado Avalanche bringing home the Stanley Cup, multiple LIVE Podcast recordings, and epic Cosplays from fans of young and old, FAN EXPO Denver 2022 will definitely be in our memories for a long time to come!


Michael Rooker in a green Hawaiian shirt holding a microphone and laughing widely

JUNE 17-19, 2022

Dallas saw more than the Dexter, Lord of the Rings, and Cobra Kai casts. We also celebrated birthdays, ENGAGEMENTS, had a Star Wars march through the show floor, and of course.... line danced. 


Nathan Fillion in a red collared shirt holding a microphone with a fist raised in the air while smiling

MAY 19-22, 2022

The stars were in Orlando! The Hobbits, Brendan Fraser, WWE Superstars and even the Cobra Kai cast spent the weekend with us.

FAN EXPO St. Louis

Billy West meets a fan at FAN EXPO St. Louis 2022

MAY 13-15, 2022

The Smallville cast reunited. The cosplayers were out in full force. Exhibitors sold out of merch. This was an epic event to remember.

FAN EXPO Cleveland

Katee Sackhoff with a shaved and dyed blonde haircut in a jean jacket smiles while holding a microphone

APRIL 29 - MAY 1, 2022

Seeing the Clerks cast reunite and watching the Cosplay Craftsmanship Cup were just some of our fave moments at FAN EXPO Cleveland.


Elijah Wood, Sean Astin, Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd hold their hats in the air on stage

APRIL 21-24, 2022

With Brendan Fraser and the Hobbits, the celebrities at CALGARY EXPO were no joke! Throw in epic cosplay, tons of shopping & spectacular events, and you’ve got one amazing weekend.

FAN EXPO Philadelphia

David Tennant on stage holding a microphone

APRIL 8-10, 2022

David Tennant told stories. Kate Flannery signed that picture of Meredith. The cosplayers were out in full force. This was an event to remember. 

Toronto Comicon

Aaron Ashmore posing infront of a sign with his face on it

MARCH 18-20, 2022

All great shows must come to an end. Relive the magic of Toronto Comicon in our Event Highlight for the 2022 show.

FAN EXPO Vancouver

Ming-Na Wen on stage holding a phone & smiling

FEBRUARY 19-21, 2022

Ming-Na Wen, William Shatner, the cast of Superman & Lois, more cosplay than ever and endless shopping were waiting for fans this year.

2021 SHOWS


Giancarlo Esposito on stage smiling & holding a microphone

OCTOBER 29-31, 2021

Relive all the best moments of FAN EXPO Denver: SPECIAL EDITION 2021 with our recap of the amazing Q&A's, stunning cosplays, and much more! It was a fun-filled weekend that we will never forget.


William Shatner sitting in a chair on stage holding a microphone

OCTOBER 22-24, 2021

From iconic voice actors to amazing cosplay talent, there was no shortage of awesome events at FAN EXPO Canada: LIMITED EDITION. We’ve recapped some of our favourites for you.  


A group of Jedi cosplayers holding Lightsabers in an attack pose

SEPTEMBER 17-19, 2021

Experience the FANDOM from home with our highlights gallery featuring panels, cosplay and more from our FAN EXPO Dallas 2021 show!


John Barrowman in a Doctor Who outfit holding a microphone & talking

SEPTEMBER 10-12, 2021

We've captured all the best moments of CALGARY EXPO: LIMITED EDITION 2021 and put it into one epic event highlight article so you can relive the best moments forever.



Brendan Fraser sitting on a chair on stage & laughing

SEPTEMBER 3-5, 2021 

With amazing Cosplay meetups, more shopping than you could ever imagine, and celebrity guests like Brendan Fraser, FAN EXPO Boston was an event we will never forget. 


A group of cosplayers posing on the Cosplay Red Carpet for photos

AUGUST 12-15, 2021

Anime and voice actor fans had a lot to celebrate at this year’s MEGACON Orlando! Whether fans were coming together to show off their cosplay, meeting the voice actors behind their fave shows, or getting a front-row seat for a Vtuber livestream, there was something for everyone at the show.