Next release: JUNE 14 | 4 PM EDT


Anime and voice actor fans had a lot to celebrate at this year’s MEGACON Orlando! Whether fans were coming together to show off their cosplay, meeting the voice actors behind their fave shows, or getting a front-row seat for a Vtuber livestream, there was something for everyone at the show.


We had some amazing celebrities and panel content lined up this year. It was incredible to see these panel rooms packed with fans who couldn’t wait to see Dragonball Z’s Sean Schemmel, or the My Hero Academia cast members, or Adventure Time’s Jeremy Shada.


Some of these panels had a new and unusual format. On Friday and Saturday night, we joined forces with Hololive EN to bring some of the biggest English speaking VTubers in the world to MEGACON Orlando: Watson Amelia and Takanashi Kiara. In a first for the show, we streamed these virtual panels stream directly into the room for a unique and interactive anime performance.


Last and definitely not least, the anime-related cosplay at this show was just so good. Clearly there are a lot of Demon Slayer and My Hero Academia fans out there! We were blown away by all the Hawks, Rengoku, All-Might, and Class 1-A cosplayers that we saw moving through the show floor.