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Get Streaming with Twitch

With Western Canada Streams for the Wishes approaching, the second annual streaming fundraiser for Make-A-Wish Canada, we wanted to learn more about the streaming platform that will be hosting the event: Twitch.

Most of us are already avid users or passively know of Twitch, but even some of the more experienced users in our office (and by ‘office’, we mean our team spread out in our individual homes and connected to each other via Wi-Fi) didn’t know of all the different types of uses and content that’s available on Twitch.
Spoiler alert: there are a lot. 


What is Twitch?

Twitch is most commonly thought of as a streaming platform for gamers to either broadcast a live stream or upload a pre-recorded video of their gameplay. This typically includes audio commentary from the player and, more often than not, a video of the player in a box on the screen recording from their webcam as they play. With Twitch, there’s also a running chat from viewers on the screen where people can interact with each other and with the broadcaster. With its popularity with the gaming community, Twitch has become one of the most popular hosting platforms for Esports tournaments, with these competitions and events racking up incredible viewer numbers (as of May 2021, League of Legends Esports viewing has surpassed 47.7 million hours. 47.7 MILLION HOURS!) 

With numbers like these, it’s understandable why Twitch is generally thought of as a place for gamers, and scrolling through the categories of games is a seemingly endless task. However, it is a place for video streaming, so the categories aren’t just exclusive to video games. 

What else does Twitch feature?

Twitch has many different categories, like ‘Just Chatting’, which features videos with commentary (almost like an interactive talk show), ‘Music’, which features performances from musicians, music streams, and lessons on how to play just about every instrument you can think of, and ‘Food & Drink’, which features cooking classes in cuisines from around the world. 

Other notable categories outside of gaming are ‘Makers & Crafting’, ‘ASMR’, ‘Travel & Outdoors’, and an ‘Art’ category, where artists of all disciplines show off their skills and host tutorials. 

How can I use Twitch?

Twitch can be accessed by visiting the official website, or by using the app available for most devices. Whether you’re a viewer or a streamer, it’s free to create an account, but you can upgrade to a Twitch Prime Subscription, where a monthly subscription fee is paid to access exclusive content, including things like emotes (emojis you can add in chats) and chat badges (icons that help identify what kind of user you are – from VIP to broadcaster).  

If you want to learn something new or have a skill you want to teach/show off, Twitch is a free platform that allows you to do just that while discovering and engaging with like-minded people. 

Get Involved

Are you a streamer, or have been looking for an opportunity to get into streaming? This is your chance! Register now to be a part of Western Canada Stream for the Wishes and host a charity stream to help grant wishes for children living with critical illnesses. By fundraising for Make-A-Wish, you’ll be able to unlock rewards, contribute to a global charity, and create hope for children in Western Canada. 

For more information on how to get involved, click here