January 24 - 26, 2025

Oregon Convention Center

FAN EXPO Portland


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It’s time to meet Mike Mangold, the world champion Red Bull Air Racing Pilot. Wait. No, sorry. He’s Chelsea’s uncle. It’s pretty cool to be related to someone famous! What’s not cool is E.T. - Chelsea is terrified of that alien movie & will never watch it again. Chelsea grew up watching Disney movies as a kid & she’s been a fan ever since. She loves spending time with her family, with her dog, and traveling the world as often as she can. What Chelsea doesn’t love is when people don’t return her calls. Just call her back! It’s not that hard. Plus, then you can hear all about her love for tacos, shoes, & Schitt’s Creek. 


When Liam Fleming is not busy being the Partnerships Director US, he’s a man who has many questions about this thing called life. For instance, he asked on one particularly frigid Sunday, “Why ride an e-scooter with one wheel and not two”? Then, in the early hours of dawn on a Wednesday, he said under his breath: “ Does February truly exist? Also, why do people get on the subway before other people have gotten off”? Perhaps, Liam, some questions aren’t meant to be answered. Fortunately, his curiosity is an asset to FAN EXPO HQ.


Claudia’s earliest adventure into Fandom was waiting in line for the 4th Harry Potter book release at Chapters. Since then, you can catch her watching True Detective (Season 1), Grand Budapest Hotel, or daydreaming about being best friends with Deb Morgan from Dexter. If someone from the Fandom world were going to play Claudia in a movie about her life, it would have to be Jennifer Lawrence. That’s for sure. If you’re the type of person to wear socks & sandals while watching TikTok, it’s generally best to steer clear of Claudia. Just a fair warning. If you like yoga, hiking or veggies & humus however, you and Claudia will get along just fine. 


With her 75lb pomsky named Koa at her side, DD is ready to take on the robot uprising. No really, why are you all giving AI and ChatGPT so much power? If you are going to keep talking to them, then at least befriend them like how DD would with Light Yagami. It’s always a smart idea to be on the good side of the guy with the pen and scary notebook. Along with her real dog, she’s also a big fan of dog plushies, but has rules about collecting them: they must be found at a convention as DD loves the thrill of the hunt. However, she may slow down on buying Gundam models as she already has many in boxes yet to be built. Hey, it’s a commitment to start one.


Introducing the award-winning pumpkin artist, The Pumpkin Geek. When Alex isn’t winning awards for his jaw-dropping pumpkin carvings, he’s writing and recording music in his studio. Did we mention that he once got offered a recording contract with Capitol Records in 1993? He’s also managed to master the art of becoming Spider-Man… he’s jumped off his roof many times and never been hurt. In his off time, you can find Alex watching Friends, Modern Family, This is Us or any of Emily Blunt’s projects (he loves everything she does).  


Tajshen was always going to be in the Fandom world. She never stood a chance since her mom took her to see Batman (1989) when she was literally one week old. She has three different answers when you ask for her favourite movie. The usual answer: The Godfather: Part 2. The real answer: Clue. The Fandom answer: Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. She thinks they’re all excellent movies (and we agree). She has always wanted a quality lightsaber and collects anything that looks like it would be in Indiana Jones’ office. She can’t prove this, but her grandfather always told her that she was related to Mary Todd. What she can prove is that you should never trust gas station coffee. Ask her about it sometime.


Grab your dancing shoes, a reliable fanny pack, & a copy of Singing in the Rain: it’s time to meet Kayla. If you’re a fan of glitter & Minnie Mouse, we think you two would get along. When Kayla isn’t helping put on amazing FAN EXPO shows, you can find her hiking, going to concerts, and collecting Broadway Playbills. You’ll never find her skydiving again though. Kayla’s perfect evening would include watching Below Deck and eating a loaded baked potato. Her earliest experience with Fandom was going to all of the Jets home games with her Grandfather. She’s been a football fan ever since.


Becca is best known on the FAN EXPO team for how much she loves horror & Halloween. For proof, let’s throw some rapid-fire facts at you. Favourite movie? Evil Dead 2. Item she’s always wanted? Replica of Leatherface’s mask. Item she’d bring on a desert island? The book You’ve Got Red On You – the story behind the making of Shaun of the Dead. When she isn’t thinking about Horror (which isn’t often), you can find Becca looking at social media accounts for people’s pets or scouting out the newest Pop! Vinyl to add to her ever-growing collection.