August 10 - 13, 2023

Donald E. Stephens Convention Center

FAN EXPO Chicago


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Cosplay your way to a costume spectacle of epic proportions and experiences. Sign up to the e-newsletter to receive cosplay updates.

Cosplay Workshops

CosAwesome Studios and Wulfgar Weapons are bringing their expertise to FAN EXPO Chicago for Cosplay Workshops! Learn tips and tricks for posing for cosplay photos, how to build with foam, and the secrets of weathering and painting armor.

Cosplay Red Carpet

Get ready for the Cosplay Red Carpet. No registration, no competition, no stress! This is your chance to show off your amazing cosplay to fans and photographers and get your free Cosplay Red Carpet photo!

Cosplay Meet Ups

Are you a member of Class 1A searching for fellow heroes in training? A Jedi in need of an Order? A witch or wizard looking for your housemates? Join our cosplay meetups to get the ultimate group photo and meet fellow fans!

Kid’s Costume Contest

It's FAN EXPO Chicago’s cutest event! Come cheer on the cosplay stars of tomorrow at our Kid's Cosplay Contest, taking place Sunday, July 10.

Costumes! Costumes! Costumes!

Fans dressing up in costumes, or cosplay as it is called, is a huge part of the show! Literally thousands of amazing costumes are available for your viewing pleasure throughout the weekend. Don’t be shy, ask for a photo with your favorite characters or come dressed up yourself.