July 7 - 10, 2022

Donald E. Stephens Convention Center

FAN EXPO Chicago


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Come meet fellow fans and celebrate fandom in the Community Zone with booths run by local groups!

Chicago POC Cosplayers

A Chicago based group of cosplayers whose mission is to promote the message of inclusion, community growth, diversity, and education in the cosplay scene. Founded in 2017 by Chris "Papa Bear" English and Allen "Venture Bros" Mikel, Chicago P.O.C. has raised money for and been a part of various charitable events including Autism Speaks, Shady Oaks Summer Camp for people with disabilities and others. The group believes that cosplay is for everyone regardless of race, sex, body type, and religious beliefs and has also hosted various panels and represented at numerous conventions in the name of spreading that message.

FreeN'Fun Bar Bingo

ASAP Entertainment has supported local businesses for twenty years, by providing entertainment services. These services have included DJ music, karaoke, trivia, and game shows. In 2014 they began offering FreeN'Fun Bar Bingo, to some of their existing bar clients. Two things quickly became clear; this multi-bar free -to-play concept had never been tried before, and bar patrons absolutely loved bar bingo. FreeN'Fun Bar Bingo quickly spread across the Chicago area, and the state of Illinois.

At the start of Covid, ASAP Entertainment had close to 250 locations in three states. Along with their bar clients, bar bingo had a tough time during the pandemic. But, due to the efforts of their in-house programmers, and App developers, the future of ASAP Entertainment and FreeN'Fun Bar Bingo, has never been brighter. Entertaining Solutions, Inc. (En-Sol) Is FreeN'Fun's new tech division. En-Sol, holds a patent on the next big thing in bar entertainment. It's called BBTV.

Bar Bingo TV is a live-hosted virtual bingo program that appears on TVs at multiple locations simultaneously. Patrons play along using En-Sol's bingo game App. ASAP Entertainment is committed to servicing its bar clients by continuing to develop attractions that bring new customers in and keep them coming back. Get ready to get your game on! It's FreeN'Fun!

The Finest: A G.I. Joe Costume Club

The Finest is the world’s premier international G.I. Joe costuming organization. Founded in 2007, The Finest has expanded to include more than 350 members in approximately 40 US states and nine countries. The club celebrates G.I. Joe through the creation and wearing of high-quality costumes and props based upon canon characters from the G.I. Joe universe. Each year, club members appear and exhibit at more than 100 pop-culture conventions, parades, and other events worldwide. Since 2007, the Finest has used our love for GI Joe to raise more than $120,000, with all proceeds donated to military and veteran organizations such as K9s For Warriors and the USO!

Horror Writers Association

The HWA Chicagoland Chapter is the regional chapter of the Horror Writers Association. The Chapter consists of local writers, editors, artists, publishers in and around the Chicagoland area to help support, promote and network with others in the genre. The Chapter hosts monthly meetings at local libraries and/or bookstores in the Chicagoland area for anyone who is interested in horror or dark literature. The Horror Writers Association (HWA) is a nonprofit organization of writers and publishing professionals around the world, dedicated to promoting dark literature and the interests of those who write it.

League of Enchantment Chicago

The League of Enchantment is a 501c3 Nonprofit Charity with the mission of working together with local hospitals, community organizations, and fundraising events to bring hope and smiles to kids (and kids at heart) everywhere we go. Whether it's a simple smile, a hug, a photo, or a brief conversation with a child; we are here to make a difference in their lives all through the power of cosplay. We are actively growing our ranks, having just recently expanded into the Chicago-land area. Come stop by our booth and see what we are all about!!

The Midwest Garrison

The Midwest Garrison is the Illinois chapter of The 501st Legion, a Star Wars Imperial costuming club. The 501st is dedicated to the movie-quality costumes of the "villains" of the Star Wars universe.

The Legion is an all-volunteer organization formed for the express purpose of bringing together costume enthusiasts under a collective identity within which to operate. The Legion seeks to promote interest in Star Wars through the building and wearing of quality costumes, and to facilitate the use of these costumes for Star Wars-related events as well as contributions to the local community through costumed charity and volunteer work.


Midwesteros is a Game of Thrones centric cosplay community that comes together to celebrate the world of George R.R. Martin. At its core, Midwesteros wants to bring fans from all walks of life together to participate in watch parties, conventions, and photo meetups.

The Windy City Ghostbusters

The Windy City Ghostbusters are a registered 501c3 charitable organization of Chicagoland Ghostbusters enthusiasts who make and build their own Ghostbusters Universe inspired costumes and props. The proceeds from Windy City Ghostbusters events go to La Rabida Children's Hospital and other like organizations. Book us for your party or event! We're ready to believe you!