August 24-27, 2023

Metro Toronto Convention Centre



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The Volunteer application for FAN EXPO Canada will be available in 2023. 


Want to know how you can join our dynamic team and what’s involved?

FAN EXPO Canada relies on its army of volunteers and team leads who commit their time, skills, and passion of comics and pop culture to help deliver the ultimate and unforgettable experience to our fans and visitors.

You could be keeping our Creator Guests fueled and fed, greeting and providing fans with direction and info, managing line control, sorting hats in the Family Zone, distributing much-needed goodies to your fellow crew members, keeping a watchful gaze over Autograph and Photo Op lines and so much more.

There are many teams that makeup FAN EXPO Canada such as Operations, Programming, Volunteer Support, Board Gaming, Family Zone, Exhibitor Support, Guest Services and many more. We do our best to connect each member with a team that fits their skill set and interest as they climb up the ranks.


A commemorative FAN EXPO Canada T-shirt and Crew Lanyard

Discount in the Shop FAN EXPO Store on exclusive merchandise

Access to special offers

When off-duty – your badge gives you access to enjoy the event

Meet and connect with people in the industry and make new friends

Bragging Rights


Common questions about Volunteering at FAN EXPO Canada.

  1. A FAN EXPO Canada Crew T-shirt will be provided.
  2. Casual dress code includes the following: jeans (without rips or tears), khakis, shorts, knee-length skirts, capri pants.
  3. Footwear – please wear comfortable shoes.
  4. Cosplay is permitted however your Crew T-shirt must be worn. All costumes must be approved in advance to ensure it does not limit your ability to perform your duties.
  5. Practice good personal hygiene. Avoid using excessive amounts of perfumes, colognes, and/or hairsprays that may cause a problem for allergy sufferers.

Volunteers are responsible for dressing according to this policy for their shifts and checking with supervisors about dress that is appropriate and safe to wear. In the case of a different dress requirement based on an activity or event, volunteers are responsible for ensuring they have the appropriate clothes for the shift.

For general inquiries, please contact us!