August 22 - 25, 2024

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Team Picks: Video Game Console Zodiac

Here at the FAN EXPO HQ, our team is always nerding out over the world of fandom. On Team Picks, we share some of our favorite things we’ve been watching, reading, and playing. This month, we’re combining two unlikely things: video game consoles and zodiac signs.

Ever wondered which video game consoles correspond with which zodiac signs? Probably not! But with all of the console news surrounding the PS5 and Xbox Series X, some wires got crossed in our brain and then we couldn’t stop thinking about it.

We couldn’t rest until we pulled up a list of the FAN EXPO team’s birthdays, identified their signs, and hand-picked the consoles that best matched those signs’ personality characteristics.

Curious? Let’s see how the stars align in this month’s picks:

Aquarius: Sega Dreamcast

Human Resources Manager

You are the Sega Dreamcast. Listen, this thing was ahead of its time. Online play, the strangest controller we’ve ever seen, and all sorts of accessories. Creative and innovative ideas always deserve props.

Pisces: Nintendo Switch Lite

Graphic Designer

You are the Nintendo Switch Lite. Sometimes if you don’t play Animal Crossing for a few days, you worry that you villagers might be mad at you, so you log on and send them personalized in-game letters. And presents. And more letters. (Google search history: “how do I know for sure my ACNH villagers aren’t mad at me” “how many presents is enough to make someone like you in animal crossing”).

Aries: Xbox

Customer Service Coordinator

You are the Xbox. Xbox Live was made for you. Who else could deal with all the trolls, confused new players, and snipers camped out above the map in Blood Gulch in Halo 1? C’mon man, no screen-looking, you know that’s not fair!

Taurus: N64


You are the N64. Why change a good thing? It’s fun and it works … most of the time. Just blow on the cartridge a little, it’s fine.

Gemini: PS5

Operations Coordinator

You are the PS5. Speed is the name of the game, and this baby has a solid-state drive that will make processing lightning fast. Load times? What are those?

Cancer: Nintendo Wii

Social Media Coordinator

You are the Nintendo Wii. While we were all still getting used to waving our arms around, you took to it completely naturally. You’ve just got a feeling for this stuff.

Leo: PS2

Senior Operations Manager

You are the PS2. There’s something about you that just works—you know it, and other people know it too.

Virgo: Xbox Series X

Project Manager

You are the Xbox Series X. Specs, specs, specs. The real value is in the details, and you want a perfectly optimized experience.

Libra: PS4

Marketing Manager

You are the PS4. You’ve weighed all the options and feedback, and the end result just makes a lot of sense. Balancing all of that isn’t easy, but it’s what you do best.

Scorpio: Xbox 360

Show Manager

You are the Xbox 360. “Red Ring of Death”? That doesn’t scare you, you’ve got it handled. Fiona

Sagittarius: PS1

No Team Member

We don’t currently have a Sag on the team, but when we do, they’ll be the PS1: in their opinion, clearly the best console for a hundred reasons, and they’ll spend too much time making sure all of their friends know those reasons.

Capricorn: Nintendo GameCube

Senior Operations Manager

You are the Nintendo GameCube. Lots of other people have tried to tell you about newer consoles, but sometimes they take too long to explain it and you get bored. There’s nothing wrong with playing another three rounds of Super Smash Bros. on the Hyrule Temple map—it was fun last time and it’ll probably be fun this time too.