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Team Picks: Guilty Pleasure Movies

Here at FAN EXPO HQ, our team is always nerding out over the world of fandom. On Team Picks, we share some of our favorite things we’ve been watching, reading and playing. This month, we are getting a little vulnerable and sharing our guilty pleasure movies.  
The concept of a guilty pleasure is kind of silly. What’s the problem with liking certain movies, even if no one else does or it’s not considered socially acceptable? Still, whatever the reason, we still feel some kind of way about watching these movies, and it can be hard to admit that we do.  
Today we are feeling brave and we’re here to shout it from the rooftops. Here are our guilty pleasure movie picks.

White Chicks

White Chicks screenshot

Graphic Designer  

It's a timeless classic! Every time I watch it, I just can't breathe from laughing. Especially when they do “yo mama” jokes. It's such a fun movie overall. 


Wolverine from X-Men

Social Media Coordinator 

Compared to many of the earlier X-Men movies (and compared to other movies in general), this one is just not that good. But it did feature the character Viper, and I absolutely love that character. I mainly just watch it to see her.

The IT Series

Pennywise from IT

Emily F
Project Manager 

My guilty pleasure is definitely the IT movie (both classic & remake). As twisted as the movie is (a clown eating children? I mean .... what?), the concept is amazing. A group of friends coming together to defeat a common enemy; shows empowerment. I love the movie so much that I have a tattoo inspired by it. 

IP Man

IP Man from IP Man

Social Media Coordinator 

Look, this movie is not bad. It’s amazing. But kung fu movies aren’t always considered high cinema, so sometimes I feel a little embarrassed singing this series’ praises. But the truth is that there’s nothing to be embarrassed about: the fight choreography is stunning, the arc of the main hero is incredibly satisfying, and the quiet moments are as captivating as the action-packed ones. The only downside is that it makes me want to jump around and punch the air like I am six years old, and THAT is actually very, very embarrassing.


The Twilight characters

Social Media Coordinator 

As the final credits rolled, I found myself at a loss. Wanting … something. But what? Edward’s hand, cold as the grave, gently wrapped its fingers through mine. “I may not be able to read your thoughts, but I know what you want, and it’s okay. I promise,” he said, looking deep into my eyes. “Thank you,” I said. “I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t help it. I know what I want too.” And with that, I grabbed the remote and clicked a few key buttons, rewinding time and returning to an experience that brings me a special kind of comfort. The opening credits of the first Twilight movie filled the screen once again, and I didn’t feel so guilty or empty anymore. I had everything I needed right here. 


The cars from Cars


This is a hill I will die on, unironically. Cars is a great movie. Maybe the best. Everyone is perfectly cast. It’s the story of an egotistical lonely rising star, gaining humility, a home and a family. How can you dislike that? Plus, you can’t hate on it for being about talking cars when all Pixar does is make movies about a talking [thing]. Talking toys and talking emotions are fine but not cars? Ka-chow! 

National Treasure

The main characters from National Treasure

Emily W
Operations Coordinator 

Oh hands down that would have to be National Treasure. It ticks all the boxes. Nicolas Cage? Check. Medium-stakes adventure? Check. Historical elements? Check. I can watch it any time. My brother and I even had joint streaming viewings of it during the pandemic. Anxiously awaiting both the third film installment and the new Disney+ show!