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Team Picks: Death of the Justice League

Here at the FAN EXPO HQ, our team is always nerding out over the world of fandom. On Team Picks, we share some of our favorite things we’ve been watching, reading and playing. This month, with the Snyder Cut replaying in our minds, we’re talking about what happens when superheroes tragically meet their limits.

Introducing Bucky’s Law: once two or more people team up in comics, the odds of one of them dying for dramatic effect increases proportionally to the group’s size. In other words, the bigger the super-team, the bigger the chance that one of them won’t make it to their next mission.

Which brings us to today’s topic: The Justice League. If someone’s going down with the ship, who should it be?


Social Media Coordinator

If I kill Batman can I have all of his money? I guess I would kill off Batman because I want his money and also his Batmobile. That’s how that works right? Not that this is necessarily relevant, but I also like the Joker better than him.


Project Manager

Specifically, I am killing Ben Affleck as Batman. Why? Because it's intolerable. The sad dog eyes, the Boston accent combined with a very fake raspy voice, and no heart or soul for that matter. I think the key to performing Batman is the underlying feeling of loneliness and sadness Bruce is carrying with him. That's what justifies the character and his actions. Batman counterbalances his loneliness and sadness with a sense of justice and fairness because what he's been through is very unfair and sad. But at least he has all the money in the world, whereas most regular folks also go through a lot but without money, or hope, whatsoever. So I guess I’m killing Ben Affleck.

Martian Manhunter

Social Media Coordinator

Sorry J’onn. It’s nothing personal, really. Your powers are cool, if a bit all over the place (seriously, look at the wiki—what can’t you do?). It’s just that I know you’d understand. Of all the characters in the Justice League, I want you to be the one that looks back at me stoically and says “I think I understand now. I finally know what to do” in a wise and heroic way while an explosion/tidal wave/fatal radiation blast engulfs your body. RIP.



The one who has to go is Batman. Let's just be honest here, the comics have created a lot of contrivances to allow him to best people several magnitudes stronger than him. Also, he's really sort of a bad hang. Really think about it, do you really want his overcast spirit when taking on the already sullen mood of another attempt by aliens and creatures to invade Earth? You don't. So yeah Batman should die for the sake of positive vibes.


Social Media Coordinator

I have three very good reasons why Superman should be the one who gets killed off. 1) I don’t like the color red. 2) It’s not fair that Superman is overpowered and survives everything. 3) I just like the other Justice League members better. I’m not even really a heroes person, I prefer villains.