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Team Picks: Bowser's New Boyfriend

Pride, we’re doing something we don’t usually do: matchmaking.
Here’s the thing: we’ve got this friend who’s been chasing a girl for a long time, and it’s gotten so complicated and kind of kidnap-y (and honestly pretty toxic) Also, the more we think about it, we think this friend could really hit it off with some amazing guys and he’s never really explored that before.
This friend is Bowser and we’re here to find him a boyfriend. Let’s go! 

Titus Andromedon

A man with a flowy yellow dress smiles widely while holding a baseball bat on both ends

Customer Service Coordinator

I think Titus Andromedon from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt would be a good option for Bowser, as he has a lot of energy and loves drama. He is very outgoing, but at the end of the day doesn’t really care what people think of him, so it wouldn’t bother him if others didn’t think Bowser was a good choice. Titus loves to dress up in very colourful outfits and could open a whole new world of fashion to Bowser. He also loves to act, and probably has a Princess Peach costume in his closet, so that is also a plus.


Goofy from the Disney company smiles in an orange top with a green background

Social Media Coordinator

Honestly, I think Bowser needs a sweet person that will put up with his anger issues, and that person is Goofy. I feel like Bowser is secretly a mushy dude under that hard shell of his and he just needs love and someone to cheer him up. He needs an optimistic and easygoing person that'll make him laugh. But they are opposites, so this relationship has the potential to go SO wrong or SO right.


A dragon from Game of Thrones approaches a cloaked man on a large green field

Project Manager

I hope Bowser finds happiness. I believe he might take a liking to another lost soul, Viserion from GOT. I think they both have been through so much, maybe they need each other to heal. Viserion will be able to show Bowser some love, in hopes that he becomes a more well-adjusted member of society. Seriously, he's been upset at least since 1985 when we met him for the first time. In return, Bowser will be able to heal poor Viserion's soul that, as far as we know, is still a zombie soul. I wish them both the best and that they can make beautiful fire hearts in the air together soon. 


A creature from the Pokemon universe with canon on his back looks angry

Social Media Coordinator

Okay, here’s what I think. I think Blastoise gives off a very butch queen energy to Bowser’s femme energy and I just think it would really work out.


Hades from Disney's Hercules looks annoyed as his hair glows firey blue

Social Media Coordinator

I think Bowser and Hades (specifically the version from Hercules) would make a very complementary couple. They both have a bit of a temper, so they can help each other out with that, and they both love fire, caves, and wielding power over their minions. They’re both very ambitious and I think they could be a real power couple … as long as they don’t argue too much.  


Mario from the Super Mario franchise stands with a white wedding dress and blue pearl earrings

Project Coordinator

Oh, Bowser, my sweet and slightly (or very) unhinged boy. What’s with the kidnapping Peach routine? Is it out of loneliness, or for attention – or, perhaps, you’re seeking the attention of the would-be rescuer, the Italian plumber, who you steal from? Confess your true feelings to Mario and, who knows, he may even express his love back to you! You could live happily together in the Mushroom Kingdom and leave your snatching royalty days in the past.