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Let's Rank: Geeky Holiday Shopping Picks

‘Tis the season! We’ll cut to the chase: we know some of you are not done with your holiday shopping yet. It’s okay, don’t freak out, we can help. We’re here to break down the top gifts for the geeky fans in your life, courtesy of Shop FAN EXPO.

Let’s get started!

Robotech Collectible Statue

A Robotech Collectible Statue

Spoiler alert, there are going to be a lot of good choices on this list for the collector in your life. This one though? It goes beyond exclusive. There are only 50 of these worldwide—that’s it. If you are shopping for a collector or a Robotech fan, you can stop reading right now and buy them one of these.

Tickets to FAN EXPO Canada

Tickets to FAN EXPO Canada

Give the gift of fandom! What better gift than some tickets to the next FAN EXPO Canada? Tickets are on sale now and are being offered at their best price (for a limited window), so if you’re thinking about attending in 2022, now’s the time to lock these down.

Ultra-Rare Exclusive Monthly DC Comics

Ultra Rare Batman DC Comic

For the past few months, we’ve been releasing some exclusive DC comics in the shop. All of these are limited-run and we are literally the only place you can buy them. So, take a look through the series and buy something that even a super-fan comic collector is guaranteed not to have in their collection yet!

Stan Lee Autograph

An image of Stan Lee

The man, the myth, the legendary Stan Lee. Whenever the world loses someone incredible like Stan Lee, one of the sad things that happens is that they leave behind a finite amount of items to remember them by. We are lucky enough to still have some things in our shop from him—most notably, his autographs. Whenever we run out, there’s no getting more—that’s all we’ve got. So, if he or his work meant something special to someone in your life, consider giving them one of these. Trust us, like Stan himself, coming face to face with one of these is a pretty unforgettable experience.

Disney Shorts

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Disney Shorts

In case you haven’t heard us singing this product line’s praises yet, here’s the story: Disney creator Francisco Herrera designed an exclusive line of vinyl figures featuring beloved Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Olaf, and Donald Duck. They were produced in limited quantities and again, our shop is the only place to buy them. Disney fans in your life will be absolutely delighted to receive these.

Geeky Gaiters

SpongeBob Geeky Gaiters

Last but certainly not least, it’s getting pretty cold out there. Keep your neck and face warm with our gaiters, featuring various designs inspired by Friends, the Joker, Wonder Woman, Dragon Ball Z, and more. Stay warm and stay geeky out there, dear fans.