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Geeky Astrology

March Edition

On the first day of March, you noticed a shimmering light descend from the sky. As the light dissipates, an object resembling a ring surrounds your finger. Light then emanates from your body, and you start to glow a hue of…well, we’re not exactly sure. The cosmic Ring of the Lanterns is determined by the stars, the cosmos, and what you had for breakfast. We understand this can be a bit overwhelming so sit back and relax. This month's Geeky Astrology is going to help you uncover your True Lantern corp. colour.

Your Readings



The Green Lantern logo featuring the Orange Lantern

Orange may not be the typical color associated with money, but it certainly pertains to that of greed and jealousy. Who better than to receive the orange lantern ring than you dear Capricorn? You’re driven, persistent, and can be somewhat overtly vain. For March we recommend you reign in those insecurities and appreciate all that you have, because everyone knows that with a little time and effort, you can always achieve more.


The Green Lantern logo featuring the Blue Lantern

Hope. The penultimate characteristic of the Aquarius. No wonder the blue lantern ring chose you! Your constant positivity and sense of responsibility often whisk you away into the cosmos – ignoring all your planetary duties. For March, channel your cosmic energy into uplifting others. Your shining optimism will lead the way, and remember, the future is never lost as long as there’s hope.

PISCES: Teal Lantern

The Green Lantern logo featuring the Green Lantern

Oh, sorry – did we wake you? Emerge from your slumber and embrace the newfound lantern ring of Teal. This psychedelic color channels dreams and aspirations across time and space – think of yourself as the Sandman of the universe, so to speak. Your job in March is to explore the expansive dreamscape by fighting off the horrors of night terrors... and further lockdowns.


The Green Lantern logo featuring the Red Lantern

Oh, Aries you get a bad rep for your anger. Nevertheless, this is why you wield the ring of the Red Lantern, the lantern of Rage. Now, before you get upset (again) think about the positives of your personality: no one will dare waste your time with unnecessary details because you don’t care, things get done quickly because you’re impatient, and being overly active ensures you will never be called lazy. So, don’t cool off or calm down. For what is anger except for... very negative passion?


The Green Lantern logo featuring the Orange Lantern

Strong, sturdy, and earthy. Taurus’ are the great bastion of reliability and cannot be given just any color. Which is why we have created a ring just for you. Yes, you have been deemed fit for the ring of the Brown Lantern, the lantern of Solidity. So, continue on planting the seeds of growth and tenacity for yourself and those around you. Just remember that if your unshakable roots are too strong you will be stuck in place with no path forward. Which is to say you will become a plant.


The Green Lantern logo featuring the White Lantern

Ah, the always curious social butterfly, Gemini. One could say you are the life of the party, which is what the ring of the White Lantern embodies—life. (Not the party). But what will you do with all of this supreme power that the lantern of Life has bestowed upon you? Probably explore different worlds and universes in your one true pursuit of finding someone new to talk to. Now is that super ambitious? Not really. But everyone loves the well-traveled party guest so this is good news for all your center of attention needs. We promise, we are not judging.


The Green Lantern logo featuring the Purple Lantern

Is the power of love too cliché? Not for you, sweet Cancer. You wield the ring of the Violet Lantern, the lantern of Love, like it was made for your finger and yours alone. This ring was crafted by your long-lost lover who was set adrift in the open seas and battled their way through monsters and tricksters and gods, all the while dreaming of you and your connection to each other, deeper than any ocean or valley or deep-space void, and whose return is the highest of highs after the lowest of lows. Basically, you and this ring were made for each other, okay?


The Green Lantern logo featuring the Yellow Lantern

You didn’t think we forgot about you, did you Leo? With an energy this commanding, you need an all-new lantern color to match. Introducing the Gold Lantern Corp, led by you of course, and fueled by Bravery, which you inhabit in every decision you make. Those shoes? Brave. That commanding swagger as you walk to check your mailbox? Brave. That MCU hot take you keep tweeting about? Very brave. Shine on Leo, you gilded thing you.


The Green Lantern logo featuring the Yellow Lantern

When it comes to the emotional spectrum of the lanterns, you know it isn’t all compassion and willpower out there. Your perfectionism has a dark side too, Virgo, and that’s the fear of failure. Too heavy? Maybe. But there’s a power in embracing that fear and letting it guide you, which is why you exemplify the Yellow Lantern, the lantern of Fear, so well.

Who’s afraid of the big bad Virgo? Well, anyone you want, really. Have fun!


The Green Lantern logo featuring the Blue Lantern

Libra, as the diplomatic sign of the zodiac, you're a natural peacemaker and believe in justice and fairness. You may come off as cool, calm and collected but we know that deep down you're a big softie, which is why we believe you'd be a part of the Indigo Tribe. For March, try channeling this love and compassion into your personal life to strengthen your relationships.


The Green Lantern logo featuring the White Lantern

Scorpio, since you're so good at masking your emotions and love to seek revenge, the black lantern ring has chosen you! We also know how much you love the color black so voila! It's a perfect match. This March, let go of all of your grudges and let your loved ones know just how much they truly mean to you.

P.S. Please don't come after us for saying this.


The Green Lantern logo featuring the Green Lantern

Sagittarius, you are brave and determined, which is why we believe the Green Lantern Corps is the perfect match for you. The green lantern ring may be the most difficult to master BUT we see a great deal of willpower within you. And we believe that your independence, strength and unwillingness to give up will help you rise to the occasion. For March, use this determination to work harder and take on bigger projects.