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Here at FAN EXPO HQ, our team is always nerding out over the world of fandom. On Team Picks, we share some of our favorite things we’ve been watching, reading, and playing. For Reading Month, we’re sharing our fave fandom books.


Westley and Buttercup are holding hands and laughing. They are standing in the mountains. Westley is wearing all black and Buttercup is wearing an orange dress with a gold belt.

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The Princess Bride has been my favourite movie since I can remember, but I never actually read the book until I was an adult. Usually, there are so many differences between the book and movie, but with The Princess Bride, everything that happened in the movie was also in the book. There was just so much more to enjoy in the book.

The book certainly didn’t disappoint. I loved learning more about the backstory of each character and since I already had a picture of what each character looked like, it was fun to imagine them in all of the different (new to me) situations.


The Martian sits on a rock in the middle of the desert and looks off into the distance.

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I will say The Martian. I'm a big fan of the movie and the book has largely the same feel and tone: it's snarky, creative, and feels pretty real, owing to the sheer amount of research Andy Weir did while he was writing it. There are a few minor differences between the book and the film adaptation that make it worth while to experience both versions. Given the overall similarities, getting a few more scenes in the book feels a little bit like having access to a director's cut or some deleted scenes - it really scratches the fan part of my brain.


Bella and Edward are dancing together and staring deeply into each other's eyes.

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Anyone who read these books, and said they didn't like them, were lying. You can't deny that the Twilight books are a guilty pleasure that hit all of the typical romance novel tropes. I will never tire of a love triangle, especially when supernatural creatures are involved. 


Bilbo Baggins stands there looking off into the distance. He is wearing a white button up shirt, a green vest and a burgundy corduroy jacket and holds a wooden walking stick. Other hobbits stand behind him in the background.

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The Hobbit has always been a favorite of mine since I first read it back in the 5th grade (I still have that copy). It was my introduction into Middle Earth and I find myself returning to it whenever I am in the need of a good adventure. The riddle scene is one of favorites and I used to read it over and over again when I was younger.


Pennywise stands there holding the string of a balloon. He stares directly into the camera.

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Anyone who knows me knows my obsession with IT by Stephen King. Something about Pennywise and the Loser club has stuck with me for life - and no, not because I have a tattoo for the novel. The bond between friends, the crazy shapeshifting clown, it's all just so... *chefs kiss*


Coraline is wearing orange pajamas. She is sitting on her knees and opening a secret door within the wall in her living room.

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I was that kid with her nose in a book my entire childhood. It was books like Coraline that not only fed my love of reading, but helped to foster my love of all things spooky and unusual. I reread this book frequently, and how I feel about it never changes. I even have a tattoo of the key to the Other World in my sleeve!