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Here at FAN EXPO HQ, our team is always nerding out over the world of Fandom. On Team Picks, we share some of our favorite things we’ve been watching, reading, and playing. This month, we’re sharing the movie or TV show releases that we're most excited for in 2023.


Ariel the mermaid sits on a rock at the bottom of the ocean and is looking out into the abyss.

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It is no surprise to my friends and family that I am most excited about the live action The Little Mermaid. Though Disney’s live actions have been a little rocky, I still hold hope for this rendition. Halle Bailey’s youthful energy and amazing singing are sure to be a highlight and, personally, I can’t wait to see Daveed Diggs as Sebastian. Better be sure that when I go see it, I will be Disney Bounding as Ariel or Ursula (depending on my mood).

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

Edgin the Bard stares at a gold helmet that Xenk the Paladin is holding up next to him.

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As someone who is a big fan of D&D, the movie I'm most excited for in 2023 absolutely has to be Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. Not only does it seem like it'll be fun, encompassing the chaos of a typical D&D campaign, but the cast of the movie looks great, too. Plus, who knows, maybe there'll be some ideas I can steal for my next campaign.


Timothee Chalamet from Dune is dressed in all black and is holding up a sword above his head with desert rock in the background.

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Reading Dune helped me reignite my passion for reading! Getting to watch the story that I consider to be the backbone of modern sci-fi come to life with the editing and ability of our era and a stacked cast is like a dream come true for me. That's why I am very excited to see Dune: Part Two.


Vin Diesel from the Fast & Furious franchise sits on the hood of a silver car with his arms crossed looking into the camera. He is wearing a black tank top with blue jeans.

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There are so many movies and TV shows debuting in 2023 that I am excited for; it's really impossible to pick just one. The movie I know without a doubt I will be seeing opening night and will leave with a giddy smile on my face is the 10th Fast and Furious movie. I KNOW! I know that they're not great or even that good anymore, but I don't see the Fast & Furious movies for high brow, thought-provoking content. I watch them for Vin Diesel and to see beautiful cars go vroom vroom and do insane stunts; sue me.


A giant zombie hand emerges from the ground with a tall building surrounded by a large fire and clouds of smoke in the background.

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This movie wasn't supposed to get a theatrical release, but tested so well with audiences that it is! There are no words for the excitement I feel to see a new instalment of this franchise. The Evil Dead shaped my love of horror and will forever be so special to me. The Necronomicon has made its way to L.A. and will now bring terror to a new group of unsuspecting citizens. While we can't expect to see everyone's (my) favourite anti-hero, Ashley J. Williams, I'm sure we can expect a gory good time with lots of surprises. As an added bonus? The release is set for April. Happy birthday to me!