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Actor Appreciation

The Silent Man of Many Words

His most memorable role is as Silent Bob in the Clerks franchise which is, fun fact, the very first film that he ever worked on. From actor to director to comic book writer to business owner, Kevin Smith wears many hats. In honour of the release of Clerks 3 this month, let’s appreciate all the amazing things that Kevin Smith has brought us.

Memorable Quotes

  • “…” Clerks
  • “…” Clerks 2
  • “…” Mallrats
  • “…” Dogma
  • “…” Chasing Amy



Jay Mewes as Jay and Kevin Smith as Silent Bob at a convenience store. The image is in black and white. Both are wearing their hats backwards and layered shirts and jackets. They are looking to the right of the image.

This 1994 black and white film is about a day in the lives of store clerks Dante Hicks (Brian O'Halloran) and Randal Graves (Jeff Anderson) and their acquaintances. Jay and Silent Bob are the most notable of the reoccurring characters in the Clerks franchise.

Clerks 2

Jay and Silent Bob standing in front of a Mooby's sign painted on a brick wall. There is a cartoonish cow to the left of the pair. Silent Bob is wearing dark clothing and his hat is on backward. Silent Bob is looking up at Jay, who is wearing layers of jackets and shirts on top of a white tee with a image on it.

The sequel to the 1994 film Clerks, is a colorized film that is set ten years after the events of the first film and features the return of not only the entire main cast, but new characters as well.

Clerks 3

Jay and Silent Bob behind a convenience counter. Jay is leaning with his elbows on the counter and is wearing a white shirt over a gray long sleeve hoodie. He is smiling with an eyebrow raised. Silent Bob is next to him with his palms open and his eyes wide open. He is wearing a white cap backwards and dark layer shirts and jacket.

The sequel to Clerks and Clerks 2. The world premiere was on September 4, 2022, in Red Bank, New Jersey, before its wide release on September 13.Once again, this movie featured all of the original cast returning.



Jay is wearing a black backwards cap, long sleeve shirt and pants. His left arm is up and his right arm is down as he is looking down. Behind him is Silent Bob who is wearing a black hat backwards and a long black coat. He has one hand by his face and the other hand is an open palm faced up. They are standing in front of a store window.

The second film in the View Askewniverse after 1994's Clerks (chronologically, Mallrats takes place a day before), is about T.S. (Jeremy London) and his best friend, Brodie (Jason Lee), going to the mall after their girlfriends break up with them. 

Though it did not do well at the box office and received a lukewarm critical reception, Mallrats has become a cult classic.

Chasing Amy

Jay and Silent Bob in a diner. Jay is looking at Silent bob as he pour sugar/salt on his food. Silent Bob is in the middle of his big monologue in the movie.

This 1997 film is the third film in the View Askewniverse and was written and directed by Kevin Smith. It is about a comic artist (played by Ben Affleck) who falls in love with a girl who is a lesbian (Joey Lauren Adams), to the displeasure of his best friend (Jason Lee)


Jay and Silent Bob on a bus. Jay is wearing a red jacket and a black hat that said Snoochie. Silent Bob is looking at him, wearing his iconic backwards hat, dark green coat on top of the layer of shirts.

The fourth installment in Smith's View Askewniverse, Dogma is about two fallen angels who are trying to return to Heaven through an alleged loophole in Catholic dogma. However, their success would prove God wrong, undoing all creation.

Catch and Release

Kevin Smith as Sam is in a kitchen. He is wearing a stripped robe. He is holding a handheld electric mixer (with no whisks), defensively.

In Catch and Release, Kevin Smith plays Sam, one of the close friends of Grady Douglas, Gray Wheeler's fiancé who dies. The main character, Gray, seeks comfort in his friends, learning his secrets while falling for his best friend, Fritz.

Live Free or Die Hard

Kevin Smith opposite to Bruce Willis (bloodied from a fight). Behind them is Justin Long who is looking at Kevin. Behind them is a metal grate or fence.

Kevin Smith plays a super hacker, Frederick "Warlock" Kaludis in the film Live Free or Die Hard. His character identifies the piece of code to find the cyber-terrorist.

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

Animated version of Kevin Smith. He is wearing a hockey jersey looking shirt (blue, orange, and white). He is wearing a back wards white hat.

In the animated film Teen Titans: The Judas Contract, Kevin Smith voices himself as a filmmaker who does podcasts about superheroes. He interviews Beast Boy.

Cameo Appearances

The Flash

Kevin Smith talking to Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) on set of the Flash in between takes.

KevinAppeared as "Bob the Security Guard" alongside Jason Mewes as "Jay the Security Guard" on The Flash episode, "Null and Annoyed," which he also directed.

Veronica Mars

Kevin Smith in a convenience store. He is wearing a black shirt with a yellow school bus with wings and a halo.

Kevin Smith plays a convenience store clerk in season two Veronica Mars. He is a huge fan of the show in real life. He said that "hands-down, the best show on television right now, and proof that TV can be far better than cinema" 

Star Wars

Snowy image from Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker where Kevin Smith is a hooded figure in the background

Kevin Smith has two 2 cameos in Star Wars, one in The Force Awakens and the other in The Rise of Skywalker. He is "an unapologetic superfan" of Star Wars and was super excited to be in both of these movies.

Filmmaking Career

Besides Clerks and Chasing Amy, Kevin Smith has written and directed a number of other films. Here are some of the work he has done over the years.

Chasing Amy

Cop Out


Yoga Hosers

Three people are sitting in elaborate wooden chairs, handcuffed to them. Two girls (wearing red uniforms) and one guy (wearing a tan jacket and sweater)..

Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash

This store, also known as The Stash, is a comic book store owned by Kevin Smith. Situated in Red Bank, NJ, it is named after the fictional duo portrayed by Kevin and Jason Mewes. 

Originally, Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash was a comic book store called Comicology that Kevin Smith visited. When he learned the show was going to close and the owner was moving, he bought it and The Stash first opened in 1997. The shop has had to move a few times but never too far.

Not only do local customers come to enjoy the shop but those from other states, countries and continents would visit. It is still a popular attraction to those who love Jay and Silent Bob.

This shop sells comic books, comic-related merchandise, and View Askew film-related items. 

Comic Writing

Clerks Comics

Cover of one the Clerks comics. Caption: Clerks (the limited hardcover book). A miniature man is drawing and yelling at someone else to "Stop that!"

Clerks Comics started in the late 1990's about the adventures of Dante, Randal and other characters from Kevin Smith's film Clerks.

Daredevil: Guardian Devil

Caption: Daredevil Guardian Devil. The image is of Daredevil in mid jump (upside down). Underneath are the names Kevin Smith and Joe Quesada.

This is an eight-issue story arc of Daredevil for Marvel Comics illustrated by Joe Quesada.

Batman: Cacophony

Batman in red and black perched on a railing as it rains.

This three issue comic follows Batman as he tries to stop a turf war between the Joker and crimelord Maxie Zeus, encountering a new adversary, Onomatopoeia.

Green Hornet

Image of Green Hornet staring down menacingly. Caption: Kevin Smith, Jonathan Lau. Underneath: Green Hornet.

This comic was based on an unused script he wrote for a Green Hornet film that never came to be.