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Here at FAN EXPO HQ, our team is always nerding out over the world of fandom. On Team Picks, we share some of our favorite things we’ve been watching, reading, and playing. This month, we’re sharing the best or worst Halloween costumes we've ever worn. 

Sailor Moon

A young girl is posing against a white wall in a sailor moon costume. She is wearing a blue skirt and white top with a red bow across her chest. She has her hair in pig tails with a gold headband.

Project Manager

Halloween has always been my fave holiday because of the costumes (and the candy helps too). Out of everything I've dressed up as, being Sailor Moon by far triumphs them all. My sister decked me out head to toe in Sailor Moon glam, and it was the best bonding time I've had with her. Also, Linda Ballantyne (THE Sailor Moon) said my costume was amazing so that automatically puts it on top for me.


A young girl is wearing a cat woman costume with a cat woman mask on her face. She is smiling.

Creative & Brand Manager

For me and my friends, Halloween is our Christmas and we love dressing up and going all out. The running joke is that I'm always trying to be cat – Puss in Boots, Binx from Hocus Pocus, a leopard, etc. I guess it all stems from this: My love for Catwoman. She was my favorite character (still is) and I loved dressing up as her as a kid. 

Ariana and Pete

A man and a woman are sitting on a couch with string lights and the alphabet written on the wall behind them. The man is wearing a brown and yellow zip up sweater and is holding a bottle to his face. He is dressed up as Pete Davidson. The woman has a her hair in a high ponytail and is wearing knee-high boots with a white hoodie. She is dressed up as Ariana Grande.

Marketing Coordinator

It was circa 2018, my husband and I had 2 weeks to pull together last minute costumes, and the internet was exploding with the news that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson had ended their engagement. Thus, these costumes were born. My husband had to stick by my side the whole evening for the costumes to make sense, but the getup made everyone laugh, and we still have the oversized sweater, ponytail, and windbreaker in our closets as staples to this day.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter holds up his hair with one hand to expose the scar on his forehead. He is wearing a grey shirt with a plaid button up shirt over top. He is sitting on a train

Marketing Coordinator

Unfortunately, my best and worst Halloween costume was Harry Potter. To this day, it is one of the only Halloween costumes I've ever worn. Mainly because I wore it to school for four years in a row... I think everyone in my class got sick of it before I did! By the fourth year, the wig had lost most of its hair and the cloak was ripped.


Two people are wearing white sheets with sunglasses over top as ghost costumes against a rock wall.

Marketing Coordinator

The one Halloween my friends and I decided to be on trend was the year that ghosts were popular. In true Barbara and Adam Maitland fashion, we dressed up, roamed neighbourhoods, and decided that we also wanted to have a ghost photoshoot a la Lydia Deetz, no Bio-Exorcist required. 

Red Riding Hood

A woman with blonde hair is wearing a red hood and is looking out into the distance in a snowy forest.

Digital Marketing Coordinator

My best costume which I wore on Halloween back in high school, was Red Riding Hood. It was also one of my favorite tales growing upso I really did manifest running across the woods with a little basket