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Best Halloween Stories


Hey fans! This time in Let’s Rank, we’re reviewing the best Halloween stories. There is a wide breadth of variety when it comes to Halloween stories, a lot of which comes from the fact that not all of them are scary. After all, Halloween in and of itself isn’t simply about being scary; it’s an entire vibe (just ask some people on the team). This list will go over some of the best and notable that are out there, from movies to TV shows and beyond!

6. Are You Afraid of the Dark?

The title card of the original show, with text reading "Are You Afraid of the Dark?".

For kids born in the 90s and early 2000s, Are You Afraid of the Dark? is one of the most iconic horror TV shows of all time. Centered around a group of kids telling one another scary stories at a campfire, this show should be one of the things you consider watching for Halloween, even if it’s just for the nostalgia. Plus, there’s been several revivals of the show, one of which aired earlier this summer, so there’s tons to watch.

5. Goosebumps

3 of the 62 books that author R.L. Stine penned throughout the 1990s. The books here, from left to right, are "Stay out of the Basement", "The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb", and "Monster Blood".

Goosebumps. There is no way that you, reader, don’t know what this series is. Whether it’s for the books written by the legendary R.L. Stine, the late 90s TV show, or the more recent movies starring Jack Black, this series is definitely up there when it comes to children’s horror. Despite being for kids, the series has made a mark for itself, largely thanks to its combination of scares and laughs. There’s a reason why it’s the second-best selling book series of all time, after all.

4. Halloween

Michael Myers, the main antagonist of the Halloween series, calling someone on a telephone.

Michael. Myers. No, not the Canadian actor, the iconic movie villain who has been the star of the Halloween franchise since 1978 all the way to now. While there are certainly legitimate arguments to be made about the quality of some of the movies, there is no doubt that the original movie and its sequel are truly great. While this holiday isn’t always about being scary (as we mentioned before), no list of best Halloween stories is complete with some horror, so why not check it out?

3. Coraline

Coraline Jones, the eponymous main character of Coraline, crawling through a tunnel leading to the Other World.

Coraline is one of the freakiest children’s stories of all time. This is a fact that will not be disputed, especially not with the stop-motion movie adaptation that scared many young kids across the world when it released in 2009. Yet, it’s also a rather heartfelt story that is arguably the best written one on this list, one that has more than a few good lessons to teach.

2. Trick 'r Treat

Sam, the antagonist of Trick 'r Treat, sitting beside a lit Jack-o-Lantern.

Is this movie campy? Arguably, but Trick ‘r Treat is definitely one of the best Halloween stories out there, not only for being set at Halloween, but also for being a near-perfect blend of horror and comedy. It showcases people breaking Halloween traditions and being punished for it by a figure named Sam, a seeming spirit of the spooky holiday that enforces said traditions. While it’s not the scariest movie in the world, it’s got a certain charm to it that makes it fun to revisit every year.

1. Halloweentown

Several of the main characters of Halloweentown standing together. From left to right: Dylan Piper, Sophie Piper, Agatha Cromwell, and Marnie Piper.

Halloweentown topping the list of the best Halloween stories should not shock you at all. While it is far from being the scariest, or funniest, or best overall story, Halloweentown and its sequels undoubtedly exude the most Halloween spirit out of any other story here. Just ask anyone who loves Halloween all-year-round, and they’ll more than likely have a positive thing to say about this Disney franchise. I mean, who wouldn’t want to live in a town like that?