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What scares you? Is it bugs? Masked maniacs? Things that go "D'OH" in the night? Because nothing comes close to the tales of terror retold by the the people of Springfield! This year marks 33 episodes of the beloved seasonal tradition that is The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror. Are your ready for your Treehouse of Horror-scope? Read on... if you dare. 


The Simpson family, Ned, Kang, Konos, Moe, A headless Mr. Burns, a Cyborg Groundskeeper Willy, Robot, and God halt an argument to turn and hear Grandpa Simpson, who is dressed like the Black Swan speak.

Treehouse of Horror XXII
Season 23, Episode 3 I
Segments - The Diving Bell and the Butterball, Dial D for Diddily, In the Na'vi 

Much like everyone's favourite neighbour, Ned Flanders,you possess a level of loyalty that doesn't quite make sense to others, but it helps you sleep at night knowing you've taken care of those around you. It's scary out there, but with your smarts and your assertive nature - no evil can stop you. 


The Simpsons recreate the original Stranger Things poster. Lisa is Eleven, with a nosebleed, using her powers. Milhouse is Will. Bart is Mike, Nelson is Dustin. Chief Wiggum is Hopper, Louann is Dustin and Marge is Karen

Treehouse of Horror XXX
Season 31, Episode 4
Segments - Danger Things, Heaven Swipes Right, When Hairy met Slimy

Lucky you, Aquarians, you've been paired with the 666th episode of The Simpsons. You and Kirk Van Houten ride the same wave of optimism when everyone in your orbit is looking at the stranger side of things. While you tend to rebel against those who can't see things the way you do, you always find a clever way of getting them on your side. 


In black and white, Bart pulled Ms. Crabapple's severed zombie head out of his backpack

Treehouse of Horror XX
Season 21, Episode 4
Segments - Dial 'M' for Murder or Press '#' to Return to Main Menu, Don't Have a Cow Mankid, There's No Business like Moe Business

You showcase ambition in every area of your life, and you work hard to achieve your desired outcomes. No one in your circle is short of killer ideas, and if they lack, you pick up the slack. One thing everyone can count on with you, Capricorn, you'll always be ahead of the game.


A claymation Marge and Maggie answer the Simpson's front door to find Homer, Marge, Maggie, Bart, Lisa and Santa's Little Helper animated in the style of adventure time, and duplicated in the animation style of South Park

Treehouse of Horror XXV
Season 26, Episode 4 
Segments - School is Hell, A Clockwork Yellow, The Others

Rebellion is your strong suit, and your lack of fear makes it easy for you to take on even the most undesirable of tasks, but when it comes down to it,your heart is always in the right place. The fires of purgatory have NOTHING on the wrath you hfor those who mistreat the ones you love. They know they can always count on you, no matter the circumstance. 


Treehouse of Horror
Season 2, Episode 3
Segments - Bad Dream House, Hungry are the Damned, The Raven

You give people the same feeling of joy and warmth as a scary story told by a campfire. You don't have a mean bone in your body and are always in good spirits. Libra, you are the feeling of comfort personified, that's something the people around you are grateful for. And you know what they say, there's nothing quite like the original.


Homer's descent into madness (a la Jack Torrance) leads him to scribble the phrase "No TV and no beer make Homer go crazy" repeatedly all over the walls. Homer's face is puckered as he makes incoherent sounds

Treehouse of Horror V
Season 6, Episode 6
Segments - The Shinning, Time and Punishment, Nightmare Cafeteria 

While you look collected, your thoughts travel a million miles a minute and it begins to make you feel as though you're going mad. You tend to feel alone and isolated in these feelings, but those around you are stressed out, too. They just won't take an axe to the door to get their point across. One of the best things about you though, Virgo? You are never over-stated, but you never fail to impress.


In a bell tower over Springfield, Lisa looks on as a Vampiric Homer smiles out at the city after having offered himself as a sacrifice to save Lisa from being bitten. Edmund (our Twilight-esque vampire) and Dracula (his father) lie lifeless on the floor, as turning homer took them both out.

Treehouse of Horror XXI
Season 22, E4
Segments - War and Pieces, Master and Cadaver, Tweenlight

No matter what anyone says, you won't hear the odds. You are firmly of the belief that the way you choose to handle your life, and your business, is what's best for you even if it could negatively effect those around you. You aren't afraid of the horrors that lay ahead, and you expect the same of those you hang out with. 


Maggie sees all of the citizens of Springfield as her soothers

Treehouse of Horror XVI
Season 17, Episode 4
Segments - B.I. Bartificial Intelligence, Survival of the Fattest, I've Grown a Costume to Your Face

You have a hard time relaying the points you're trying to make, but when you do, Taurus, boy-oh-boy, do you pack a sucker punch. The people around you know that they can count on you to help them out in a pinch, even if it's a not exactly what they had it mind. They know you are always willing to help better their circumstances. 


Chief Wiggum sits at his desk, being slowly consumed by an alien lifeform. Sergeant Lou, Bart, and Lisa (who is holding Maggie) look on as Chief Wiggum explains

Treehouse of Horror XXIX
Season 30, Episode 4
Segments - Intrusion of the Pod-y Switchers, Multiplisa-ty, Geriatric Park

It never gets old having you around, Pisces. When you're stuck in sticky situations, you use your head and your heart to get your way out, but it doesn't surprise anyone when you let your emotions rule your decisions. You are capable of winning every battle you face, as long as that battle isn't bringing Futurama back...


A witch holds Bart and Lisa under each arm. Lisa is Gretel, Bart is Hansel. He is eating a pastry as the Witch carries them towards a bubbling cauldron

Treehouse of Horror XI
Season 12, Episode 1
Segments - G-G-Ghost D-D-Dad, Scary Tales Can Come True, Night of the Dolphin

Don't worry, Gemini - your horror-scope doesn't look like Homer's! You're something out of a storybook. The way you carry yourself with a wit and a quickness is giving big protagonist energy. You have a hunger inside of you to ensure that every day is exciting.Just don't eat broccoli today, okay? Trust us.


Treehouse of Horror IV
Season 5, Episode 5
Segments - The Devil and Homer Simpson, Terror at 5+1/2 Feet, Bart Simpson's Dracula 

No one is more eager to take a bite out of life than you, Leo. You choose to find the good in all creatures, and take them in to give them the life you feel they deserve. Can it backfire? Sure! But what's life without a little risk, huh? 


Maggie is possessed. She floats above her bassinet as Homer and Marge look on in Horror

Treehouse of Horror XVIII
Season 19, Episode 5
Segments - E.T. Go Home, Mr. & Mrs. Simpson, Heck House

You put on a face for the crowd that makes them unsuspecting of the devil that dances behind your eyes. The ones you love know that you have a feisty side, and know that sometimes they have to fight fire with fire, but ultimately, they know that no one will ever be as loyal or dedicated as you are.