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We need 12 CC's of horoscope - STAT... wait... wrong Doctor. 

November 23rd, 1963 - the premiere of the VERY FIRST episode of Doctor Who. Its impact on pop culture earned the show its very own day of honour - November 23rd is now and forever known as Doctor Who (or TARDIS) Day! To celebrate, we're pairing you with your very own Doctor.

But don't be afraid to transform with the seasons. 


Amy and Rory meet the Doctor on the roof, they look on in awe and confusion as the Doctor smiles proudly at the TARDIS

The 11th Doctor
Played by: Matt Smith

Like bow ties and fez's, Aries are cool. You lead with your impulses even when those around you are unsure, but it's your childlike sense of wonder and excitement that make even the most mundane activities special. It's the encouragement you show your friends that ensure them they're in good hands that make them comfortable following you anywhere. 


Fire rages in the distance; Rose and the Doctor stare on in concern amongst a pile of metal and other various forms of rubble and debris.

The 9th Doctor
Played by: Christopher Eccelston

With a cold exterior, the compassion you show and the care you offer are surprising to those who are still getting to know you. No matter what the galaxy tosses your way you can creatively find your way out of any problem you face. It's one of the many reasons why people love you. You are truly fantastic.


The Doctor stands in the doorway to the TARDIS, his face is stern while his clothing boisterous and colourful.

The 6th Doctor
Played by: Colin Baker

Your emotional intelligence and quick wit make you quite the force to be reckoned with. While the assumption based on our exterior is that you are cold and unapproachable, getting to know you means finding out how kind you are, and how you are the master of spirited conversation.


Yasmin, Dan, and the Doctor stare off in horror from the TARDIS as they realize they have not landed, but are careening through space

The 13th Doctor
Played by: Jodie Whittaker

You provide love and guidance to the people around you; it does not matter your relation to the person, you are willing to help. Your good nature, coupled with your unmatched intelligence and strength make you a beloved member of any circle; never apologize for being unapologetically yourself. 


The Doctor stares into the camera with a face of playful confusion as the TARDIS has landed amongst the mountains

The 7th Doctor
Played by: Sylvester McCoy

Your spontaneity and optimism often surprise others, but there is way more to you than meets the eye. While you make all your decisions with logic and use strong reasoning to come to your solutions, your companions know that there is no lack of whimsy in your presence. 


The Doctor hangs off a bridge as he's evading three silver Daleks

The 4th Doctor
Played by: Tom Baker

Armed with Jelly Babies and a dream, you're fearless in the face of your foes. Though you come off as cold and aloof, there's so much good in your heart. Your fierce loyalty shows those around you that nothing will stop you from standing up for them or what you believe in. 


The Doctor, in a field, is being followed by two Cybermen. Pointing the sonic screwdriver at more Cybermen in the distance.

The 12th Doctor
Played by: Peter Capaldi 

Unclench your jaw and drop your shoulders, we can all feel the tension you carry. Every choice you make must be the most practical for fear that any other choice would be 'wrong'. You are the one your companions know they can come to when they need to make the right decision, always. 


The Doctor stands in the doorway to the TARDIS, smiling as he stares off to his companion off screen

The 5th Doctor
Played by: Peter Davison

You exhibit a childlike sense of wonder while finding pleasure in all things antiquated. Your manners alone make you an absolute star in the eyes of strangers and friends. While you are often impulsive, all of the spur the moment decisions lead to joy for everyone involved. 


A disheveled Rose looks on to a worrisome Doctor as he evaluates the war torn landscape around them

The War Doctor
Played by John Hart

You often find it better to be reclusive as an act of self-preservation. Letting people in can be tough and you tend to raise your walls. When you let people in to see who you really are, you prove to them and to yourself just how special human connection can be. You value those connections with all of your heart. 


On the TARDIS, Sat behind a desk, the Doctor answers a red telephone

The 3rd Doctor
Played by: Jon Pertwee

You are a person of action and you place a strong value on social interaction. Your mind is one of the most interesting things about you, and you have no shortage of talking points, making you a stunning conversationalist. You are bound for great things because you've always believed you are.


In an office, The Doctor peers over his companion's work cubicle with a joyous, open mouthed smile

The 10th Doctor
Played by: David Tennant

The most human of them all. You are charming and warm with a sense of humor that appeals to everyone. Your emotional intelligence is high, but you can have a hard time reading others and their intentions. You aren't afraid of conflict, but tend to be scarily eager to find resolution. 


The Doctor stands next to the Motherboard of the TARDIS, reaching for the one yellow lever along a row of red levers. He stares sternly off screen.

The 1st Doctor
Played by: William Hartnell 

You are dedicated to your cause, and you're willing to do literally anything to achieve your goals. It's unsurprising that you are successful with drive like yours. While it's easy for people to fall into a pattern of selfishness while looking out for #1, your loyalty and care for the ones you love prove just how good you truly are.