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Here at FAN EXPO HQ, our team is always nerding out over the world of fandom. On Team Picks, we share some of our favorite things we’ve been watching, reading, and playing. This month, given May the 4th and the release of the Kenobi series, we're going over our favorite Star Wars characters.

Across this vast franchise, there have been so many amazing characters that have warmed our hearts or earned our ire. From Sith Lords and Jedi to Droids and beyond, everyone has got a favorite in the galaxy far, far away. 


Grogu from The Mandalorian peering over a chair

Marketing Coordinator

Grogu became my favorite character from Star Wars after the first episode of The Mandalorian (back when he was known by the internet as Baby Yoda). Though he is very quiet, save for some coos and small sounds, he expresses a lot of emotions and has a very lively personality (very much like a curious toddler) that leaves me laughing, crying, and cheering him on throughout the series. It's interesting to see how his Force abilities and his relationship with Din have grown; their relationship is the emotional center of the series and keeps me invested emotionally.


Darth Vader from Star Wars pointing at Princess Leia

Project Manager

Darth Vader. Need I say more? But in all seriousness, the change you see from Anakin to Vader is *chef’s kiss*. Darth Vader will always hold a special place in my Sith heart.


Darth Vader from Rogue One at the end of a hallway holding his red Lightsaber

Content Coordinator

The only answer for favorite Star Wars character is Darth Vader because you can't underestimate the power of the Dark Side. This also makes sense for me as a choice since Anakin Skywalker is my least favorite character because he hates sand. Vader already wins for his "apology accepted" Force chokes but solidifies his place as the best in the final hallway scene from Rogue One.


Rey from Star Wars holding her blue Lightsaber in the forest

Content Coordinator

My favorite character is Rey because she's what made me a Star Wars fan. I was only a casual Star Wars fan but after seeing The Force Awakens I became obsessed with the franchise and have even cosplayed as a punk version of Rey. I love her spirit, how she comes into her own as a character and most especially her friendship with Finn.


Shirtless Kylo Ren from Star Wars looking off into the distance

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Kylo Ren is my favorite Star Wars character. I may be a bit biased because I've been following Adam Driver's career long before his Star Wars days... but honestly Kylo Ren's story arc is something to behold. The full circle moment of "I know what I have to do, but I don't know if I have the strength to do it," gets me every time. Not to mention all his funny comedic-relief bits, especially in Episode 9.