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As the MCU keeps going strong, more and more celebs are getting the chance to put their spin on Marvel characters. In today's Let's Rank, we break down some of our top recommendations for who should join the MCU next.

John Krasinski & Emily Blunt

John krasinski and emily blunt doing a scene from the quiet place

Is it cheating to start out with a duo? We don't care: these two have both come very close to nabbing key MCU roles (Cap and Black Widow) and knowing that only makes us want to see it even more. Sue Storm and Reed Richards, anyone? Take this power couple and give them something substantial and the MCU will be better for it.



We wrote this article shortly before Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness released and BOY OH BOY were we pleasantly surprised with our choice here.

Simon Pegg

simon pegg on set in a funny alien costume

Let's break down the facts: he was considered for Ant-Man, he's incredibly funny, and he'd be perfect for a goofy main character or even just a sidekick. There's plenty of those types of roles in the MCU and Simon Pegg should be cast as one of them next time. Case closed.

Sam Richardson

Sam Richardson holding his finger to his chin as if he is thinking

First, a clarification: even though Sam Richardson is in the Marvel series M.O.D.O.K., that show isn't canon or included in the MCU. With that out of the way, here's the point: Sam Richardson has been having an amazing time with some great performances over the past few years. We've loved seeing his range, from the two-faced African billionaire in Ted Lasso to the awkward Aniq in The After Party. We're pretty convinced that there's nothing he can't do, and we'd like to see whatever that is in the MCU.

Laura Dern

Laura Dern as a lawyer in court

Let's play a game: instead of us telling you why Laura Dern should be in the MCU, you tell us one good reason why she shouldn't be. Alright, that's what we thought--you can't argue with that unique energy that she brings to all of her projects. Maybe she's the government official who gets in the superheroes' way, or the mayor who needs their protection while she runs for office--we don't know and we don't care. Laura Dern in the MCU, please!

Jesse Plemons

Jesse Plemons in a blue shirt looking at his reflection

Some people are born to play heroes and some people are born to play villains. Jesse Plemons has resting villain face. He has a face that says, "what do you think that suspicious-looking guy is up to?" He is absolutely the kind of guy who starts out as a friend of a superhero and goes full super-powered giant monster by the end of the movie. We see it, we want it, please find some way to let him do his thing in the MCU.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Mary Elizabeth winstead as Huntress from Birds of Prey with a bow & arrow on her arm

We were already convinced that she had the action chops to play some rough-and-tumble Marvel hero, and then we saw her as Huntress. She did an amazing job for DC, so why not bring those skills over to the MCU? She deserves her own hero, her own movie, and her own origin story--get working, Marvel casting team.