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It’s that time of the month once again for more astrology! In honor of Mother's Day, we’ve paired each zodiac sign up with a fictional mother. We thought long and hard about our selections and we hope you enjoy them!


Queen Arianna from Tangled holding baby Rapunzel and a lantern

Queen Arianna from Tangled

Sweet, dream-filled Pisces. The mom for you is just as wistful, hopeful, and empathetic as you. While we may not know a ton about Queen Arianna, we know one thing for sure: she never stopped searching for her kidnapped daughter, even after 16 years had passed. Queen Ariana would be an amazing mother for you, Pisces, because she would always understand you, get swept up in daydreaming about your future prince/princess (probably more than you), and would indulge you in your many, many hobbies.  


Helen Parr (Elastigirl) from The Incredibles on a red background

Helen Parr (Elastigirl) from The Incredibles

Aries; you are a fiery spirit in good ways and bad, and your fictional mom needs to be someone that can keep up with you! Enter: Elastigirl. Helen may be best known as her superhero identity, but her children are her priority above all else. She would love and protect you no matter the cost, and while she may be short with you sometimes, you can always rely on the fact that she will encourage you in everything you do, lift you when you’re down, and will always own up to the truth.  


Commander Leia from Star Wars looking at something in the distance

Commander Leia from Star Wars

Let's be real: there are a lot of stubborn Star Wars characters, so if you're looking for a mom to butt heads with, be our guest Taurus. But what sets Leia apart, even before she rises to the ranks of Commander, is her groundedness. She's calm, unshakeable, and patient in everything she does. She's focused and supportive, even when people aren't at their best, and that's not east to do. 


Mrs. George from Mean Girls mid-conversation in a pink outfit

Mrs. George from Mean Girls

You are extroverted, clever and there’s never a boring moment while you’re around. Which is why you don’t have a regular mom, you have a cool mom, like Mrs. George from Mean Girls.


Inko Midoriya from My Hero Academia crying and looking scared

Inko Midoriya from My Hero Academia

My dear Cancer, I know what you need- someone who can provide comfort, especially when things get tough or when you just need a hug. Inko Midoriya from My Hero Academia is the mom for you. As she demonstrates throughout the manga and anime, she’s a mother who will always be there to support you, whether that’s by making a great bowl of ramen, crying with you, or supporting you with your everyday life. Not only that, but she’s the type to recognize her own mistakes (as seen with her son, Izuku) and to apologize for them.  


Aunt Viv from Fresh Prince of Bel Air on a solid yellow background wearing a yellow shirt

Aunt Viv from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Leo, you need someone who matches your energy, be it for wanting to stand out or for creativity. Well, look no further than Vivan Banks, AKA Aunt Viv from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Whether it’s the original or the one from the new reboot, Aunt Viv will help you through the good and the bad, all the while helping you stay classy (I mean, have you seen her style?). If you know what’s good for you, then you’ll listen to her advice.


Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins in her classic attire

Mary Poppins from Mary Poppins

Okay Virgo, hear us out. While Mary Poppins isn't actually a mother, she's definitely a mother figure and you two have a ton in common. For starters, she's very practical and smart like a true Virgo. She also knows the importance of rules and structure but also manages to make following the rules super fun! She's also responsible and a little bit mischievous.


Izumi curtis from fullmetal alchemist looking upset

Izumi Curtis from Fullmetal Alchemist

Izumi, or "Teacher," as the Elric brothers call her, is no doubt a very strong maternal figure in the boys' lives. She's a complicated person, sure, and definitely lives by the tough love playbook, but she cares deeply for the people in her life. She's the mom for you, dear Libra, because she knows and understands balance more than almost anyone. Her main teaching, "One is all, and all is one" doesn't just apply to alchemy--it can help you better understand the balance of the world around you. 


Freya from God of War talking to a child with her arms outstretched

Freya from God of War

Scorpio, you’re in need of someone who will try their best to understand you, no matter how secretive or distant you may make yourself seem. Who else, then, Freya from God of War (2018) to be your mom. She’ll always be there to support and protect you, even if you didn’t ask for it. What’s more, she isn’t put off by how mysterious you may seem to be, as she is undoubtedly loyal (perhaps a little too much so, considering her overprotectiveness) to her kids.


Mrs. Everdeen from The Hunger Games looking upset and deep in thought

Mrs. Everdeen from The Hunger Games

You are a fearless adventurer who holds true to your principles, and you have passed down those traits to your children. You’re not afriad to be on the right side of history, and do your part to contribute and support your children no matter what.


Meredith Grey from Grey's Anatomy in her scrubs smiling at a character not seen in the photo

Meredith Grey from Grey's Anatomy

As a Capricorn, you're super hardworking. So naturally, we'd pair you up with Meredith Grey from Grey's Anatomy. Meredith works hard but she's also a great mom. Meredith is also very organized and thrives on structure. Do you see the similarities here, Capricorn? 


Lorelai Gilmore from Gilmore Girls smiling at someone off screen wearing a leather jacket

Lorelai Gilmore from Gilmore Girls

Ok Aquarius, we've found your match! You are without a doubt Lorelai Gilmore from Gilmore Girls. You're super quirky but everyone loves you for it. You're also very independent and love helping other people. That sounds like you right?