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Coolest Iron Man Suits


As wild as this sounds, this month marks the 10th anniversary of Iron Man 3 and 15th anniversary of Iron Man 2. We figured it’s as good a time as any to step back, review Tony Stark's work as a whole, and rank his coolest Iron Man suits. We’re sticking to the MCU here, so all of you Superior Iron Man/Godkiller Armor fans, please hold off on the angry DMs.

7. Mark I – “The OG”

clunky first ever iron man suit emerging from cave getting shot at showering sparks

The suit that started it all; how could the Mark I not make the list? Sure, it isn’t the most glamorous of Tony Stark’s designs, but to be fair, it was created in a cave using scrap metal. Even with its shortcomings, you can’t argue with the fundamental features this model established, which absolutely earns it a place in these rankings.

6. War Machine – “The Soldier”

militaristic war machine mech suit raising arms in battle aiming shoulder gun

The suit with many names and countless changes; from a stolen Mark II suit to War Machine to Iron Patriot, etc. We know, we know, this one is technically a collaboration between Tony Stark and Justin Hammer and some unnamed folks over in the U.S. military, but let’s get real, the best upgrades for this Col. Rhodes-piloted suit have been Tony’s. Especially when you consider that Hammer’s tech backfired and the Iron Patriot rebranding was … not everyone’s favorite. That shoulder-mounted gun though? Still pretty awesome.

5. Mark III – “The Classic”

tony stark getting into iron man suit installing helmet in lab

We’ve talked about the Mark I, we’ve talked about the Mark II, so now it’s time for the Mark III to have its day in the sun. This is that classic MCU Iron Man design, the first one that really looks like the suit we know and love. As far as we’re concerned, the suits on this list fall into two categories: the ones that come before Mark III, and the ones that come after. Give us that iconic red-and-gold color scheme and J.A.R.V.I.S.’s voice in our ears and we’re happy campers.

4. Mark V – “The Suitcase”

thin iron man suit looking off into distance

The suitcase suit, let’s talk about it. Over the years the MCU found some really cool ways to get Tony into his suits; and this is where that journey starts. Tony opening a suitcase, plunging his hands in, and us watching in awe as the metal cover the rest of his body. Sure, it’s a far cry from the nanotech coming later on this list, and the durability is basically zero—the suit is a bit on the scrawny side. However, it’s a key turning point and it deserves to be recognized.

3. Hulkbuster – “The Muscle”

big bulky iron man suit with damaged parts

Hulk-bust-er! Hulk-bust-er! On the exact opposite side of things, we have this giant, tanky mech. Not sleek, not streamlined, just pure power. The Hulkbuster suit is massive and bulky, and for good reason; it’s made to go up against the big green guy himself. Big smash? Coming right up. 

2. Mark L – “The Spacesuit”

iron man in space raising arms glowing suit

We’re skipping ahead because we have to as the Iron Legion era covers like 35 suits. Technically the first spacesuit Tony developed is from that group, the Mark XXXIX (a.k.a. Gemini/Starboost), one of the Iron Legion fleet suits that got destroyed in Iron Man 3. Considering that suit didn’t actually get tested in space, we’re going to give the Mark L the win on that front. Plus, you can't argue with nanotechnology. Beyond the tech, we’re still not over that moment on the spaceship when he uses the Mark L helmet to record a goodbye message to Pepper Potts. We cry every time. 

1. Mark LXXXV – “The Finale”

Iron man raising infinity gauntlet surrounded by ruins

The 85th and final suit Tony ever designed. It’s an upgrade to the Mark L—one of 34 other off-screen attempts to truly perfect the Mark L design after the Snap. This ultimate suit comes with some new features including, energy shields, energy-absorbing panels to boost its repulsor beams, energy blades, and more. Above all though, its signature accomplishment was materializing a makeshift Nano Gauntlet, which of course, held the Infinity Stones for long enough to Tony to pull off the final snap of the Infinity saga.