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It’s that time of the month once again for more astrology! With the release of Lightyear, we thought it would be fun to cover Toy Story characters this month. Each Zodiac has been matched with a character who best suits its traits. We thought long and hard about our selections and we hope you enjoy them!


Mr. Pricklepants from Toy Story looking at Rex with Woody, Jessie, and Buzz behind him

Mr. Pricklepants 

While Rex is a surefire candidate for a Pisces, we thought we’d give the spotlight to Mr. Pricklepants. A newer character first introduced in Toy Story 3, he is certainly one prone to fantasy, given his theatrics and attempts to “stay in character” at moments during that movie. This isn’t a bad thing; sometimes it can be good to dream and fantasize about things, especially when it comes to having fun. Will you stay in character, Pisces?  


Mr. Potato Head using his face to demonstrate the POGCHAMP emote

Mr. Potato Head

Now, you may be asking yourself: why Mr. Potato Head? That’s easy. He's often irritable, being shown to be easily annoyed by the likes of Woody in the first Toy Story. Further, he (like you) could be said to be lacking a filter with his words, too. There’s a reason why he was used as “villain” by Andy during his playtime, as it very much suits him. But take heart, Aries- for all the “bad” qualities that Mr. Potato Head may have, he also does genuinely care for his friends and will do a lot for them.


picture of Hamm from Toy Story standing and smiling


A wise-cracking plastic piggy bank shares a lot of similarities to Taurus. With a strong desire for social and corporate stability, a strong desire for extravagance, contentment, and great things, Hamm embodies all that. He can be very hardworking and dedicated to a task like when he was helping save Woody in Toy Story 2.  He is a treasure trove of knowledge and expertise. He also likes to kick back and enjoy the good life of a toy. His dedication to his role of the Evil Doctor Porkchop over the years is very commendable and shows how he sticks with things.


Jessie from Toy Story sitting with her legs crossed, with her horse Bullseye to her right


Nobody can put you in a corner Sagittarius, which is why Jessie is your Toy Story character. You may not have necessarily been placed in a charity box by your previous owner, leading to claustrophobia issues, but you definitely prefer your freedom and the ability to do whatever you desire. Much like Jessie, you are fiercely faithful to your friends, there is no risk that you aren't willing to take, and you are not afraid to take chances.


Andy Davis from toy story standing in a hallway with a red cowboy hat on, with his lips pursed, looking like he's ready to fight.

Andy Davis

You can talk to a brick wall and still be entertained, which is why Andy Davis, the owner of all the beloved toys in Toy Story, is your character. Like Andy, you are imaginative, fun, and you can't commit to one toy!


Duke Caboom from toy story in the fetal position on the ground looking scared

Duke Caboom

Cancer, we found your kindred spirit, and it is a melodramatic daredevil on a toy motorcycle. Ever since he was abandoned by his kid on the day he was bought (because he couldn’t do all the things advertised in the commercial), he’s been a bit emotional. We know that sometimes, you just need to lay on the floor and cry—Duke is right there with you, tears dripping off of his toy mustache.


Sid holding and looking at Woody from Toy Story


Aquarius, you might not like what we have to say here but hear us out. Your Toy Story character is Sid. We’re giving you Sid because like an Aquarius, he’s often misunderstood. Sid tends to stick to himself and really values his alone time. He’s a bit different from the other kids at school and tends to do the opposite of what he’s told.  


Woody from Toy Story sitting on the desk smiling, with one leg crossed over the other


As the leader of Andy’s toys, Woody has to practical and organized. He makes sure that there are meetings to discuss what is going on for the week and makes sure that everyone has a moving buddy so no toy gets left behind. He is very thoughtful and cares about Andy’s and Bonnie’s other toys. He can want to take control of the situation and does not like chaos and the unknown. Like any Virgo knows, unpredictability and change can be daunting and for Woody there has been a lot of change in his time as a Sheriff.  There’s no toy that demonstrates being a Virgo more than our favorite sheriff Woody.


Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story standing with his wings extended looking shocked

Buzz Lightyear

We think you’ll like this one Leo. We’re giving you Buzz Lightyear! Like a true Leo, Buzz is known for his bravery and courage. He’s also very confident and a little bit full of himself. He’s a natual born leader and is always up to the challenge. Are you starting to see the similarities here, Leo?  


Bo Peep whispering to Officer Giggle McDimples, who is standing on her left shoulder

Officer Giggle McDimples

A Libra through and through, Officer Giggle McDimples has a bubbly, excited personality. She is very compassionate and very supportive to her friends, ie Bo-Peep. She is very invested in Bo-Peep's relationships. Just like other Libras, Giggle McDimples is concerned with balance, harmony, peace, and justice (which makes since she is a toy cop). She is a great friend and will lend a hand to help, especially if something is unfair.


Forky from Toy Story standing looking angry


Forky is, well, a little intense at times, and you are too, dear Scorpio. When he feels things, he feels them all the way, including the belief that existence is a cruel and meaningless joke. No judgement here Scorpio, but can you honestly say you’ve never said anything similar? (That’s what we thought). Here’s our advice: when you feel yourself getting a little dark, reach out to your fellow toys—er, friends—and let them lift you out of it. You’ve got a lot to offer those around you, and that comes from embracing everything that you are, pipe cleaners and all.


Green Army Men from Toy Story shuffling in a single file line


Capricorns are not afraid to put in the work and the Green Army Men are no exception. Both are known for being extremely organized, ambitious, and goal-oriented. We wanted to put Sarge for this one, but thought that was too limiting. You, dear Capricorn, are the entire Green Army Men collective.