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Corey Tonge

Tell us a bit about yourself!

Hey everyone! My name is Corey Tonge (pronounced like Sponge) and I am a Montreal born gaming content creator! I hands down love making others laugh through comedy based solely on video games and anime. Everything from Dragonball, My Hero Academia to Call of Duty and Mario. I do it all and I honestly wake up ready to tackle the day and bring about as much laughter into the world as I can.

What fandoms are you into?

I am a huge fan of fighting based anime’s and first person shooters. I love the visuals they both provide and quite frankly they normally have epic story lines. From amazing characters, antagonists and epic conclusions. I love them and they’ll always continue to have a special place in my heart.

Tell us how you got into being a creator.

I actually started years ago but after multiple failed attempts I had placed that dream on pause. I’ve been creating videos since I am 10 years old actually! But many YouTube accounts later I had to stop and start a career in marketing instead. Then at the start of covid I decided to finally take one last crack at it all. One final attempt. So for around 3-4 months I stayed up until 3-4 am and just watched YouTube tutorials on how to edit epic videos. From special effects to sound design. Add a little gaming comedy to the mix and thankfully… 20 years later… things finally took off on TikTok and it’s been a wild adventure ever since!

Tell us about something that you created that you're most proud of!

I am most proud of creating my niche of always keeping my content authentic to the games they are based on. Meaning I photoshop and edit the same HUD’s, overlays and sound effects and place them into each skit. It relates well with the viewers and has them feel already attached to the video as they are accustomed to those items already found in each world.

What do you hope to achieve?

My ultimate goal is to have a production studio and working with the best in the business on creative ideas. Imagine a Zach King meets gaming, cosplay and comedy. A place where all gamers and cosplayers can come, have a laugh and be wow’ed by the visuals and ideas.

If you could give advice to new creators, what would it be?

My best tip to new creators would have to be to constantly keep learning and believing in your content. Both have to go hand in hand meaning… as much as you believe in your own vision… you have to keep learning how to constantly make your videos better. You can’t have one without the other. Keep up with the trends and you’ll create magic. :)

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