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Look. It’s a stretch. The Muppets Take Manhattan released 38 years ago this month & Muppets from Space released 23 years ago. Neither are big anniversaries. But we had an idea to ask our Zodiac which Muppet you would be based on your sign so that’s what we’re doing. Will we see you in two years for this article again on the 40th & 25th anniversaries when it makes more sense? Absolutely. For now, we’re movin’ right along to this dramatic reveal of your one true Muppet.


Muppets character Beaker in a white lab coat with a shocked expression on a grey background

Character: Beaker

There are lots of Muppets who you'd consider to be trusting - but too trusting? There's only one Muppet who fits the bill: Beaker. Just like a Pisces, Beaker is kind, caring, and selfless. However, as any Pisces knows, you can sometimes be too trusting to the point you actually get hurt. That sounds an awful lot like Beaker, the victim of any and every one of Dr. Honeydew's newest inventions. Not that we think you'll be electrocuted by any science project gone wrong anytime soon.


Muppets character Animal stands on a grey background with his mouth super wide open and excitable

Character: Animal

Bold. Ambitious. No stranger to competition. These traits make up both an Aries and, coincidentally, Animal. Whatever Animal is into, you can bet he will be the most passionate one of the bunch. That sounds like you, dear Aries. You may not love drums, your band or food as much as Animal does, but we are sure you're just as passionate about your own interests. Who knows, maybe one day you'll also be friends with Jack Black too!


Muppet character Rowlf standing with a finger in his mouth on a grey background

Character: Rowlf

Taurus' are steady & reliable. They know how to keep cool. They're focused on their goals and grounded. If you were thinking, "that sounds like Rowlf", you'd be correct! When chaos reigns around the Muppet family, you can always count on Rowlf to be cool as a cucumber. This dog really just wants to play his piano, and we think you'd relate to that. Not necessarily the piano part, but just choosing vibes over chaos. 


Muppets characters Statler & Waldorf stand on a grey background in brown & black suits (respectively) each giving a thumbs up or a thumbs down

Character: Statler & Waldorf

Our first thought when looking at the Celestial Twins that represent our dear Gemini was the most iconic duo to exist: Statler & Waldorf. Let's think of some classic Gemini traits, shall we? Geminis are clever (have you heard S&W's jokes?), extroverted (they never stop talking, even during performances), and there's never a dull moment with them around (absolutely true). We're sure that Statler & Waldorf perfectly represent the Gemini, though they might have a few choice words about it!


Muppet character Kermit the Frog standing on a grey background with mouth open to show smiling

Character: Kermit

Kermit the Frog here. To his core, Kermit is always trying to make things go right for those he loves. He's sensitive & helpful, constantly trying to make the best of bad situations. This is where you are similar, dear Cancer. You both have huge hearts & are loyal to your dearest friends & family. There's nothing that you won't do to help those you care about & we think that just about sums up Kermit. 


Muppets character Miss Piggy standing in a grey room while wearing a shiny silver dress

Character: Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy is the embodiment of a Leo. When she enters a room, everyone knows she's here. It helps that she will announce herself and make a scene, but still. You & Miss Piggy both take the spotlight anywhere you go and are known to be the center of attention. This isn't a bad thing - Miss Piggy is a true icon and so are you. 


Muppets character Scooter stands in a green jacket, smiling and staring into the camera

Character: Scooter

I'm sorry - you probably thought you were going to be Kermit. Perfectionist & people-pleaser's tend to be some of Kermit's traits, but they aren't his only ones. Scooter, however, that's a different story. As the "go-to" guy for just about anyone and everything (but in more of an assistant kind of way), Scooter's goal is just to make everyone's life easier - can't you relate? Our advice - be a little less like Scooter and try to people-please yourself instead of others this month!


Muppets character Sweetums stands with an open mouth on a grey background

Character: Sweetums

Libra's traits of balance & harmony might not be things you associate with Sweetums off the bat, but hear us out. Sweetums has a big, terrifying appearance. You'd be scared of him at first glance. There's no reason though! He is as sweet as they come & cares for everyone. That's why Sweetums works to make sure everyone know's he isn't scary. His desire to be surrounded with people who love him means he's willing to compromise and be a little more calm & gentle to get his way - sound familiar, Libra? 


Muppet character Gonzo stands with a yellow collared shirt with peppers on it with his hand stretched up to his right

Character: Gonzo

Scorpio's are often thought of as misunderstood. They're strange, mysterious, and a little different. There is not a Muppet alive ( that the right word?) who is more misunderstood than Gonzo. For crying out loud, we got an entire movie about him trying to find the place he would fit in. There are so many comparisons between Scorpio's and Gonzo that it's almost scary. 


Muppet character Rizzo the Rat standing in a red jacket with his arms outstretched

Character: Rizzo the Rat

Rizzo is peak Sagittarius. Don't believe me? Let me ask: who adventured to Treasure Island? RIZZO. Who takes risks all the time? RIZZO. Who does what they want, when they want? RIZZO. This iconic Muppet is always seeking the next adventure & planning some crazy cheat or scheme. His journey's know no bounds, just like you, Sagittarius. 


Sam the Eagle standing with two US flags beside him as Scooter peaks out from behind

Character: Sam the Eagle

Sam Eagle is the clear choice for a Capricorn. Straight-edged, tired of the slaptstick comedy from his co-stars, and always striving to make the Muppets a classier act, Sam the Eagle is the truest Capricorn there ever was. I'm sure you can relate. You both are disciplined, conventional, and a bit more serious than your friends & family. We would also bet you have a glorious three hour finale ready to go at any moment - if it weren't for Kermit. 


Muppets character Dr Honeydew stands looking over his shoulder to his left

Character: Honeydew

Dr. Bunsen Honeydew is innovative, revolutionary and progressive. Sound like anyone you know? As Aquarius', you & Honeydew are both actively trying to make the world a better place for everyone (well.. except maybe Beaker). Always thinking of new ways to change the world around you, Aquarius' are clever & exceptional at everything you do.