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Which Star Trek Character are you?

Which Star Trek Character are You?

Captain's log: A month has passed, so it's time for another horoscope. Star Trek Day is September 8 and to celebrate we're introducing you to your counterpart from a strange new world. 


Sponk stands in his blue tunic in front of the map on the starship enterprise.


Brutally honest with a secret soft side? This matchup is truly too perfect. Your friends know that you are a real one and they can count on you to tell the truth, even when it hurts. You will also undoubtedly stand by them, or stand up for them, no matter what.


Captain Kirk sits in his office, wearing his signature yellow tunic. He smirks at another character off screen

Captain James T. Kirk

You're a true leader and stick to your guns with unwavering certainty. People rely on you to guide them and take charge, but it doesn't bother you as you're always up for the challenge. 


Deanna Troi stares off behind a colleague, off screen, in the control room on the Starship enterprise

Deanna Troi

Your kindness shines and your friendly demeanor is inviting to everyone you meet. Once someone is in your life, they quickly learn you will be fiercely loyal to them and you'll always be by their side.


Data stands in front of a wall on the Starship Enterprise- his ghost white skin, and matching white eyes look forward in a look of confusion.


Your unending curiosity is something people really admire about you. You don't always have the most emotional depth, but you are always trying to understand why people feel the way they do and how to help when things get tough. 


Worf crosses his arms and stares in disappointment at one of this shipmates (off screen)


You're the strong, silent type and it can make people wary of approaching you. However, once they get to know you, they realize that your bark is far worse than your bite and that you're someone they want in their corner.


William Riker holds on to the door of the enterprise - donning his blue work suit, he smiles at a team success

William Riker

You are a forward thinker with big ideas, and you aren't afraid to share your thoughts. Are your ideas always the best? No, but no one's are. Instead, people favor you because you lean in new and progressive directions. 


Dr. McCoy stands in the Medical Bay in his Blue enterprise scrubs. The room is varying colours of blues, whites, and greys.

Dr. McCoy

If someone wants to job done right, they're coming to you. You are endlessly dedicated to your work and take pride in your ability to achieve success. When the people around you try to go for the grandiose you are quick to reel them in and remind them it's better to be realistic.  


Seven of Nine stares off camera stoically, her long blonde hair falling over her shoulders.

Seven of Nine

You are resourceful and always look for creative ways to get out of tough situations. People are always in awe as you continuously take on challenges without breaking a sweat. 


Sulu stands shirtless in the hall of the Starship Enterprise. He is in starting position for a joust, with the sword pointing straight towards the camera.

Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu

You are a natural born leader with a huge heart. People always enjoy your presence and know that if you're angry there has to be a very good reason. You're well liked amongst your colleagues for your kindness and wit.


Christopher Pike sits in his captain's chair, wearing the signature yellow tunic. He smiles at the costar off screen

Christopher Pike

You are incredibly diplomatic and always make the best overall decision for your team. You are a fair leader and the people around you know that they can trust you and the choices you make without fear. 


Dr. Crusher smiles, she is in conversation with Jean-Luc Picard, whose head is emerging from the left side of the image.

Dr. Beverly Crusher

You radiate kindness and goodness. You are effortlessly gentle and have a burning desire to help those in need. Your overall positive nature draws others in and helps to build long-lasting relationships. 


La Forge feels around on the motherboard, his face painted in horror with mouth agape and furrowed brows. his eye covering stars straight at the screen

Lt. Commander La Forge

While you come across as quiet and shy, anyone who really knows you has seen your wild side. You know how to bring life into any situation. Overcoming things from your past helped you grow into the wonderful person you are today.