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Which Halloween episode are you?

There's a chill in your bones, pumpkin spice in your latte, and your favorite shows are releasing their best episode of the year. From silly to scary, there's a Halloween special for everyone. So, let the stars decide if you're getting television tricks or treats this year.


In the family living room, Morticia approaches Gomez as he carves the final eye on the Jack O'Lantern.

Halloween with the Addams Family
The Addams Family. S1,E7. 

Your deep connection to those you love makes you the perfect fit for the Addams Family. You have a taste for fright in everyday life, and it's like the world finally catches up to you when October hits. 


Wanda and Vision stand at the base of the white and cherry wood staircase in their Halloween costumes. Vision, in a green bodysuit with a yellow cape and shorts, and Wanda in pink tights with a red cape and bodysuit, dawning her signature Scarlet Witch crown.

All-New Halloween Spooktacular
WandaVision, E6. 

You want everything to be right, to feel perfect. You have so much love to give, and you will do whatever it takes to give it. Like Wanda and her family, you are always eager to celebrate...but at what cost?


Gina and Rosa stand in the precinct. Gina dressed as a matador, and Rosa as Little Bo-Peep (holding an NYPD coffee mug.) Behind them, desks are decorated with ghosts and black and orange tinsel. Colleagues behind them dressed as knights, princesses, and a cow.

Halloween III
Brooklyn Nine-Nine. S3,E5

You are eager and always have big ideas. While people don't always understand you, you have keen precision and will show everyone just how hard your brain works.


An exhausted, sleepless Tina sits in the center of her bed in her pyjamas. She hugs her knees to her chest and sits atop her pillow, bags under her eyes and a frown on her face.

Big Trouble in Little Tina
Bob's Burgers. S10,E4. 

You have a good conscience and will do anything to make things right. Like Tina, you want nothing more than to enjoy what your friends are doing... but you have something keeping you awake. You'll make the right choice in due time though.


A party in Monica's apartment is filled with people, nurses, cows, skeletons, and cheerleaders fill the background. Monica and Chandler stand smiling in the foreground. Monica dressed as Cat Woman and Chandler, a large pink rabbit.

The One with the Halloween Party
Friends. S8,E6

Your determination makes you a bit stubborn; like how you're determined you'll win at arm wrestling. You have a way of intriguing others so much that they pay you unyielding attention.


Linus leans on a large pumpkin in the center of the pumpkin patch. He holds a hand scribbled sign reading "welcome great pumpkin"

It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown
Charlie Brown. 

Reliable and comforting, you are a staple in the lives of many. You can guarantee people will always revisit you for your warmth and familiarity. No one is quite as well-loved as you. 


Leslie Knope questions Greg Pikitis in the Parks and Rec office regarding his Halloween pranks.

Greg Pikitis
Parks and Recreation. S2, E7.

Determination is the one word anyone could use to describe you, and you won't let anything ruin your friends' joy. No matter what evil you're facing, you will stop it. No matter what it takes. 


Mike, Will, Dustin, and Lucas walk the school hallway - the four young protagonists dressed as Ghostbusters.

Trick or Treat, Freak
Stranger Things. S2,E2.

You're full of surprises, in both joyful and unexpected ways. You hold on to hope and youth in a way that's refreshing. Especially when everything else around you just rushes by. 


Edgar Allen Poe, Hilda, and Zelda sit in front of the antique couch. The women's hair blown back in fright.

Episode LXXXI: The Phantom Menace
Sabrina the Teenage Witch. S4,E6. 

Nothing can scare you, so when it does, you KNOW it's scary. You don't always believe that the things you can't see could possibly be horrifying or outrageous. Life's scary enough as it is. But, when things get tough, you'll always face your problems head on. Even if you don't want to. 


Sam and Dean Winchester stare into an open desk drawer. The brothers stare in horror and awe at what they've found.

It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester
Supernatural. S4, E7

You've seen a lot in your day, from amazing to awful so, you always think you're prepared for anything. When you're not? You refuse to let that stop you. You sally on and are no stranger to coming out on top. 


The hundred achre wood gang gather by the changing tree. Kanga, dressed as a witch. Tigger, a wolf. Roo, a ghost. Pooh, little red riding hood, Rabbit, a vampire, Owl, a wizard, Piglet, a mountain.

The Book of Boo
The Book of Pooh. S2, E14

You handle everything in a truly lighthearted manner. That's why the people around you trust you and count on you to keep them safe. 


the fraggles stand in a borough, huddled together in fear from the horror story they'd been told

Scared Silly
Fraggle Rock. S3,E13

You know better than to let the little things scare you, but sometimes it's tough not to get a little freaked out. You hold strong and see everything through knowing that no matter what happens, it will always end up okay.