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It's the season of giving, therefore, it is the season of online shopping and hoping you picked the right gift. We want to help! What better way to give to the geeks in your life than getting them the gift of Fandom. From a galaxy far, far away to the edges of the Netherworld - this list has a little something for everyone. Here's what you should get (or you can get your pals) based on the zodiac, and exactly where you can get them.

NOTE: We don't make any money off the items listed below. This is 100% just to help you out!


An illuminated one ring sits on top of a portion of the map of Middle Earth

The One Ring
Lord of the Rings

Arguably the most precious gift of all, deserving of the most precious sign in the Zodiac. You're one in the same. You're also the one to rule them all. Whether it is worn, displayed, or thrown into the fires of Mount Doom, this gift is sure to elicit unexpected joy.


The elder wand suspended on a gray background

The Elder Wand
Harry Potter

The most powerful wand in all of the Wizarding World is destined for a sign that possesses more power than they give themselves credit for. A Sagittarius always wants to bring peace and safety to those around them, and with this wand in their hands, they will always be capable of doing so.


A old book with a scary face on the front of its textured cover

The Necronomicon
Evil Dead

Aries are the only ones whose impulsivity would find them with this bad boy in their hands. Not for anything malicious, of course. Collectors from far and wide search for a way to get this book, and long to study its pages to understand the stories of Kandar. For safety's sake - do not read it out loud.


A Starfleet communicator open, and on display over a Star Trek projection of outer space

Starfleet Communicator
Star Trek

Nothing quite like the original, right? A reliable device for a reliable sign! Whether they're soaring off on the USS Enterprise, or just out of town, it shows them that you always want to stay in touch, and you will listen to every update, no matter how harrowing the adventure. This out-of-this-world gift is sure to have them beaming. Get it? Beaming.


An unattache arc reactor lays on the floor of Tony Stark's lab illuminated. The shine from the light causing a small rainbow over the device

The Arc Reactor
Iron Man

Surgery not required. This piece of history holds a special place in the hearts of Marvel fans everywhere. Much like the Capricorn, the arc reactor is a sign of strength and determination. This gift means giving a piece of yourself... or... uh... Tony Stark, to someone you love. And that's two things he would love: Gifts and attention!


Two hands hold a book marked copy for the Handbook for the Recently Deceased on a dark wood table

The Handbook for the Recently Deceased

Here's a guide to the other side... sort of. Emotional awareness is the key to navigating the unknown, and if there's anything a Pisces has that others admire, it's just that. This little book (and I promise, this one's a notebook) will allow its owner the opportunity to note the good, the bad, and the ugly without the help of a bio-exorcist.


Mjolnir laying on a dark wood table top, handle turned toward the screen


Familiar and friendly, much like the God of Thunder, a Libra is more than worthy of a gift this powerful. With a love of maintaining order and absolutely full of generosity, there is no greater pairing than a Libra and Mjolnir. Whether it's for cosplay or display - this gift is sure to bring the thunder this Holiday season.


A sonic screwdriver on its own designated gray pedestal. The tip is illuminated green as it is suspended in space

A Sonic Screwdriver
Doctor Who

You can travel all of time and space, but no gift will come close to a Sonic Screwdriver when it comes to an Aquarius' top three. The other two are a bowtie and a scarf, but this is definitely number one! As an Aquarius, you have a lot in common with EVERY Doctor, so much so that you might be a Doctor yourself. The Doctor and every Aquarius are idealistic, intelligent, and independent. With a Sonic Screwdriver, they would become unstoppable.


a side by side image: Left; a Proton Pack standing alone on a gray backdrop. Right; a model dressed as a ghostbuster wears the proton pack, dripping with green exctoplasm

Proton Pack

There is NO ONE more intuitive than a Ghostbuster... or... sorry, a Cancer! And what better way to make them feel seen than by giving them room to investigate their true passions using their very own proton pack! They ain't afraid of no ghosts, but ghosts sure are afraid of them!


Storm breaker perched on a beige ottoman - clearly shined and awaiting a worthy Taurus


Now I know what you're thinking - Mjolnir and Storm Breaker... on the same list?! Yes. They are two very different instruments and admittedly Storm Breaker is so spot on for Taurus. Hard-headed, yet reliable? Hello! A match made in Valhalla. In a Taurus' hands, this axe will do more good than anyone could imagine.


The darksaber is suspended mid air, illuminated. Its shadow is cast on the black wall behind it

The Mandalorian

A sign befitting of Din's prized weapon, the hard-working Virgo needs something that truly showcases their greatness. This belongs in the hands of someone who will use it wisely and effectively - or just displayed over their mantle.


Flux capacitor (centered) surrounded by technology. Knobs, switches, and screens labelled with what each other does.

Flux Capacitor
Back to the Future

We gotta go back to 1985! The flux capacitor gives all the flexibility of going wherever (and whenever) a Gemini might need. As the most adaptable sign who is eager to venture anywhere, there is nothing more fitting than what would be considered the most important piece of a time travel device.