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We're taking the Fans to Isengard! And Hobbiton. And Valinor. And The Naith. Come with us on an unexpected journey (wink wink) to find out which Tolkien character you are based on your Zodiac sign.



Much like our sweet, heroic Hobbit, you refuse to let anyone stand between you and helping the people you love. Though you face challenges with fear of the unknown, your loyalty will always outweigh your fears. You mean not to leave those you swear to protect, and for that we absolutely love you. 



You have watched your family and loved ones fall causing you to build up a tough exterior, but to all those that truly know you, you are soft and caring. You provide comfort, and can stand your ground in the face of adversity. You are stronger than you give yourself credit for. 



Quick, nimble, and caring. You are light on your feet, but always eager to jump at the chance to help the people you care about. Unlike the members of your fellowship, you are not quick to anger, but have a keen eye and can always sense the safest direction to go. 



You are a leader, but you are gentle with those you govern. You are determined to defeat all enemies who cross your path, but pursue danger with a very calm and collected demeanor. While others may panic, you send your army into battle assured you'll come out successful. 



While you are loyal, you also have a dark side. You are quick to follow when you feel you may be better suited in a different place, though you also tend to realize how volatile that may be long term. You do your best to stand your ground and know that you can always be and do better.


Meriadoc "Merry"

You are not one to be told what to do. You are whimsical and outgoing, and very quick to run head first into battle. Is it always effective? No, but is it exciting and a new story to share? Absolutely. 



You are determined to do right by those you've lost, and to create a future in which life is brighter and more comfortable for your people. You often dream of darkness, but you don't fear it. You feel that it helps you to fight the battles ahead. 


Peregrin "Pippin"

You will follow the lead of your friends, but you really don't like being told what to do. You are fiercely independent, and can be counted on to provide joy in times of darkness. Your brain is constantly going and you're full of good ideas... well, what you think are good ideas at least.   



You long to restore order. Though people think you're meek, you consistently prove that there is more to you than could ever meet the eye. You are level headed, and people are drawn to you. You are well liked by all and you give all that love back. 



You fear little, and will give up whatever it takes to show those you love just how much you love them. You are nurturing, with a gentle hand and a good heart, but possess a strength that makes your foes shake. You are powerful beyond anyone's comprehension.  



Your voice booms through a room. You will not be unheard. You don't mind taking on attention, and are always happy to share your thoughts and opinions. This isn't necessarily a bad thing! Though your exterior is hard, your heart is good, and that makes you incredibly loveable.



You have a mean streak, one you're proud of. You possess so much power and aren't afraid to remind people. You know things about new people before you meet them, and are always up to date on what's going on around you. You refuse to stand back because you have too much to show.