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Who is your Sister in Screams

February is Womxn in Horror month - celebrating the great women of the Horror industry. Cheers to the writers, producers, directors, and actresses who pave the way for the womxn of tomorrow. Today, we're pairing you up with the fearless and frightening female characters that remind us just how powerful womxn can be. Read on to meet your sister in screams.


A beautiful and lively Jennifer proceeds down a crowded hallway coated heavily in dread. Her bright pink cropped hoodie with small red hearts, and bright pink heart shaped earrings stand out amongst the drab and bleak backdrop

Jennifer Check
Jennifer's Body

You are a master of rewriting your narrative when it feels like the odds are stacked against you. The confidence is far from a façade, and even on your worst days you know what you need to feel better. Sometimes others don't know whether to admire you, or fear you.


Dani sits at the head of the banquet table, draped in a mass of brightly coloured flowers, contrasted heavily against her white dress. The glasses are filled with a ceremonial wine. Dani's face plays a mix of confusion and concern


Your loyalty knows no bounds, even when you know it probably should because you can't bear the thought of loss. The side of you that longs for adventure will allow people to take you to new places, but your gut instinct will always guide you. Despite your pain, you have a fire inside of you. Rest assured, you will always be the hero of your own story.


Nancy stares seriously into the camera as Freddy holders her captive, his glove coming towards her neck and face. He looks ready to strike, but surprised by Nancy's lack of reaction

Nancy Thompson
A Nightmare on Elm St

Those around you sleep soundly, but you've got too much on your mind for that. Your instincts have never failed you, and following them is just how you overcome nightmarish situations. It's your quick mind and practical actions that keep you and others around you safe.


a horrified Suzy stares toward the camera. The room she's in is filled with a collection of white curtains draped from the ceiling. The lighting is a soft pink and blue.

Suzy Bannion

Doing what it takes to get what you want? You don't give it a second thought. You'll move across the world as an escape, as a way to achieve your greatest dream. They say never meet your heroes, but seemingly, that's exactly what you need, and you find out that you're more alike than you realize.


A split photo shows Laurie in her youth and as a grown woman. On the right, a teenage Laurie smiles at a friend in conversation. On the left, an adult Laurie stands in her bunker prepping her tools to face off against Michael Myers

Laurie Strode

Longevity. That is the best word that can be used to describe a Libra. You have the ability to hold your own. While you know it's okay to run from fear, you also know that you are strong enough to face it, no matter how many times it rears its ugly head. You're the original. Hold your head high.


Red sits in the living room of the darkened beach house, illuminated only by the fire blazing to her left. In her red jump suit, she sits holding her chin in both hands, one wearing a tan, leather fingerless glove, a pair of gold scissors suspended on her right knee


You're full of surprises. You possess the ability to be a great leader, and people will gladly listen. Some days it's hard to assess who you are, but that unpredictability plays to your advantage as you move through life. You have a softness, but you desire more.


Sidney stands in Stu Macher's entry way, her eyes tearful, with the rest of her face expressing anger and disgust. Her hair wet with blood and her face and neck streaked with it.

Sidney Prescott

Shocking no one, you are the star. You've known pain and while people try to use that to define you, you shatter their expectations with your tenacity and strength. While you know the rules and are happy to follow them, you know that breaking them can make all the difference.


Elaine stands facing the camera is a black satin dress. Her long, straight dark hair falling at her sides. The large print of the wall paper is illuminated by the long red candles in the ornate candelabras. Around her neck hangs a large, orange tear drop shaped pendant with gold filigree on a gold chain

Elaine Parks
The Love Witch

You are idealistic and always willing to try. Your plans don't always go as you'd hope, but that has never stopped you and your upward momentum. You always allow yourself time to mourn, but you refuse to let yourself stop trying because of one bad day.


In her dark trailer, Tiffany yields a lit, white candle as she chants an incantation from the book "Voodoo for Dummies" which she holds in her opposite hand

Tiffany Valentine
Bride of Chucky

If Barbie was the plan, YOU were the blueprint. Never have you ever failed to recognize the darker parts of yourself. No one realizes that on most occasions, you're the real brains behind the operation. You don't feel like you need the recognition, but are happy to speak up when the details shake out.


Mary stands in a section oh her apartment, a surgery room crafted out of tarps and rope. Her tools laid out on a tray next to the empty surgical table. Behind her are xrays of hands and shoulders. She wears a white botton up, covered by her black leather apron, and she dawns black latex gloves

Mary Mason
American Mary

Knowing your worth and knowing the talent you possess is what makes you a standout in the eyes of your peers. You exceed expectations, and refuse to let anyone walk all over you. I'd hate to be the one to cross you, because sometimes even the smartest people just never learn.


Golden hour hits, as Sally, sat, covered in blood, in the bed of a blue pick up truck, laughs triumphant and tearfully. They ride away from the movie's antagonist, Leatherface, Sally is covered in blood and full of relief.

Sally Hardesty
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

You hold such softness and hope, something the world feels comfortable tarnishing. You trust that those around you will help to keep you safe, but are ready to spring into action when proven otherwise. You expect the unexpected, and can successfully navigate unwanted situations. The best part? You always get the last laugh.


a woeful Kat sits at the dining room table of her school's boarding house. Her family has not arrived to retrieve her for winter break. This begins her decent into demon born sickness. to the right of the image is Kat, the rest is a shot coming past the open doorway

The Blackcoat's Daughter

You are exceptionally unassuming which often plays to your advantage. Your bright and soft exterior disarms those you encounter, but you prove that you are far from the person to be underestimated. You're the last one to mess with and you aren't afraid to show it.