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Ho-Ho-Hold on a second...

The fire is crackling, the chocolate is hot, and it's time choose a movie. White Christmas? Elf? No, you're looking for something a little less holly and jolly. Let the stars decide which non-traditional movie you're watching this holiday season.

Just because it takes place at the holidays... doesn't make it a holiday movie!


Gizmo, the brown and white Mogwai, pops his head out of a red tool box and smiles


You love a little bit of chaotic fun, it's in your DNA. Gremlins is a mix of sweet Mogwai antics and sheer Gremlin insanity that is sure to light up your holidays — especially if something explodes. You're also not much of a rule follower, so it's likely you'd feed them after midnight and get them wet. Just to stir things up. 


Maria spins, arms extended amongst the German mountain side, in a plush green field full of flowers.

The Sound of Music

For a movie that never mentions Christmas... people sure do love to act like it's a Christmas movie. It has a little bit of everything: romance, war, and Julie Andrews. My Favorite Things has its foot planted on the Christmas tree stand, and it doesn't plan on leaving. Flip on this classic for a hint of nostalgia this holiday season.


A roughed up Tony Stark sits next to a scratched up Iron Man suit on an old plaid couch

Iron Man 3

You're hardworking, and you love to see other people do the same — that's why you and Tony Stark are the perfect duo. One Christmas scene does not make it a holiday movie, but an exception can always be made for the MCU, right? Right!


Bruce Willis hangs at the window of Nakatomi tower, suspended only by a firehose from floors above.

Die Hard

The tried and true, the ultimate movie choice that divides audiences. It's the #1 un-conventional holiday movie, but to you, that's what makes it so special. You will fight tooth and nail for this action packed not-so-holiday extravaganza (and probably convince everyone else to watch it).


Frank Abagnale Jr., Dressed as a pilot, walks into frame with 4 flight attendants on his arm(s),3 on each side. The women are wearing blue skirts and blazers, all with their gold wing pins proudly displayed

Catch Me if You Can

Frank is ever changing and crafty, just like you. This movie bounces you around between careers and new places with a story that has only a sliver of a Christmas scene. But hey, that's what make it your perfect unconventional holiday watch. 


Silhouetted against a red and grey sky, Krampus faces off against a young child, ready to take him on with nothing but a branch.


Now I know you're thinking that Krampus is a Christmas icon, but is he really? He may be a villain, but he's not out to steal Christmas like the Grinch. He wants to save it and punish people for being greedy and horrible. No matter how you sleeve a creature feature, it's still a horror movie. Leave it to Libra to suggest something that involves justice. 


Patrick Bateman sits in his pristine office, sunlight coming in off the blinds. He stares off screen at his colleague and nemesis Paul

American Psycho

This movie? Nothing to do with the holidays. But does it have one scene with a holiday party? Yes. Boom, it's a holiday staple. American Psycho is a horror classic, and you are more than happy to bring the scary stuff to your friends. For you, it's more like Happy Horror-days. 


The couple share a drink at a bar lined with red fairy lights, conspiring about who could possibly be the killer.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Nothing says "merry and bright" like murder and mystery. You love a little action and drama to help you relax, which is what the holidays are really about. After a long day of festive stress, a holiday adjacent thriller will always hit the spot for a Sagittarius. 


The sisters, visibly distraught and stressed out, walk through the garden, deep in conversation.

Little Women

There is something so comforting about emotional movies for a Scorpio, and the holidays are all about those warm and fuzzies. You saw a pine tree in this movie, and now you'll make your friends watch it every holiday season.


Batman stands amidst wreckage, holding a switch that will detonate and destroy the Penguin.

Batman Returns

Walking in a winter wonder Bat-land. It's snowy, the villain is called the Penguin, the confusion with this one is understood. However, this isn't exactly the most effective or sensical make up of a holiday movie. A great movie, sure, but not one of your everyday Christmas classics.


A young Jess answers the door, it's dark. The scene lit by only the reb bulbs on the Christmas wreath hanging from the door.

Black Christmas (1974)

It's set at Christmas, but not even a little bit Christmas-like. Sure, it has all the makings of a holiday classic: a tree and a group of family-like people, but it also has violence and gore. Well worth the watch, you'll tell your friends, but they won't always agree.


Edward sits in the rose garden, trimming the flowers, Kim looks on from the door in awe of the softness Edward is using.

Edward Scisscorhands

This movie gives that warm and fuzzy holiday feeling featuring a snowy and sleek motif that a lot of the best holiday movies have. The one thing it doesn't exactly have is the actual holiday aspect. There's just something about Tim Burton that gets you in the winter feeling though, right? Just Geminis? Okay, we get it...