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Which Mustachio'd Character Are You?

Which Mustachio'd Character are you?

We moustache you a question - have you ever wondered who your moustachio'd counterpart is? Well, the stars know, and they can't wait to tell you. 


Bob stands behind the counter of the restaurant, in front of the order window and ice cream machine. He smiles as he plays the banjo

Bob Belcher
Bob's Burgers

Loving, faithful, and caring, but a little bit cynical too. People may assume you're just gruff and stubborn, but once they know you, they see how good you truly are. A curly black moustache fits your signature look perfectly.


Master Roshi is right in front of the screen. In his signature yellow sunglasses and a white tank top. She smiles an open mouth smile and holds up a peace sign with both hands

Master Roshi
Dragon Ball Z

Wise beyond belief, and one of the nicest people there is, yet you're also ready to fight for your friends without hesitation. A solid white moustache? That's your bread and butter.


Ted smiles a closed lip smile as he leans over his desk

Ted Lasso
Ted Lasso

Your patience is unheard of to most, so much so that it often shocks people just how well you can keep it together in difficult situations. Your kindness can always be counted on. When you think "moustache" yours is the one everyone pictures first. 


Papa Smurf, mid conversation, smiles to the smurf he's speaking to off screen

Papa Smurf
The Smurfs

Kind? Check. Authoritative? Also check. You come with sweet anecdotes and kindness at the ready. A full white beard and moustache combo are more your vibe than your average solo 'stache.  


Ned wears a huge smile as he sits in front of eight visible security screens featuring various Springfield landmarks

Ned Flanders
The Simpsons

You're always there, whether people need you or not. Friends can count on you to always have an answer, no matter what the question is. An oval-edged, brown moustache framing your friendly smile is your destiny. Now get growin'.


Lando stands in front of an all beige backdrop in his signature blue suit.

Lando Calrissian
Star Wars Universe

Suave is your middle name (it probably isn't, but let's pretend) and you're cool in even the toughest situation. Friends know you'll lead the charge whenever they need you. An angled, straight, chestnut moustache is just the thing to seal this wonderful package.


Kip sits in the diner with his strawberry milkshake in a Styrofoam cup. To his left, a candy machine with skittles, red hots, and runts, and behind him, patrons are talking with employees

Kip Dynamite
Napoleon Dynamite

You take a little while to warm up to people, but when you do, you unleash all the goofy and dry humor stored up in your brain. Your day-to-day style includes a SWEET, medium skinny, copper 'stache to really tie the look together. 


The Lorax stands proudly in front of a selection of truffula trees. to his left, the bears are doing tricks, and right, Ted, Audrey, and the Onceler smile toward the screen

The Lorax
The Lorax

You will always stand up for you believe in and are armed with an "I told you so" attitude. Though stubborn, your heart is in the right place. You're a special kind of person who deserves a special look - can you say blonde, larger than life moustache?


Ron Swanson scowls and plays with his signature moustache

Ron Swanson
Parks and Recreation

You come off as gruff and unapproachable but when people get past your walls, they see that you have a soft and loving side. You turn the intimidation factor up to an 11 with your downturned brown moustache. 


Mario stands in front of an ombre screen. He winks with his right eye at the camera

Nintendo Universe

You know everyone, and everyone knows you. You're the most reliable member of your friend group. You always keep it simple with a scalloped, brunette moustache. 


Pops laughs gleefully as a small purple butterfly kisses his cheek

Regular Show

You have a way of sharing joy with every person you pass. Your laugh and smile are infectious, and you have no issue making friends wherever you go. A soft blonde, handlebar moustache compliments your whimsical nature perfectly.


Mr. Spacely plays golf off of a suspended platform. the tee, and ball, come up from the green automatically

Mr. Spacely
The Jetsons

You've got a mind for business, but sometimes people mistake your confidence for arrogance. You have yet to steer others wrong, even when they doubt you. Your signature 'stache says power and dominance, which makes you someone who is not to be messed with.