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Home Sweet Horoscope

Pack your bags, it's moving day! You're headed to some sweet new digs courtesy of the stars. So, jump in the truck, leave your keys in the mailbox, and let's get rollin', cause it's time to find out which home you'll be living in based on your zodiac sign

Spoiler alert - a lot of you are headed to New Jersey...


An angled shot of the house from the street on the left hand side. The side second floor balcony shows prominently in the foreground with bare trees framing the home. The two door garage looks like a smaller version of the beautiful, 3 floor, beige home.

Amityville House (The Amityville Horror)
Long Island, New York
Price: $605,000

What a steal! Aries, you're headed to Long Island. Hope a few bumps in the night don't scare you because, like yourself, this beautiful, 3-floor home is full of quirks. You sure know how to keep people on their toes. That's how we know this house was made for you


A tall, pink, blue, yellow, and green house surrounded by a white picket fence. The house stands alone while the rest of the land around it is being paved and rebuilt

Carl and Ellie's House (Up)
Salt Lake City, UT
Price: $399,000

A home built from love and comfort. This stunning property spent its early years fostering joy and creativity, and holds a special place in everyone's hearts - just like you, Pisces.


The mansion stands on a hill top, with the car in the stone driveway. The backdrop is cloudy and grey, and the house, a pale blue grey in comparison

The Addams Family Mansion (The Addams Family)
Westfield, NJ
Price: $3,211,200

The devil is in the details and this house is FULL of fine details and beautiful gothic accents... and maybe a devil of some kind. This house stands strong and holds its own, traits a Taurus are known for.


The grand home with a long tile pathway at dusk. The porch light is on giving a golden glow to the doorway

The McAllister House (Home Alone)
Winnetka, IL
Price: $2.4 million

Full of chaos, with a sprinkle of love and joy - it's the home of every Scorpio's dreams. The house is full of opportunities and the security system is beyond all comprehension. This house is the ultimate Scorpio playground.


The Belcher Family kitchen on a sunny morning, no one is present. A ray of sunshine cascades onto the table

The Belcher Apartment (Bob's Burgers)
Seymour's Bay, NJ
Price: $1,700/Month

A warm and bright home, for a warm and bright sign. A home that is so used to being full of laughter and shenanigans is the ideal place for any Sagittarius. Don't worry, you're not expected to buy the restaurant. But if you're looking...


A red vehicle rides through the tall gates of Wayne Manor at dusk. The lights in the manor are brightly lit and the area is quiet

Wayne Manor (Batman)
Gotham City, NJ
Price: $137 million

Nothing about you is lowkey or casual - so why should your home be? Complete with a fully functional Bat Cave, your possibilities are endless. And to take it off the hands of another fiercely loyal and protective person? This was made for you.


The front of the Simpson's home. Both cars are in the driveway and the street is quiet

The Simpson's House (The Simpsons)
Springfield, OR
Price: $458,730

That friend you think of when you need comfort? Libra. The first house that comes to mind when you think of famous locations? The Simpsons's. This pairing was destined to be, and Libra, you get to enjoy a beautiful and spacious suburban paradise with a cozy atmosphere.  


The living room of the apartment. Both bedrooms visible, with the box TV, 2 chairs, and couch

Monica's Apartment (Friends)
New York City, NY
Price: $4,500/Month

You can feel the life is this space, and it's befitting of a vibrant sign. Welcome to your new place in the Big Apple. The vibes are eclectic and welcoming, the way everyone sees you.


Outside of the mansion, front side, on a beautiful sunny day. Victorian statues stand in front of a serpent statue on the front walk way. This house features many large windows to let the light in and a wrap around porch

Winchester Mystery House (Winchester
San Jose, California
Price: $40 million

Congratulations, Gemini. You're moving to beautiful sunny California, with a house that keeps its owners guessing. What's behind door number one? A beautiful kitchen. And door number two? Stairs... to... nowhere? But much like you, there's always something exciting to learn the longer you stick around.


A distant shot of the large brick home. Its plentiful windows full of sunlight, and the grass and trees a bright vibrant green.

Hill House (The Haunting of Hill House)
Spencer, Massachusetts 
Price: $1.3M

Little scares you, so off you go to your beautiful new fixer-upper. Much like you it hides plentiful secrets, but isn't afraid to open up when the need arises. Get excited about what's on the horizon as you embrace your new passion project... and probably move out in six months because, y'know... ghosts. 


The all white townhouse with a red door stands our amongst the blue houses of the neighbourhood. All of them are tall and thin with large bay windows and brick stairs

The Tanner Townhouse (Full House)
San Francisco, CA
Price: $3 million

Hope you're ready for a full house. For a charismatic sign that loves to entertain and provide joy, a home where they can do that is more than ideal. This home has seen it all and is ready to welcome you with open arms - Danny Tanner style!


A distant shot of Bag End. The lush grass and greenery encapsulates the whole home - the round green door is ajar.

Bag End (Lord of the Rings /The Hobbit)
The Shire
Price: $80,000

Home sweet Hobbit Hole. A nice and relaxing place surrounded by loving and friendly neighbors, which is perfect for a sign as kind and caring as Virgo. City life just wasn't for you - and that's okay. Just hope you don't mind a party or two.