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Which Board Game Should You Play

Which Board Game Should You Play?

Life's a game... So are Monopoly and Checkers! For more than 4,600 years we've looked to board games to entertain and delight us, to ignite friendly competition and help us share in a laugh with the people we love. Let the stars help you choose which game should be the star of your next game night. Ready? Let's roll. 


A graphic of what comes with Scattergories: an hourglass, a 26 sided letter die, the writing sheet, shield, and topics cards.


There are few things more fun than arguing with your friends about what actually fits within the topics on the cards with the letters you're given. The chaos that ensues is that which only this fire sign can cause. It's reliable and fun, much like every Aries you've ever met.


A monopoly board in play. The car is on Park Place, where a house has been purchased. Monopoly money of all amounts is scattered on the board.


The sign that does the most is naturally the game that does the most. Much like your average Capricorn, Monopoly is what you could call 'ol faithful'. The game keeps you busy from start to finish, and is persistent in all of its pursuits (you know, getting you to buy property... or sending you to jail.) No matter what, you're a staple at family game night.


A hand comes in from the left, taking a side piece from the fourth row from the bottom, it is pulled 1/3 of the way out of the stack. There as misc. Jenga pieces strewn around the table


A game of skill, determination, and ambition - the primary traits of a true Scorpio. With an objective to outmatch your opponents, you'll use your calm demeanor to stack the odds in your favour. You're always hoping things won't fall apart, but you're ready to rebuild when they do. 


A pile of scrabble tiles is dumped over a board, with letters facing both upright and downward. Two "Double Word Score" spots are visible on the far right.


You are always up for a challenge, and you need to be mentally stimulated. Scrabble shakes things up by keeping you and your friends on your toes, whether you know it or not. Whether you're racking up points, or making the most of the tiles you have you know you're going to have a good time


An Active game play of agricola the board is out and cards are in movement.


You value the ability to maintain order. This game is low stakes, but incredibly charming. You sew a farm, raise animals, create a whole world of your own. Agricola lets you flex your industrious nature, it is truly the perfect fit.


An original Operation game out of the box. all of the pieces are laid out including the board, the box, the money, and the instructions


You are protective and will do what it takes to ensure the safety of those around you. You are the life of the party and people know they can always count on you. Your loud and exciting personality is always a winner in our books


A dimly lit chess board with one of each chess piece in plat. A hand appears from the top of the image, picking up one of the pieces.


You are very analytical and you take some time to get to know. Once people really understand you, they're in it for the long haul. You don't shy away from competition and you bring out the competitor in everyone. 


A boggle board with upturned letters S, Qu, O, G, E, Z, W, E, O, G, O, S, L, B, H.


Everyone hears you coming, but they know they're going to have a good time when you're involved. You keep people on their toes, and make quick decisions - are they always right? No. But at least you're having fun!


Under a thumb, there are 4 uno cards, a red 4, a yellow skip card, a wild card, and a blue card with a finger giving the number 1


You're a sweet blend of joy and competition. While you are one of the most loved, you are most feared. People appreciate your spontaneity, but sometimes they're on the edge of their seat wondering what will happen next. It's a happy medium.  


A game of trivial pursuit in play. The die is turned up to 4 with the 1 facing the camera. Each player has a pink and blue wedge, and one one the players has an additional wedge that is yellow.

Trivial Pursuit

People have a lot to learn from you, and value every lesson. You are practical, while making sure everyone is still enjoying themselves. Dare we say you are the mom friend? 


Pictionary card being held above the board. The image options are Finger, Bowl, Point, Dove, and Convoy


You bring out everyone's artistic side and remind them that freedom of expression can be extremely powerful. While it's nice when others understand the vision... well, we don't always get that luxury.


A candy land board laid out with all of the pieces - there are individual cards, a green square, two orange squares, and a chocolate bar, as well as the instruction book

Candy Land

You have a bright and shiny demeanor that attracts people of all kinds. It's impossible to create an environment short of blissful and sweet around you. You're always a fan favorite.