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Smell that? That's popcorn, as well as the new year creeping in with a whole new selection of movies that'll have you rushing to the theater. We want to help you decide what to see based on the season of your sign. So sit back, relax, and enjoy our feature presentation...or... er... recommendation.



A nun, in all black, stands surrounded by lit candles at the alter of a church

The First Omen
In theaters Apr 5, 2024

Your impulsive and fiery nature pairs perfectly with a horror feature. A twist on a well known story, this movie is set to bring something alarming to Aries season. 


Regina, Gretchen, and Karen in their all pink attire, walk confidently across campus

Mean Girls
In theaters Jan 12, 2024

Nothing is quite as perfect as plastic, right? For the perfectionist of the signs, this movie musical is bringing fan favorite characters back to the silver screen for what is sure to be a hit.


Paul stands on the edge of a cliff, staring our at a massive explosion across the horizon

Dune: Part 2
In theaters Mar 15, 2024

A sequel to the thrilling sci-fi epic? Yes, please! What better way to dive into Pisces season, full of myth, magic, and imagination, than will one of the most anticipated sequels in fandom.


Harley stares at the Joker, bewildered by the feelings that come over her in his presence

Joker: Folie à Deux
Scheduled to release Oct 4, 2024

Two textbook extroverts - excuse us, THREE textbook extroverts: Harley, Joker, and a Libra. We can't pass Libra season without a visit to the theaters to see Lady Gaga join Joaquin Phoenix for absolutely madness. 


A silhouetted cast stands on set of the movie, no fine details are present, but the cast is back lit by a blue white light

Scheduled to release Aug 9, 2024

Leo traits and the rag-tag group featured in Borderlandis a match like no other. Leo, this is your siren's song. With the allure of the franchise, and the absolute mayhem that will undoubtedly ensue, we'll all want to be Vault Hunters come August.


Kraven the Hunter, with his slicked back hair and leather armour, stares off at the object of conversation beyond the camera.

Kraven the Hunter
Scheduled to release Aug 30, 2024

What a way to kick off Virgo season. A sci-fi, action-packed movie that is sure to have us all on the edge of our seats, plus Aaron Taylor Johnson? We're sold. 


Odie, the yellow dog, drops his green tennis ball as he sees a freshly washed Garfield, who is tripled in size with fluffy fur

The Garfield Movie
In theaters May 24, 2024

A movie as joyous as a Gemini and the perfect mix of love and hate (you know, lasagna and Mondays respectively). This is a movie for you and your families alike, thanks to a large and very orange cat.


An army rides into battle, with a band of archers riding atop a large mammoth-like creature. Others carry torches and axes as they pursue battle.

The Lord of the Rings: The War of the Rohirrim
Scheduled to release Dec 13, 2024

What happened before we met the Fellowship? The War of the Rohirrim will tell that story. This animated addition to the world of Middle Earth is sure to close out Sagittarius season with a bang. 


Kathryn Newton, dressed in all back including a sheer polkadot over shirt and black bow headband, stares with fear and hesitancy as she holds an axe covered in blood and feathers.

Lisa Frankenstein
In theaters Feb 9, 2024

The story of Frankenstein's monster with a twist and a clever story befitting of any Aquarius. It's a movie sure to be filled with a torso, brains, arms, legs, and a whole lot of heart. An Aquarius season stand-out for sure. 


From the first movie: A patient, formerly indistress, stares dead-on into the camera, with a menacing smile on their face

Smile 2
Scheduled to release Oct 18, 2024

Scorpios? Moody? It comes with the title. So, you're sure to love a horror movie about a literal killer smile that's moody and gruesome. This sequel to the 2023 hit is sure to bring a smile to audiences once again.


The poster for the movie. Black background with white text with the movie's title

A Quiet Place Day 1
Scheduled to release June 28, 2024

A movie that makes its moves in devious silence, music to a Cancer's ears. This origin story already has a top tier cast and the news that we hear just keeps getting better. One summer blockbuster coming right up.


Deadpool and Wolverine, in their classic, comic style suits, walk through the desert while in conversation.

Deadpool 3
Scheduled to release May 3, 2024

Now, we don't think we need to tell you just how perfectly Deadpool fits into the Taurus traits (even though he's not a Taurus). On top of that, this may be one of the most anticipated movies of 2024. We're all ready to see Deadpool cause some chaos in the multiverse.