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The Cast of Back to the Future

Michael J Fox say on a couch with Christopher Lloyd, smiling in the midst of answering fan questions

Matthew Lewis

Matthew Lewis laughs as he tells the crowd a story about his career

Bruce Campbell

Bruce Campbell shares anecdotes about his time as Ash Williams

The Cast of the Office

Leslie Baker, Oscar Nunez, and Kate Flannery are seated in front of an eager crowd, listening as fans as questions from the audience

Jodi Benson

Jodi Benson smiles as she answers fan questions

Anson Mount and Ethan Peck

Anson and Ethan take fan questions - Etahn is mid clap as he cheers on a fan story

Sam Raimi

Sam Raimi listens intently as the moderator facilitates fan questions

Anthony Daniels

Anthony Daniels walks amidst the crowd and takes fan questions at his own panel

Ming-Na Wen

Ming-Na Wen joyously listens to the moderator facilitating the conversation


Caesar the No Drama Llama and a sweet therapy dog (Golden Retriever) sniff each other out and become fast friends
A young child eagerly awaits their house placement during the Sorting Hat Ceremony. The sorting hat placed over their head is deliberating.
Michael J Fox's Back to the Future stuntman, Charlie Croughwell, made a surprise appearance at An Evening with the Cast of Back to the Future. Tom Wilson stood to greet him and share a story about their time on set.
Our Cosplay Exhibition Moderator Mike meeting an incredible arcanine cosplay
A hapyp fan takes a selfie with Caesar on the cosplay red carpet
Hosted on our cosplay red carpet, a live, group game of just dance was a hit with our fans



a father and son duo dressed as Doctor Emmett Lloyd and Marty McFly pose with our FAN EXPO Portland photo op
A mother and her child dressed up together - She is dressed as a steampunk witch, and her baby is a little black cat
Dragon Ball Z cosplayers pose as they get ready to take the red carpet
Batman and the Riddler came prepared for sun and surf! Batman brought his own shark repellant
Two fully armoured Mandalorians pose with PolkaDot Man
Three female cosplayers (local Twitch streamers WatchGirlsPlay) - Left to right: Bowsette, Belle, and Jessica Rabbit


A cosplayer of Marvel's Yelena crouches in attack stance on the cosplay red carpet
A little kid walked the carpet solo! Dressed as skeleton Mickey Mouse and looking spectacularly spooky!
A father and daughter duo as Love and Thunder from Thor: Love and Thunder
A group of My Hero Academia Cosplayers take the carpet together.
Inosuke flexes for fans on the cosplay red carpet
The Winter Soldier's special mission brought him to FAN EXPO Portland as Bucky Barnes takes the carpet
A packed crowd eagerly watches anime cosplayers take the carpet
Everything is coming up aces for this anime cosplayer as she shows the crowd a full hand of aces that accompany her cosplay
This smashing Dangonrompa cosplayer throws her mallet over her shoulder and poses for our photographers


Love and Thunder raise their weapons (Mjolnir and Stormbreaker) as they face the audience and celebrate their best in show winning.
Heat Miser and Snow Miser celebrate the holiday spirit together. Their arms are linked and with their opposite hands, they've raised their arms in excitement
A fully automated Arcanine cosplay, complete with light up eyes, and the ability to be worn on all fours takes the exhibition stage.
DracuLaura takes a bow for the audience as she walks the stage
The Green Goblins takes his signature pose as he laughs menacingly to the crowd
Fans bring original characters to the exhibition! A forest dweller, with a ram's skull and horns poses for the audience
A fully lit and functional gundam poses as its eyes glow yellow
Our best in show and judges choice winners pose with our judges. Left to right; ZelosZenpai and her Judges Choice winners Love and Thunder, Geodude (Bobin's Judges Choice), Brittany from Pikmin (best hero), Tank Girl (best Villain), and our other judge Bobin Threadbear
The Portland cosplay community poses for an excited audience who are all snapping photos



Christopher Lloyd sits in a model Delorean, taking photos with a Marty McFly cosplayer
Ghostface is a gamer, too! He goes head to head in Smash Bros with a Navy Seal
Local legend The Unipiper, dressed as Doc Brown, poses with Caesar the No Drama Llama and Larry McCool
UncleDad talks sit at their booth discussing comics
the staff at OMSI eagerly engage with children as they try out the hands on aspects of their booth
A group of excited children join the Star Wars Legion for Light Saber training in the family zone
Joe Wos gives a little girl dressed as Wonder Woman a hand drawn picture of her favorite animal (dogs!)
Two eager young wizards play a game of quidditch at the PDXPelliarmus community booth
Our friends at Autism Society Oregon pose for a photo at their booth. In the foreground is a prize wheel that fans can spin to win fun prizes that encourage mental stimulation and focus
Aaron Reynolds of Effin' Birds engages fans in conversation in Comic Alley
A whole family of ghost busters poses, thumbs up, with the ecto-1, where slimer is seated in the passenger seat
A child excitedly learns a new table top game in our table top gaming area


A fine selection of geeky goodies

A selection of wood burned coasters with themes like Harry Potter, Star Trek, Transformers, Star Wars, and Fairly Odd Parents
A board displaying only some of the incredible stickers made by the shop, including; Muppets, The Boys, Schitt's Creek, and more
Hand cut wooden light covers covering a wide variety of fandoms
Hand made wooden dice boxes and rolling trays
Hand cut stickers and beautiful enamel pins, a selection of both fandom and not fandom related content
Batman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comics for sale through one of our incredible comic retailers
Mini robot versionals of all of our favorite characters including; Among Us crew members, Lego people, a Beskar Mario, and Grogu
Bookshelf Bookends - each includes various book series or similar genres. Displayed amongst them are candles and plants
Misty Mountain Gaming dice organizing board with a selection of available dice sets in various rainbow colors



Thank you Portland for making our premiere FAN EXPO Portland show on to remember! Check out some of the best cosplay, the best swag, and the best moments from the show.

Ming-Na Wen; from Mulan to the Mandalorian

Disney triple threat Ming-Na Wen stopped by the FAN EXPO Portland stage to answer the burning question: do celebrities buy toys of their own characters? 


Every day is Pretzel Day when The Office cast are at FAN EXPO. Find out exactly what toppings Stanley would put on his pretzel when a fan asks him his thoughts.