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Incredible Panels

Hayden Christensen

Hayden Christensen enters his panel and greets fans with a wide smile.

Bonnie Wright

Bonnie Wright smiles as she opens her custom FAN EXPO Denver baby onesie

Jodi Benson

Jodi Benson beams at the audience and claps for a fan's question.

Jim Lee

Tom Felton

Tom Felton greets a large and excited audience. He smiles a large smile and holds his left hand up in excitement as he begins his panel on the main stage

The cast of My Hero Academia

Chris Wehkamp, Brandon McInnis, J. Michael Tatum, and Justin Briner laugh as Christopher Sabat makes a joke for the audience.

The Cast of Daredevil

Crosslegged, Vincent D'Onofrio and Charlie Cox sit, smiling, and looking toward the moderator. They are on a grey-beige couch.

Shameik Moore

A very happy Shameik Moore smiles as the moderator speaks, holding his microphone just below his chin

The Cast of Scream

With his personal camera, Matthew Lillard takes a photo of the whole crowd

Memorable Moments

A FAN EXPO Denver VIP teaches kids in Pop Culture Classroom's School of Rock how to play guitar
Moderator Victor Dandrige does a cartwheel after accidentally calling the audience Dallas
Jedi Master Shark faces off against a group of kids in our lightsaber battle
A fan gets their photo with Peter Cullen after Peter signed a hand drawn photo of optimus prime
Colorado Governor Jared Polis snaps a selfie with Back to the Future star Christopher Lloyd
After a heartfelt greeting, Henry Winkler gives a hug to each member of the Scream cast. First is Matthew, while Neve, Jamie, and Skeet clap for Henry's contribution to their panel.

Phenomenal Cosplay

Pennywise surveys the ballroom level from the street level balcony. His signature red balloon in hand.
A little girl dressed up as Boo from Monster's Inc. She is wearing the homemade purple monster suit
Deadpool hands out free candy to attendees at FAN EXPO. A father and daughter duo approach and take some swedish fish. She is unsure how she feels.
Dr. Loboto (Psychonauts) stand amongst a group of cosplays dressed as Razputin Aquato, the game's antagonist.
Spiderpunk emerges from a group of fans in the foreground - fans gather in the background
A cosplayer stands at the top of the escalator - their head is a cat head completely made out of lego, and they are wearing soft gloves. the head is grey and white lego, with pink inner ears


Cosplay Red Carpet Walk on Exhibition: Ochacu Uraraka from My Hero Academia takes the stage
Cosplay Red Carpet - Mom and daughter are both dressed up as Ray, Mom is helping toddler hold green lightsaber
Cosplay Red Carpet Walk on Exhibition: The chefs have arrived! Julia Child, Chef Louis (holding Sebastian), Linguine, and Swedish Chef (holding Kermit)
Cosplay Red Carpet - Spider Gwen strikes her signature pose
Cosplay Red Carpet Walk on Exhibition: Spiderman and Black Widow crouch in the same pose, holding for the camera
Cosplay red carpet: Dad is Loki, Mom is Sylvie, and their child is Alligator Loki! They make their way down the carpet hand in hand
Cosplay Red Carpet Walk on Exhibition: The Infinity Gauntlet, the Tesseract, and Loki take the carpet - dressed in baroque era dresses.
Cosplay Red Carpet Walk on Exhibition: Bo Katan and Mando walk the carpet. Blasters held high.
Cosplay Red Carpet -  the whole crew is there times two! Two Bowsettes, 2 Boos, 2 Marios, and 2 Luigis. Only one Bowser and One Toad in the whole bunch

Masters of Cosplay Grand Prix: Rocky Mountain Qualifier

Our Exhibition host LuckyGrim, holding the microphone and addressing the audience. She is dressed as Beetlejuice
Our winners. From left to right; Cara Dune, Princess Anna, Queen Elsa, Ariel, Princess Bubblegum, Kate Bisho, Morusqe, Christine Daae, Princess Peach
Our Pro cosplayer judges - Leeleethebunny and PerlerTricks. Leelee is Steamboat Willy, Perler is the Joker
A full, more than human sized build of the house from Psycho
Denji from chainsaw man. The eyes glow, and the chains on his chainsaw hands and mask rotate
Morusqe from Stray. The head is a functional screen with tangled wile hair. The cosplayer holds a guitar built from an old gas can.
Christine Daae from Phantom of the Opera - this pink ruffled ballet gown is accented with blue ruffled sleeves and crystal accessories
A large green droid with glowing blaster pointed at the camera. the red fiery accents pop against the deep green mechanics
Queen Elsa and Princess Anna dressed in their spring best. Anna's dress features sunflowers and a monarch butterfly, and Elsa's is green and covered in small pink flowers


Children clamor around Darth Vader and his guard, staring in awe. A Storm trooper stands at one side, and imperial guard on the other.
A fan pours themselves a vanilla cream at Wild Bill's. Their selection also includes Root beer, black cherry, sarsaparilla and orange cream
Onyx the Velociraptor holds a hatching dinosaur egg in her mouth
Peter Cullen shakes hands with an eager fan. He is signing an Optimus Prime action figure for them with a huge smile.
Fans arrive at the show to receive their tickets. One fan in particular is wearing scooba gear, and handing over their QR code to be scanned by staff. Attendees around are smiling at the interaction
Fans play the drumming game in the japanese arcade. The light from the machine illuminates their faces.
Fans interaction with our Blues Clues Scavenger Hunt before the show floor gets busy! He scans the QR code for his next clue.
Jonathan Frakes and a fan share a smile as he hands back his signed picture
Fans dressed as characters from Resident Evil guard the Breckenridge Brewery booth
Fans browse multicoloured, illuminated light sabers at Ultra Sabers
Stormtrooper burial ground at the 501st booth
DJ Awesomus Prime hyping up the crowd with some beats before An Evening with Hayden Christensen


Fans browse the selection of lego mini figures
Fans browse and purchase a selection of dragon art and gifts
Celebrity prayer candles, bags, pillows and more. Fans look for their next purchase
Dressed as a teifling, the person behind the Misty Mountain Gaming booth helps a couple find a new set of dice
The team from RSVLTS (Rosevelts) discuss product with fans at their large blue booth
Fan purchasing a neon print from our sponsor V1 tech
All smiles as a booth team waits for fans to come and look for new action figures and collectables
Our pint glass collaborations from previous years. Featured is Doctor Hoptopus, what has the Doctor Octopus tentacles holding hops on the front, and the FAN EXPO Denver and Breckenridge Brewery logos on the back
Anime for all - a group gathers to talk product with a vendor selling anime pillows, art, postcards, and more.



Ash Ketchum signed a car. Hayden Christensen stole our hearts. Cosplayers found the One Way Out. What more could you want from the FAN EXPO Denver recap? 


Emily Swallow hit the show floor to see what her celeb friends (Richard Horvitz, Dee Bradley Baker, Tara Strong, Jodi Benson, and Peter Cullen) can do with The Armorer's lines... and vice versa.


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