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Paul Bettany with glasses and a leather jacket, holding a microphone and laughing against a backdrop with bold white text related to pop culture and fan events.


Andy Serkis with wavy gray hair and a beard sits in front of a backdrop with repeated text about a fan expo. He wears a black T-shirt with a skull graphic, a green leather jacket, and holds a microphone. He is smiling and seems to be engaged in a lively conversation.


Alyssa Milano with shoulder-length brown hair sits in front of a backdrop displaying fan expo text. She dons an ochre dress with jewelry, including a turquoise necklace. Holding a microphone, she smiles warmly, showing her engagement in a conversation.


John Rhys-Davies with a distinctive expression speaks into a microphone. He's dressed in a dark suit paired with a colorful tie adorned with various small emblems. He stands in front of a backdrop with repeated fan expo text, indicating he's part of a panel or event.


Eman Esfandi with dark hair and a bright smile speaks into a microphone. He's wearing a black zip-up jacket and has a warm and approachable demeanor. He's positioned in front of a backdrop with repeated fan expo text, suggesting he's participating in a panel or event.


Mira Sorvino speaks into a microphone with an animated expression while sitting next to a smiling Gleb Savchenko with dark hair, wearing a black and white striped shirt. Both are seated in front of a backdrop with fan expo text, indicating an event or panel setting. The woman is dressed in a black outfit while the man sports a casual look.


Denis Lawson with silver hair speaks into a microphone while gesturing with his hand. He wears a white shirt underneath a dark green jacket and has a badge labeled "GUEST" hanging from his neck. He sits in front of a backdrop with repeated fan expo text, indicating he's at a panel or event setting.


Rose McIver with blonde hair and a bright smile speaks into a microphone. She is wearing a beige sweater with a black silhouette of an image on it. She sits in front of a backdrop with repeated fan expo text, suggesting she's part of a panel or event.


Edward James Olmos with a warm smile, wearing a blue shirt, white hat, and wristwatch sits comfortably with a microphone beside him. He's in front of a backdrop with repetitive fan expo text, indicating his participation in an event or panel discussion.


Andy Serkis, wearing a colorful striped shirt, sits at a table in a convention setting, happily engaging with a fan. As he signs an item, he shares a bright smile with the fan whose tattooed arm is in the foreground, capturing the moment with a camera.
Eman Esfandi in a white shirt intently examines a large poster on a table at his booth. Beside him, a fan dressed in an Ahsoka cosplay, complete with face paint, helmet, and arm guard, excitedly interacts with him. In the background, other convention attendees and booths are visible, adding to the bustling atmosphere.
John Rhys-Davies in a white shirt and colorful tie shares a moment with a family at a convention booth. A young child with bright red hair and a graphic tee, a woman with glasses, and a bearded man wearing a cap are all posing for a photo being taken by another individual, as evidenced by the camera visible in the foreground. On the table is a Gollum doll.
A large, diverse group of cosplayers gather outside the Irving Convention Center for a group photo. The participants are dressed as various fictional characters, including superheroes, villains, and fantasy figures. Costumes range from elaborate armors and flowing gowns to masks and vibrant wigs. The scene captures the festive spirit and creativity of the cosplay community.
A vibrant gathering of people at Dallas FAN FESTIVAL. In the foreground, a cheerful young girl with braided hair holds a pumpkin with a painted face, accompanied by a toy doll. Beside her, a young boy smartly dressed in a suit and red tie interacts with an older boy in casual attire. A smiling woman, possibly their mother, stands proudly next to them, holding a white object. In the background, various attendees, some in costume, chat and socialize, with signs and banners slightly visible, indicating a lively, festive atmosphere.
A man in a brown jacket, with a beard and swept-back hair, is signing on a large white wall filled with various handwritten messages, drawings, and signatures. Another individual stands beside him, reaching higher on the wall to add their own contribution. In the background, a few attendees walk by, one prominently dressed in a detailed blue jacket. The atmosphere is that of communal sharing and expression, with the wall acting as a collaborative canvas for attendees.
A woman cosplaying as Corpse Bride, with vivid blue skin, long blue hair, and ethereal white attire stands in the foreground, adorned with delicate flowers and headphones with a visible 'Radio' label. She is dancing in a silent disco. In the background, a few attendees also dance; notably, a man in a blue shirt gestures while talking to a woman in a vibrant patterned dress, and two younger women chat nearby. The setting is at a convention, with rustic backdrops set up for photo opportunities.
A curious black dog with a blue collar stands on a leash in the forefront, looking directly at the camera with bright eyes. Behind the dog, several other dogs are seen inside metal cages, including a tan and white dog standing alertly and a few other dogs resting. The setting is outside the Irving Convention Center, with a person's hand visible holding the black dog's leash.
A woman dressed as a fairy with yellow hair, large iridescent wings, and a green outfit sits behind a booth with various merchandise. She engages in conversation with a man wearing a black cap and a young girl with long brown hair. The backdrop of the booth displays the banner 'BCHARLOTTED' with a portrait of the fairy-costumed woman. The table is adorned with various items, including a pink suitcase with stickers, a coffee cup, and an orange bucket.


A figure wearing a weathered mask and blue jumpsuit is dressed as Michael Meyers and stands menacingly with a raised knife. The backdrop includes a wall and a sign reading "WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE FAN FEST MEMORY", suggesting an event setting. The ominous lighting casts shadows, enhancing the eerie atmosphere
A large figure of the Mayor character from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" stands prominently in a convention hall. The Mayor holds a black and white striped megaphone and wears his signature top hat, suit, and a badge labeled "MAYOR". In the background, attendees browse a booth with "DALLAS FAN FESTIVAL 2023 EXCLUSIVES" and various merchandise on display. A sign reading "EXHIBIT HALL" is seen to the left.
A woman dressed in a Day of the Dead inspired costume stands in a convention setting. She wears vibrant makeup resembling a sugar skull, with red, black, and yellow hues. Floral decorations adorn her face and golden earrings dangle from her ears. She holds a yellow candle in her hands, and her attire includes a large deep red hat adorned with small skulls and orange flowers. The bustling background shows other convention-goers and booths.
A young girl confidently poses in front of a weathered gray wall. She is dressed in a maroon vest with intricate designs, a white long-sleeve shirt underneath, and matching maroon pants. She holds a bright pink glowing lightsaber in her right hand, her expression intense and focused. The lightsaber casts a soft pink hue onto her determined face.
A young woman with curly hair stands in a modern indoor setting, adjusting heart-shaped red sunglasses. She dons a black hat and a white T-shirt with the text "GOT A LOT GOING ON AT THE MOMENT" printed in bold. She has various colorful bracelets on her wrist. In the background, attendees can be seen walking, and there is an information sign for the "Dallas Fan Festival" to the right. The atmosphere is lively and bustling.
A person in a vibrant costume stands outdoors in a courtyard, posing with arms outstretched. They wear a mask with a painted face, reminiscent of a skull, and a blue hood lined with fur. Their attire consists of a patterned shirt, shiny gold pants, multiple necklaces, and colorful streamers attached to their wrists. The surrounding area features modern architecture, including concrete pillars and a mesh-like facade, contrasting with the individual's eclectic appearance.


Two individuals pose confidently in front of a backdrop plastered with "FAN EXPO" and other fandom-related phrases. The person on the left is dressed as Deadpool, in a red and black tactical suit with arms crossed, while the person on the right is outfitted as Domino, sporting a sleek black leather costume with a prominent X-symbol on the belt. Both display joyful expressions, immersing themselves in their characters.
A young girl in a sleek black outfit strikes an agile and fierce pose on a red carpet. She stretches one leg out while crouching on the other and extends her hand forward, as if showcasing martial arts prowess. The backdrop is filled with phrases such as "FAN EXPO" and "FANDOM", emphasizing the pop culture event setting. She wears a choker and her expression is focused and intense, playing into her character portrayal.
A young boy dressed in a blue vest and khaki pants stands confidently on a red carpet. He poses with one hand outstretched, showing a motion as if using the force, and holds a toy version of Han Solo's blaster in the other hand. The backdrop is filled with repeated phrases such as "FAN EXPO" and "FANDOM", indicating a pop culture event setting. The boy's expression is focused and serious, immersing himself in his character portrayal.
Two children and an adult pose in front of a "FAN EXPO" backdrop. The adult, dressed as Spider-Man, is in a dynamic crouching pose, showcasing the iconic Spider-Man hand gesture. One child, wearing a Spider-Gwen costume, stands next to him with a white mask covering the face. The other child, to the right, sports green round glasses and is dressed in a colorful dress adorned with illustrations of cacti, while confidently holding a pair of red heart-shaped sunglasses. All three are clearly enjoying their time at a pop culture event.
Two young girls stand confidently in front of a "FAN EXPO" backdrop. Both are dressed in matching outfits that consist of bright orange shirts, grey skirts with fringes at the bottom, and accessorized with brown belts holding small tools. They wear matching brown hats with orange decorations. Both girls have their arms crossed, exuding a playful and spirited demeanor, as they enjoy their time at a pop culture event.
A young girl with green body paint stands confidently on a red carpet in front of a "FAN EXPO" backdrop. She's dressed as a character with long, straight green hair, a light green shirt, and dark gray pants paired with brown lace-up boots. Her eyes are accentuated with dark makeup, and she has a calm and poised expression, showcasing her commitment to the cosplay at a pop culture event.


An individual in a detailed and gruesome cosplay stands against a "FAN EXPO" backdrop. The costume features a head covered in what appears to be bloody bandages with exposed areas showing scarred and burnt skin. They wear a dark, distressed outfit with a belt holding a metallic cylinder, possibly a prop weapon. The person's posture and makeup express dedication to portraying a horror or action character at a pop culture event.
A pair stands against a "FAN EXPO" backdrop in cosplay attire. The woman on the left wears a white lab coat with an "NCIS" badge, a red plaid dress underneath, and a black choker necklace. Her black hair is accessorized with red bows. The man on the right sports a tweed jacket, a tan hat, glasses, and also displays an "NCIS" badge. Both exhibit proud smiles, showcasing their dedication to their character portrayals at the pop culture event.
A woman and man in ethereal white gowns and intricate hairstyles stand on a stage. The woman in the forefront, adorned with a golden tiara, confidently looks forward with a gentle smile. The man, slightly behind, gazes into the distance. They're both in a large room with an audience of attendees seated and watching, some in their own colorful costumes. The atmosphere is that of a convention or cosplay event, with a stage backdrop to the left and ambient lighting illuminating the space.


A display of spherical terrariums designed to resemble Pokémon balls, each containing various Pokémon figures set in miniature dioramas. The dioramas feature different scenes, from snow-covered landscapes with sparkling trees to grassy settings with mushrooms. In the forefront, a terrarium showcases an orange Pokémon surrounded by frosty trees. A sign on the table reads "Pokéball Terrarium $30" indicating they are for sale. The background hints at a convention or market setting with other merchandise on display.
Two men interacting at a convention booth filled with a variety of merchandise. The man on the left, wearing a red t-shirt with "Comics" written on it, is packing items into a white plastic bag. The man on the right, dressed in a blue checkered shirt, is handing over a product or payment. Behind them, the booth displays a myriad of items including boxed games, posters, and an array of comics neatly organized in bins. The background suggests a bustling convention setting with other booths and attendees visible.
A young boy with bear ear headband excitedly reaches out to touch a display of colorful mini figurines at a convention booth. He has a look of fascination and curiosity on her face. Behind the girl, other attendees and merchandise can be seen, suggesting a lively convention environment. The figurines are meticulously organized, showcasing a variety of characters and designs.
Two young women laugh and converse with a vendor wearing a crown at a convention booth. The booth showcases an array of plush toys, figurines, and other merchandise neatly arranged on tables. The atmosphere appears friendly and engaging, with the backdrop revealing other stalls and attendees browsing in a large convention hall. The young woman on the left wears a black top with an "adidas" logo and the other dons a vibrant tie-dye hoodie. The vendor seems animated in conversation, adding to the jovial mood of the scene.
A framed 3D wooden map of the "Elden Ring" game world is showcased at a convention booth. The map features intricately carved geographical details against a blue watercolor-like background, with the title "ELDEN RING" prominently displayed at the bottom. Adjacent to the map, a price sheet labeled "Wood Nerds" is placed, suggesting the craft's maker or vendor. Surrounding the main display, other wooden crafts and merchandise can be seen, along with hints of attendees in the background, giving a sense of the bustling environment of the convention.
Two intricately carved pumpkins are illuminated from within, casting a warm glow that highlights their designs. The pumpkin on the left features a detailed face, while the one on the right showcases the iconic "One Ring" from "The Lord of the Rings", surrounded by its Elvish inscription. Both pumpkins are displayed on a black shelf, with the dark background further accentuating their luminance.


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