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Star Wars games are great. With the opportunity to explore new worlds, play as your fave heroes and battle classic villains, there's always a lot of great elements at play with every new Star Wars edition. What I love most about Jedi: Fallen Order is that for the most part, you only play as & interact with a fantastic new group of characters. From fan-favorite Cal Kestis and his beloved droid BD-1 to a wicked new enemy (The Second Sister) and her harrowing backstory, players can't help but fall in love with every aspect of this hit game.


New Characters

Aside from a few cameos, this game is full of completely new & original characters. While we couldn't quite list them all here, we've gathered a few of our faves.

Cal Kestis

Cal Kestis stands with his blue lightsaber activated and a BD-1 droid on his back

A survivor of Order 66, Cal Kestis lived his first few years after the death of the Jedi in hiding. After using the Force to save a friend, Cal was dragged back into the dangerous lifestyle he had worked to avoid. Teaming up with a new droid & the crew of the Mantis, Cal adventures through the Galaxy to protect those he cares about & take down the flourishing Empire.


A BD-1 droid in mostly white paint with some red accents walks through a dark hallway

A droid entrusted with crucial information, BD-1 leads Cal through the first part of his mission. Being a great pal & handy resource in many ways, Cal keeps him around and the two form a solid friendship.

Cere Junda

Cere Junda wearing a black vest and grey shirt points a blaster at something off screen

A former Jedi who has stopped using the Force, Cere is haunted by her past. Once Cal joins the team, she is forced to confront her past trauma and help guide Cal in the right path.

Greez Dritus

Greez, wearing a red leather jacket, points one of his four arms at someone while smiling

Captain of the Mantis, Greez is a "tough on the outside, soft on the inside" kind of guy who cares deeply about both his crew & his ship. He doesn't do much throughout the game as he never really leaves the ship, but he's a fun guy to have around.


Merrin, a Nightsister in a red outfit, stands holding a broken glass orb while looking at it sadly

After General Grevious destroyed the Nightsisters, Merrin was the sole survivor on Dathomir. She doesn't trust any newcomers to her planet & possesses powerful abilities as all of the Nightsisters used to. She learns to trust Cal and joins the Mantis crew on the rest of their journey.

Taron Malicos

Left: the second sister wearing her black helmet with red visor. Right: the second sister unmasked.

Malicos was a Jedi during the Clone Wars. After surviving Order 66, he eventually turned to the Dark Side while on Dathomir. It takes both Cal & Merrin fighting him to bring about his defeat.

Existing Characters

Without relying too heavily on established characters, the game did bring back a few classics to help advance the story.

Darth Vader

Darth Vader stands ominously in front of Cal Kestis with a glowing red light coming from his lightsaber, not visible

You can't break into the home of the Inquisitors without expecting Vader may be lurking around, right? In the big finale of the game, players get to fight (and successfully escape from) the Dark Lord himself.

Saw Gerrera

A younger Saw Gerrara than seen in Rogue One looks at Cal Kestis in contemplation

It truly is not a Rebellion unless Saw Gerrera shows up. While helping fight to save the Wookies from enslavement, Cal teams up with Saw to free Kashyyyk.

Second Sister

Left: the second sister wearing her black helmet with red visor. Right: the second sister unmasked.

First seen in Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith, Trilla Suduri makes her first animated/video game appearance here. As the betrayed Padawan of Cere, the Second Sister is now an Inquisitor who hunts down living Jedi.


Jedi: Fallen Order takes us to quite a few planets. Some are new & some are familiar. All are fun to explore! Take a look into the different planets that Cal & the Mantis crew journey to.


A grey and brown planet floating in space


A green and white planet floating in space


A red planted with dark red lakes floating in space


A white & grey planet with a dark ring around it floating in space


A green blue & white planet floating in space


A blue & green Earth like planet floating in space


A blue planet with ships approaching floats in space


Relive some of the best moments of the game with our Top 3 events.


Cal Kestis reaches up to the tip of an ice pillar to pick off a fresh Kyber crystal

A moment that sits with all players is when Cal finally gets his own Kyber crystal. While the scene shows him receiving a blue Kyber (his default color), players can change it to whichever color they prefer to use throughout the game.


Darth Vader fights Cal Kestis while BD-1 electrocutes Vader

Cal Kestis vs. Darth Vader. What's cooler than that? We know that Vader doesn't die until many years later, but that doesn't take the fun out of the fight. Cal managing to stand his ground, BD-1 assisting at a crucial point & then escaping leaving Vader behind to deal with a flooding base? Insane ending to the game.


Jedi Master Jaro Tappal stands with his double edged blue lightsaber as a group of clones attack him

Is this a "great moment" for Cal? No. Absolutely not. It is, however, always interesting to see new perspectives & survivors of Order 66. We obviously knew that Cal survived somehow, just because he exists, but it wasn't until this scene that we saw the sacrifice made to keep him alive.


Fans of The Clone Wars and the prequel trilogy will find many great references throughout the game to keep themselves even more entertained.


General Greivous stands with 4 lightsabers ready to attack Asajj Ventress, who has two lightsabers ready

While talking about the destruction of her sisters, Merrin recounts the story of when an armored warrior with a lightsaber attacked Dathomir. This is an obvious reference to an episode of The Clone Wars where General Grevious launches an all-out & successful attack on the Nightsisters.


Multiple white & yellow clones stand in attack formation as a Jedi Master with a blue lightsaber is ready to attack them as well

While Cal's backstory of surviving Order 66 is explained, the music we hear in the background is actually the same score from Revenge of the Sith. This perfectly ties in to the fact that this exact situation is playing out for Jedi all across the Galaxy at the same time.


Cal Kestis holding a floating Holocron with a projection of Obi-Wan Kenobi above it

For a brief moment, a still image of Obi-Wan Kenobi with some dialogue performed by his The Clone Wars voice actor (James Arnold Taylor) appears from the Holocron that Cal finds.


Left: Cal Kestis underwater. Right: Obi-Wan Kenobi under water.

In The Phantom Menace, Obi-Wan and Qui-Gonn use a breathing tube device to travel underwater with ease. Throughout the game, Cal uses a similiar device when he needs to swim underwater for quests or just to find hidden chests.


We're so excited to play this game & have had it pre-ordered for months. Start speculating wildly by watching the trailer for Jedi: Survivor now!