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Found by Plo Koon and trained by Anakin Skywalker, all Ahsoka Tano has been since she was a Padawan is a soldier. After fighting in The Clone Wars for years, Ahsoka was betrayed by both the Jedi Council and later, the Clones. Perhaps her most famous quote is "I am no Jedi.", which has resonated with fans for a long time. Ahsoka is a fighter, a survivor, and a deeply caring individual. 

Having owned a variety of lightsabers over the years, Ahsoka continues to use her Jedi skills and weapons to fight for what's right and sides with those who fight against oppression. Occasionally, Ahsoka is even seen working with canonically bad people like Darth Maul and Ventress in the name of doing good.

Ahsoka Tano

Star Wars: Rebels

This is a new day. A new beginning.


Ahsoka has appeared in a lot of Star Wars content since her debut in 2008. These are the four most prominent places you may know her from, although there are definitely other things (Rise of Skywalker, comics, LEGO games, etc.) that you can find her in too.


Ahsoka in her first animated appearance

Ahsoka's first and most recurring appearance was as a main character in Star Wars: The Clone Wars as Anakin Skywalker's Padawan. Almost anywhere Anakin goes throughout the first few seasons Ahsoka is there at his side to learn and annoy. She gets the nickname "Snips" from Annie because of - you guessed it - how snippy she is. By the final season, Ahsoka has matured and has started going on adventures of her own. 


Ahsoka on the 'Ahsoka' novel cover art

The Ahsoka novel takes place after Order 66 happened but before Star Wars: The Clone Wars was renewed, and Tales of the Jedi premiered. For the most part the story is the same, however, there are some slight differences. The novel follows Ahsoka as she lives undercover after Order 66 but inevitably, with the life of a Jedi, trouble is never far away. 


Grown up Ahsoka in the animated Rebels show

Not quite a main character but definitely a big presence, Ahsoka shows up every now and then to help the main Rebels crew in their adventures. She battles it out with some very famous baddies, is more or less saved by a form of time travel, and reunites with some old friends. Don't get us wrong — life is still tough, but it's always tough for those going against the Empire. Ahsoka is making the best of it though. 


Live action Ahsoka in The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian was used to test fans' reaction to a live action Ahsoka. Clearly, she was well received as the Ahsoka show debuted and we now have a show dedicated to following her adventures post-Rebels. She didn't have too huge of a role in The Mandalorian and only appeared in two episodes of the show (so far), but she was hunting down big bad Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Ahsoka Tano

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

You don’t have to carry a sword to be powerful. Some leaders’ strength is inspiring others.


As with any fan fave character, there are a lot of great moments to remember about Ahsoka. Here are a few fan faves.

The Gathering

Ahsoka Tano in a jacket smiles

Fight with Vader

Ahsoka fights with Darth Vader


Ahsoka Tano with yellow sith eyes looks angry with veins across her face and arms

Rise of Skywalker

Rey Skywalker stares upwards while laying on the ground

Fight with Maul

Ahsoka Tano and Darth Maul fight on Mandalore in the throne room

Baby Ahsoka

Ahsoka as a baby smiling upwards

Ahsoka Tano

The Mandalorian

Grogu and I can feel each other’s thoughts.


The show is airing weekly now, but we can't exactly put in an episode to watch. Instead, enjoy this trailer.