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With the premiere of LEGO® Star Wars Summer Vacation hitting Disney+, its high time each zodiac is given their own Lego set to play with. So turn on your favorite Lego show or movie and LEGO!


A tree Lego set with a house in it. There is Tigger, Piglet, Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore having a picnic with honey. Rabbit is coming through the door to join the fun.

21326 - Winnie the Pooh

Here in the Hundred Acre Woods, Pisces can let their creativity and imagination roam with these lovable friends. This water sign is known for being emotionally sensitive and aware. Playing with characters who have lots of personality and emotions can allow Pisces to express themselves and come up with wonderful stories among understanding friends.


Set of Mine Craft with a bees, two characters and some greenery like trees and grass

21165 - The Bee Farm

Aries, we know Minecraft is your favourite game, don't even try to fight us on this! So, we're pairing you up with the Ruined Portal lego set. We know you love to be creative and let your imagination run wild so this set is perfect for you!


Two Lego buildings. One is an orange brown one with a sign that says Birch Books. Next to it is a teal building. There is a side walk with a birch tree with orange leaves and next to it are people walking around.

10270 - Bookshop

Hey Taurus! Bookshop 10270 is the one for you. And why? Well, it’s because it’s the perfect set for a homebody like you. If you’re looking for a set to build at home, why not start off with a cozy bookstore that you can change and modify to your whim? What’s more, there are other LEGO sets that are a part of the larger Modular Building collection that you can get to create a small street/town scene of your own.  


Loop Coaster Lego Set with a large drop and two loops. There is one car going right now. The set is on a cabinet with a stack of thin books and yellow over the ear head phones. It is under a blue staircase and there is a framed patterned print.

10303 - LEGO Coaster

Adventurers and risk-takers at heart, Sagittarius tend to seek thrills. The Loop Coaster is a great set to explore this adventurous side. With two loops and a large drop, this Lego Coaster brings the fun of amusement parks to the home. Sagittarius will love playing with this set for hours.


A Lego truck next to a Lego girl helping an Elephant. In the bottom right, a Lego man is trying to put out a wildfire. In the back is 3 trees with an assortment of African animals and Lego people interacting with each other.

60307 - Wildlife Rescue Camp

The Wildlife Rescue Camp is a simple build and will not make a Gemini bored with the repetitive construction of a more complex build. This set allows Gemini to get right into the play of Lego. Since Gemini are playful, intellectually curious and are social butterflies, the Wildlife Rescue Camp allows them to play as many different characters, interacting and helping one another, as well as letting them have free range of creativity.


Centrel Perks cafe from Friends. There are 6 Friends characters having fun and interacting with each other.

21319 - Central Perk

Cancer, we know you love the show Friends and you're a little bit sappy and nostalgic. So, we had to give you the Central Perk Lego set. It's a little bit chaotic just like you but we know you secretly love the chaos. We also know how much you love grabbing a coffee and enjoying some quality time with your closest friends. Honestly, we couldn't think of a more perfect set for you!


Star Wars Star Destroyer on a black stand with two little empire military officer figurines underneath.

75252 - Imperial Star Destroyer

Aquarius, we know that you love your niche interests. We also know that you like to have the freedom to build whatever, so LEGO truly is perfect for you, as you can build whatever you want with it. What set, then, is better for you than the massive Imperial Star Destroyer that stands at a whopping 4,784 pieces? While Star Wars is quite mainstream, few can truly say that they own something like this. Better yet, with all these pieces in hand, you could more than easily build almost anything and everything that comes to mind.  


Lego Bonsai Tree with the pink flowers on. Beside it is a Lego Bonsai Tree with green leaves.

The Bonsai Tree Lego set allows a Virgo time for self-reflection and meditation. Virgos love nature and this practical set is a great decoration for the house. It is small and relatively easy build, so it allows Virgos to be able to admire the beauty of their hard work. Virgos love paying attention to the smallest details and will notice that there are cute pink frogs in the flowering piece of the set.


Two blurred buildings in the background; one white with red trimmings and doors, and a brown one with red trimming and red doors. There is a red Ferrari Daytona parked in the background. In the foreground and in focus, is a Lego version of the car behind it.

42143 - Ferrari Daytona SP3

Leo, we know that you love luxury, so why not build yourself your very own Ferrari? Not only is it a miniature version of one of the models from one of the most prestigious cars out there, but just LOOK AT IT. If you put this on display in your home (complete with the little info card that it comes with), it’ll stand out for sure to any guest who comes over. Sure, it’s a little pricey, but we think it’s worth the cost for what you’re looking for.  


Lego of the Taj Mahal sitting on a glass shelf surrounded by wood

10256 - Taj Mahal

Libra, we know how much you appreciate symmetry and balance. We also know how much you love beauty, money, architecture and history. So, we had to give you the Taj Mahal Lego set. Need we say more?


3 lego sets in vases and the bonsai tree next to it. They are on top of a wooden bench. In the back is a greenhouse full of plants.

10280 / 10309 / 10289 / 10311 - The Botanical Collection

Scorpio, we know that sometimes, you love to go all in. With that in mind, we think that the LEGO Botanical Collection (yes, the collection, not just one set) is the right choice for you. While we’re not saying that you should build the whole thing, you can definitely pick and choose your favorites to build and display at home. With a wide variety of plants, all with unique colors and designs, there’s at least a few here that you’d like. Plus, seeing all these LEGO plants are sure to be a conversation starter when you’ve got people visiting.  


Mini Cinderella Castle in the blue, white, gray and gold coloring. There is a Mickey Mouse Figurine in a tux and red pants.

40478 - Mini Disney Castle

As a Capricorn, you love a secure but luxurious home. So, what could be more luxurious than the Disney Castle? We also know that you love a challenge and this lego set is quite the project. We believe in you, Capricorn!