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It’s that time of the month once again for more astrology! With Spring and Summer not too far away, it’s the prime time to start vacation planning. While we’re sure you have many great ideas already, why not also look at where some of your fave movies have travelled to for some inspiration? In that case, we’ve got the ideal locales for you, sorted by zodiac sign, which we’ve tried our best to keep fairly realistic. And, if you are travelling with others, then you’ll only have more ideas to choose from.  


The main characters from Palm Springs

Palm Springs

We know you have this burning desire to escape reality, Pisces. It's nice to get away from things, but make sure to ground yourself before getting carried away with wishful thinking. Stuck in a time loop at a destination wedding, Palm Springs serves as a warning of escapist fantasies. Facing reality is hard, but like Nyles and Sarah, you have to face the music.


The main characters from Finding 'Ohana'

Finding Ohana

Adventure awaits, Aries! Grab a plane to Hawaii with siblings Pili and Ioane, traverse haunted caves, run from angry ancestral spirits, and find clues to lost pirate treasure. Like Pili, you live for adrenaline but can be a little reckless. Make sure to self-reflect once in a while to make sure you're not endangering your friends and family on a Goonies-style quest.


3 of the family members from US

Us (2019)

Hey now, before the twist that happened roughly halfway through the film, Us depicts a fairly cozy family vacation that we think you would love. Being able to spend a weekend by the lakeside and taking it easy at home sounds like a lot of fun, no? With a major beach & carnival games nearby, you could get your fill of outings if you wanted some more things to do, too. The best part, however, is the fact that you won’t have to deal with your secret doppelgangers (hopefully).  


The main character from The Way, Way Back

The Way, Way Back

Do you like eating lobster and arguing with your stepdad? Take a drive to Cape Cod with Duncan, his mom, and his mom's boyfriend for a classic summertime coming-of-age story. Like Duncan, you're smart and assertive, but wow—you can be a little harsh. While your honesty is refreshing, you need to free yourself from other people's expectations. Sometimes the best way to fight back against someone you don't like is just living your best life.


Max & Goofy from The Goofy Movie sitting in a car

A Goofy Movie

Dear Gemini, you and Max Goof are quite similar: multi-faceted and energetic, but immature and all over the place. Who knows? Maybe, like Max, you've also lied about personally knowing a pop star sensation to impress your crush. Who hasn’t? What you need is to reconnect with nature. Perhaps a fishing trip turned cross-country road trip with Max and Goofy can provide you with some insight on how to balance your dualities.


Lizzie and Paolo from The Lizzie Maguire Movie

The Lizzie McGuire Movie

Lizzie McGuire is the ultimate Cancer: she's compassionate and loyal, but secretive and nosey. We often learn from the mistakes of others, so maybe you should follow Lizzie on her adventure to Rome, where she gets caught in a web of lies while pursuing a two-faced hunk. With the beautiful backdrop of Rome, this is a class trip you won’t forget.


Characters from Almost Famous

Almost Famous

As a Leo, you are vivacious, theatrical, and passionate, which makes Almost Famous the perfect movie – as all of this is on display in the touring life of rockstars. You could take different parts of this movie as your inspiration. Head to San Diego and document your life as an aspiring journalist, hit the road with your fave band for a road trip vacation you’ll never forget, or maybe even take a plane to your destination – just be sure to check the weather forecast first.  


Characters in a Van from Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine

As an Aquarius you are clever, self-reliant, exceptional, and optimistic, which means your ideal vacation is following the journey of Olive Hoover with her chaotic family across the country to a beauty pageant. This trip sounds awesome: a Yellow Volkswagen, heading to Redondo Beach in California, and 800 miles with no one but your family. What could go wrong?


The main characters & dog from DUE DATE

Due Date

As a Virgo you are logical, practical, and have a systematic approach to life, much like Robert Downey Jr’s character in this comedy. This movie teaches a good lesson of nothing ever goes as planned, and eventually it will all work out in the end. Maybe just skip the ‘getting kicked off a plane’ part and head straight into the road trip with your new best friend.


A still from Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians

We know that aesthetics and fantasy are your thing, so why not take inspiration from Crazy Rich Asians? While it’s not your traditional vacation movie, the locale of Singapore that serves as the backdrop for the movie just has that glamorous, exotic vibe that we know you’d enjoy. Plus, who knows, maybe you’ll just happen to find your soulmate (without having to deal with an over-protective mother).


Peter Parker in Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Oh Scorpio, we know that you like to be independent and secretive to others, so we’d recommend following Spider-Man’s lead in Far From Home. After all, who better than a superhero with a secret identity to show you ropes on planning on a trip where you may or may not be hiding something from the people you’re travelling with. Of course, you won’t have to deal with Mysterio, but we think that basing your itinerary off the places Spider-Man and his classmates visited (like Venice, Prague, or London) could be a ton of fun.  


Characters from Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia!

Capricorn, we know that you’d like something a little more grounded than some of the more fantastical suggestions here, so how about having yourself a Mamma Mia-style vacation to the Mediterranean? Just imagine it; you and a couple friends travelling to a Greek island, and just enjoying all the sights, sounds, and people. Maybe you’d even meet someone special (or multiple people, we don’t judge) to give you something to break into song about.