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What city are you based in?

The closest city to me is Boston, so I love to attend conventions around New England!

Can you tell us about your first cosplay?

My first cosplay was Saber from the Fate series! My mom and I created it for my first ever convention, Anime Boston, back in 2016. I chose Saber because I had just finished watching Fate/Zero and loved her design. At that point, I didn’t know that much about cosplay and had to do a lot of research online. It didn’t hit me just how big the cosplay world was until I arrived at the convention. I also had no idea how much people loved Saber and the Fate series. The response to my cosplay was so positive that it was absolutely the beginning of my cosplay journey.

Do you have a cosplay piece that you are most proud of?

The cosplay I am definitely the proudest of overall is my Princess Tutu cosplay. My mother sewed for the ballet for 17 years, and all her years of expertise were the inspiration for this cosplay. I learned so much about the process of making proper tutu bodices and plates from her. I truly feel like this character is the perfect mix between my two passions, cosplay, and dance. However, there are a lot of little cosplay pieces that I am proud of. For example, my Avatar: The Last Airbender Toph wig, which was my first wig styling experience, and my Madoka Magica bow, which I loved the process of designing and making!

What do you hope to achieve through cosplay?

I have a couple of goals as a cosplayer. My first is that I always aspire to learn something new with each cosplay that I create. I try to be innovative and think outside the box to find cosplay ideas that will challenge me to try new things. The second is that I want to be a source of positivity within the cosplay community. Everyone deserves respect and support from their fellow cosplayers!

If you could give any piece of advice to new cosplayers, what would it be?

Everyone’s cosplay journey is different. Cosplay “success” shouldn’t be measured in how many followers you have, the price of your materials, or if your photos are taken on your phone or by a photographer. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or have been cosplaying for years. Don’t try to compare yourself to the people around you, because in the end, the most important part of cosplay success is enjoying what you have created or bought.

What would you say is the hardest part of cosplaying?

I think that the hardest part of cosplaying is trying to figure out what character to cosplay next. It’s a mix of looking at what each potential cosplay’s budget and time commitment would be, and of course, how much I like the character and their design. I attempt to choose cosplays that will challenge me to learn a new skill or apply an old skill in a new or unique way.

In honor of the 20th anniversary of Lord of the Rings, what is your favorite movie from the trilogy?

The first movie, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, is definitely my favorite. It was my introduction to the story of the series, and it brings back such amazing memories with friends. After seeing this movie for the first time, I was so excited for more. One scene that always makes me nostalgic whenever I see it is Frodo waking up in Rivendell because I remember being so amazed by all the architecture and scenery the first time I saw it. The other movies are great too, but for me, the first movie holds a magic that is hard to replicate.