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Creator of the Month - Melody Rose

Welcome to Creator of the Month, where we feature an incredible creator from our community of fans and learn about who they are beneath the surface. This month, we have Melody Rose!

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Creator of the Month Questions

What city are you based in? 

Arlington, TX.

Tell us a bit about yourself! 
Hi everyone! My name is Melody, but everyone calls me Mel. I am a mom to a beautiful daughter, a Chief Creative Officer for a digital agency in Dallas, a designer, and the Creative Director for my geek lifestyle blog: MEL-My Everyday Lifestyle. 

What fandoms are you into? 
I love everything comics! Huge fan of both Marvel and DC Comics, always been a huge Star Wars nerd and a Disney kid at heart, but also geek out on video games (Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter are my go-to). I am also a big movie nerd and love reviewing films.  

When did you first start your blog?  
I started the My Everyday Lifestyle blog about 7 years ago as an outlet to express my creativity and geekdom. 

Do you have a favorite piece you’ve written?  
I always love experiencing and taking pictures of all the creative and talented cosplayers at comic-cons. But ultimately it has to be the recap blog post from winning the DC Comic Suicide Squad Up! contest for my Katana cosplay that they held across the US. That was such a life-changing experience and my first time attending San Diego Comic-Con, which is so hard to get into. And the icing on this geek girl’s cake - DC Comics surprised us by bringing us to Hall H to meet the whole Suicide Squad cast, so definitely was shocked when Will Smith called us on stage in front of thousands to congratulate us. That has to be my favorite blog post! 

We love your TikTok videos! How did you get into TikTok? 
I love any type of short-form content and have always been intrigued to learn how to do tricks on video, so once transitions became a trend, as most adults did during the pandemic –  I got on TikTok. I love challenges, so I challenged myself to learn how to create my own #geekstyle transitions. 

What would you say is the key to making a good TikTok? 
The key to making a good TikTok is to truly be yourself, enjoy the content you create, and don’t compare yourself to everyone else. No one is YOU and that is your SUPERPOWER.  

What is your favorite thing about the geek community? 
I have had nothing but positivity from everyone on the content that I make and the amount of love and support the geek community has for my type of creative content is unmeasurable. I love it when the next generation is inspired to be their authentic self and embrace what they love after watching my videos or reading a blog post. I get tagged by so many young creators sharing their superhero costumes and it just melts my heart. I truly am grateful for this community.