March 21 - 23, 2025

Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland

FAN EXPO Cleveland


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Interested in being a part of the FAN EXPO Cleveland team? Connect with us and become a part of the experience fans remember. Sign up to find out more and apply for one of the crew positions and we will be in touch with you... in a Flash.

Applications for 2024 are now being accepted.


It’s true! You can get paid to work at FAN EXPO CLEVELAND as part of our Crew!

We are recruiting for paid positions roles in the Ticketing Hall, Autographs & Photo Ops Lines, Theater Lines, Info Booth, and more!

We have lots of fun together at the show. You’ll be wearing our shirts, working with our Leads and Show Management, and sharing the fandom!

We are proud to partner with RemX as our staffing agency partner. Keith David and his team from RemX in Dallas, TX have worked with us on our other US shows, and if you’ve met Keith, you know he likes bad jokes and terrible memes. Keith and team will manage the nitty gritty of applications, scheduling, and payroll. They will be your primary contact as a Crew member.

Please work with RemX to submit your application, and they will prompt you on the documents and details they require to onboard you.

Interested in being a part of the FAN EXPO Cleveland Crew? Volunteer applications will be available in soon.


Click the Apply Now button above and create your RemX profile application – here you will complete basic employment information, as well as W4, Form I9, & payroll information and other forms.

Please note, the “Desired Branch Location” on your application is pre-set to Cleveland, OH. This is where Keith’s RemX office and his team are located, and where we need your application to be housed – don’t change the branch location when you submit your application.

After this is completed, you will be emailed RemX with your next steps. Once RemX has you completely onboarded they will send a survey so you can tell them who you are, what you can do and if you worked at Fan Expo Cleveland, formerly Wizard World, or any other local cons before.

For more information, reach out to REMX at:

Keith David



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When off-duty, your badge gives you access to enjoy the event

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Meet and connect with people in the industry and make new friends

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Bragging Rights