March 21 - 23, 2025

Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland

FAN EXPO Cleveland


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The Proclaimers may be willing to walk 500 miles, but Katie will never again drive 1600 miles alone. You can usually find her spending time with family & friends, being an aunt to the “coolest kid on the planet”, walking her dog or planning her next adventure. You’ll also find her watching British crime dramas. They’re her go-to viewing content right now. Knowing that, we think it’s easy to deduce which fictional character she’d be best friends with: Sherlock Holmes. Holmes wasn’t her first taste of fandom though. Her first experience was watching hockey as a kid; something that she hasn’t stopped doing since then.


When Liam Fleming is not busy being the Partnerships Director US, he’s a man who has many questions about this thing called life. For instance, he asked on one particularly frigid Sunday, “Why ride an e-scooter with one wheel and not two”? Then, in the early hours of dawn on a Wednesday, he said under his breath: “ Does February truly exist? Also, why do people get on the subway before other people have gotten off”? Perhaps, Liam, some questions aren’t meant to be answered. Fortunately, his curiosity is an asset to FAN EXPO HQ.


With her 75lb pomsky named Koa at her side, DD is ready to take on the robot uprising. No really, why are you all giving AI and ChatGPT so much power? If you are going to keep talking to them, then at least befriend them like how DD would with Light Yagami. It’s always a smart idea to be on the good side of the guy with the pen and scary notebook. Along with her real dog, she’s also a big fan of dog plushies, but has rules about collecting them: they must be found at a convention as DD loves the thrill of the hunt. However, she may slow down on buying Gundam models as she already has many in boxes yet to be built. Hey, it’s a commitment to start one.


Claudia’s earliest adventure into Fandom was waiting in line for the 4th Harry Potter book release at Chapters. Since then, you can catch her watching True Detective (Season 1), Grand Budapest Hotel, or daydreaming about being best friends with Deb Morgan from Dexter. If someone from the Fandom world were going to play Claudia in a movie about her life, it would have to be Jennifer Lawrence. That’s for sure. If you’re the type of person to wear socks & sandals while watching TikTok, it’s generally best to steer clear of Claudia. Just a fair warning. If you like yoga, hiking or veggies & humus however, you and Claudia will get along just fine.  


Pop-ups? She’s there. Autumn loves unique experiences, themed spaces, and sharing good company. As a fan of pop-culture, she started out with New Kids on the Block and Teen Beat magazine and is now also a fan of movies and shows, especially Buffy the Vampire Slayer. If you want to talk '90s or Buffy, she's your girl. Autumn is also a frequenter of pop culture conventions–hey, she loves what she does. So, if you see her on a show floor, be sure to wave hi. Like many fandom fans, she’s a collector and proudly owns the magic that comes with many Minnie Mouse ears.


By far, Dusti is the most humblest. She’s the number one at the top of the FAN EXPO humble list. When she isn’t watching Popstar: Never Stop Never StoppingWhiplashAvatar or even yes, Hotel Transylvania 3, you can find Dusti out living her best life. From seeing the Jonas Brothers in concert to flying cross country to watch Just for Laughs, you never really know where Dusti will be. She brings the fun with her everywhere she goes, so you can always count on a good time if she’s around. A little tip: don’t ask her about the Roomba - she may have spent too much money on the little robotic friend than she should have. To get back on her good side, just mention Adam Driver. She loves him so much that she recently got a giant Kylo Ren tattoo on her arm.


Kristen was born in the wrong time period. She was made for the ‘80s. Her fave movie is even an '80s classic: Arthur, starring Dudley Moore. As for music, she been a big fan of alternative since her Warped Tour days. But if you play any Duran Duran or Tears for Fears, you know she'll be there. Kristen also loves fun dresses and has a collection of them, but what’s one more? If you’re ever trying to find her at a show, just keep your eyes peeled for a bucket hat and matching scarf. That'll be Kristen.