August 22 - 25, 2024

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Team Picks: Fictional Moms

Here at the FAN EXPO HQ, our team is always nerding out over the world of fandom. On Team Picks, we share some of our favorite things we’ve been watching, reading and playing. This month, to celebrate Mother’s Day, we’re talking about some of our fave fictional moms.
First, a disclaimer: we love our actual real-life moms, and we are not looking to replace them. But if we didn’t have our real-life moms and we had to pick a fictional mom, there are some really amazing characters out there who could make us feel safe and nurtured and give us all those warm fuzzies.  
So, with that out of the way, here are the fictional characters we’d love to have as our moms:

Molly Weasley

Molly Wesley from Harry Potter in a brown sweater with her wand in front of her, looking upset

Project Coordinator

With her caring yet absolutely FIERCE demeanor, Molly Weasley is one of my favourite fictional mums, and maybe her magic would be passed down to me. (Although, she could never hold a candle to my real mum).

Littlefoot’s Mother

Littlefoot and his mother sit sadly in the pouring rain and embrace one another

Social Media Coordinator

I can hear the criticism already: “Littlefoot’s Mother is an unnamed cartoon dinosaur from The Land Before Time—she can’t be your mom”! To which I say: yes, she can, and you can’t stop me. Some benefits of having her as my mom: she can reach the highest shelves that I can’t reach, all my other friends and family would be dinosaurs and that’s the coolest thing I can think of, and she’s a fierce protector and is willing to go toe-to-toe with a giant scary T-rex even if it costs her everything.

Beverly Goldberg

Beverly Goldberg in a white and black top holds her hands out and looks like she is explaining something

Customer Service Coordinator

There are so many good fictional moms to choose from, but I would probably have to say Beverly Goldberg. She just loves her kids and her family so much and she can’t contain it. She reminds me of the way I am with my cats, with all of the silly nicknames and constantly wanting to squish them. I also love her potty mouth and how she can drop an F-bomb in a happy situation or a frustrating situation just as easily.


Elastigirl in her red Incredibles outfit poses on top of the Underminers vehicle with a serious look on her face

Social Media Coordinator

I'm going to have to say Elastigirl from The Incredibles. She's the ultimate supermom in my opinion (no pun intended). It would be so much fun to have a mom with superpowers and go fight crime with her. Also, if she's my mom does that mean that I'd have superpowers too? I'd take Violet's powers any day of the week!