August 25-28, 2022

Metro Toronto Convention Centre



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FAN EXPO brings you the best in podcasts, live from the show, all weekend long! Whether it’s your favorite celebs, YouTube nerds, true crime, or paranormal, you can find it at the show and at Special After Hours event.

Chuck Load of Comics

The Special Event live podcasts are produced by our partner, Chuck Load of Comics. Can’t make it to the show? Check out previously recorded podcasts on Chuck Load of Comics.


Lord of the Rings stars Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd are doing a live taping of their podcast, The Friendship Onion. Want in? You can watch as they bring all the amazing elements of their show to life for the audience including tongue twisters, riddles and much more. There may be some surprises too!

Tickets start at $35. Fans who upgrade to VIP receive priority seating and have the chance to take a special, one-of-a-kind photo with Dominic & Billy at the Friendship Onion podcast table after the show. Upgrades are limited, so act now! 

Jay & Silent Bob

Come join your fave stars from Clerks as Kevin Smith (Silent Bob) and Jason Mewes (Jay) sign autographs, take pictures (as themselves and in character), answer fan questions, and maybe make a quick stop at Quick Stop.

Dwarven Moss

The Sonar Podcast Network presents Dwarven Moss. Comedian Kris Siddiqi (CBCs Bit Playas, Molly's Game, The Boys, and the voice of Country Music Television) and musician Jay McCarrol (Nirvanna the Band the Show, Kid Detective) are led by their Dungeon Master Tom through a Dungeons & Dragons campaign unlike any other.

Jay, an accomplished musician and film composer, gives their story the Hollywood treatment by enhancing it with full effects, soundscapes, and an original score. Dwarven Moss provides a unique listening experience entirely unlike other actual-play D&D podcasts. The campaign captures the hosts’ enthusiastic, improvised collective storytelling and elevates it with atmospheric effects and cinematic music. The end result is like an old fashioned radio play. It’s the story of two unlikely companions, a dwarf and a half-elf, lost together in Barovia, a mysterious land under the control of Strahd, the Dark Prince.

Dwarven Moss has recently won the Canadian Podcast Award for Outstanding Leisure Series.


The Sonar Podcast Network presents Spooked! Get spooky with the Spooked! boys and their favourite comedian friends in this improvised scary story podcast that is never scary and sometimes a story. Spooked! Is hosted by Kjartan Hewitt (Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Capote), Cody Crain (CBS's Ghosts, Netflix's Locke and Key), and Damien Doepping (All for One) . Inspired by a listener’s suggestion, they improvise a hilarious and cohesive horror narrative.

Spooked! has been named one of Toronto’s Best Podcasts by NOW Magazine and was named one of the “10 comedy podcasts you need to listen to” by Indie88.

You Made Me Queer

The Sonar Podcast Network presents You Made Me Queer. An accusatory podcast in which host Trevor Campbell asks his enchanting LGBTQIA+ guests to blame who and/or what left them bent for life. It’s judgment day for Lisa Frank sticker sheets, tartan blazers, the spooning volcanic ash mummies of Pompeii and Elizabeth Arden’s sunflowers as worn by your Estonian dental hygienist. We’re here, we’re queer and it’s your fault.

You Made Me Queer! is an Xtra! recommended podcast, one of Yohomo's Best Queer Podcasts of 2021, and was selected by the 2022 Hot Docs Podcast Festival as the opening act for Full Frontal Live! with Samantha Bee. Now in its second season, You Made Me Queer! has featured guests such as Ru Paul's Drag Race's Season 5 Jinkx Monsoon, Sex Education's Ezra Furman, the Kids in the Hall's Scott Thompson, Giller Prize-nominated author Joshua Whitehead, Big Brother Celebrity Edition and CBC's Chosen Family's Tranna Wintour and Welcome to the Dollhouse's Heather Matarazzo.

Killed To Death

Who done it? The Sonar Podcast Network presents Killed To Death. Every week, fake detectives Griffin Toplitsky and Steve Cooke analyze and solve a fictional murder case with the help of a special comedian guest playing a hilarious character. It’s a thriller with drama, twists, and the kind of nonsense you’d expect from a fake murder investigation.

Killed to Death was named one of the Comedy Network’s “Top 5 Podcasts You Need to Start Listening To”. It won a Canadian Podcast Award for Outstanding Comedy Series and was nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award for Best Audio Series.

Correct Me If I'm wrong

Inspired by his favourite British panel shows, comedy veteran Paul Bates (The Tuxedo, Dan for Mayor, host of the hit podcast The Dubious Book of Famous Deeds) came up with this hilarious concept for a game. The Sonar Podcast Network presents CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG. A game show where funny panelists must speak for a full minute on a given topic without hesitation or deviation. And most importantly, everything they say must be factually correct (as judged by Paul's Google Home device). The show almost immediately goes off the rails as the comedians compete to challenge one another and steal the points! It’s silly, boisterous and competitive! Everything you want from a panel show!

The Rats Nest

Launching a business is no small task. Or is it? Perhaps it's just small enough. For a rat. In a nest. The Sonar Podcast Network presents Rats Nest! Usually coming to you in podcast form, you can now watch lowly budding entrepreneurs pitch their concepts and products to a panel of incredibly wealthy, yacht toting, diamond encrusted, masters of finance and business, otherwise known as "Rats". You’ve heard of Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank. This is exactly like those, but not similar enough to warrant any sort of legal action. And 100% more deranged. Mark Little (Mr. D, Cupcake and Dino), Chris Sandiford (What We Do in the Shadows, God's Favourite Idiot), and Jacob Greco (The Stand Up Show with John Dore) play the Bad Boy Billionaires themselves, Sherman Michael Shunk, Jeremiah St. Baby, and Hank Ass. Come and find out which Rat will sink his teeth into the next big thing!

The Storyteller’s Tavern

Join four plucky adventurers as they uncover cosmic mysteries within The Storyteller’s Tavern, where stories are served like ale, and a seat is open for you at every table! A D&D “whodunit” live show heavily inspired by Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. The Storyteller’s Tavern is a tabletop roleplaying podcast which seeks to use collaborative storytelling to educate and encourage inclusivity and community.

The Fandom Show

From boy bands to magical girls, Star Wars to star clusters, there is no shortage of things in this world to nerd out about. The Fandom Show talks to your favourite comedians and creatives about their favourite fandoms; why they love it, how they love it, and all the bizarre little details only a true fan would know. Join us for an hour of pure enthusiasm, where nerds are the coolest kids in town! Hosted by Kyah Green and Stephanie Malek.

Socials (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/@gmail): FandomShowPod

Tales From The Bridge

Tales From the Bridge is a bi-weekly Science Fiction podcast. Join Marty, Kevin, Sam and Tristan as they sit down with your favorite science fiction authors and filmmakers. We also discuss the best in sci-fi from books and graphic novels - to television and film. We cover cutting-edge concepts in our news segment; Science Fiction-Science Fact and always throw in a bit of trivia for fun.

Semi-Qualified Queens

Hello and welcome to “Semi-Qualified Queens!” A show where Canada's Drag Race contestants Synthia Kiss and Juice Boxx talk all things drag drag because....they're “semi qualified” to speak on it?